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Leaving Friends/Family
a week or less...

Just think, weather permitting, we will be at sea this time next week. WOW!! After 15+ years of dreaming and work...I will only believe it when I can see only sea.

When Bob and Susan left for their cruising adventure (years ago), I remember them being very disappointed with the reaction of their friends and relatives. It seemed that everyone was angry with them for leaving, leaving their regular work a day world to go on this adventure. Maybe it was a touch of jealousy. I do not know.

However, I must say that we have had the exact opposite experience. People we have known for years, people we have known for a few, all our combined family have been absolutely positively supportive. People have driven 4- 6 hours each way just to spend a day or so with us. Folks have invited us to dinners, given us going away parties, taken us out to eat. Our dearest friend has provided a guest room, storage space and a sewing room for the last five years whenever we needed it. Other friends have given Steve access to a fully equipped professional woodshop. Family has taken us in for the last few years to winter with them when 'cimaise' would get too uncomfortable onboard. Our nephews gave up their wonderful room for us. Everyone has most importantly been encouraging, no matter what decisions we have made. Last year when we decided to wait, not being ready, people just said "great decision, the right one..come visit!" This year when we decided to hire on a professional captain, again everyone said we did it right again. No one has ever said we were failing if we did not meet our goals now or later. What a wonderful life we have, and especially with all the love we get from everyone. If you are reading this ( I hope you are!! ) Thanks and we love you immensely!!

cimaise and crew
10/25/2011 | Johnny Rotten
Bon Voyage!

Remember rum and sailing decisions rarely mix well...
10/25/2011 | T Pet
So proud of you two, and excited for you!!!
10/26/2011 | John
Your goal should be not to have any more goals. Go! Sail away! Have a great retirement. Noone deserves it more than you guys.

Much Love (and BTW thanks for making sure you have plenty of ways to contacct you so some of us (me) won't be nervous wrecks.)

Bon voage~~John&Mary
10/26/2011 | Nikolai
Love you guys! Be safe and don't forget to relax and HAVE FUN!
10/26/2011 | Dan and Gretchen
Bon Voyage! Our best wishes go with you. Looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures. And remember ..... "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." -Mae West
10/26/2011 | Elizabeth
Bon Voyage! We look forward to seeing you soon!
Sept 11
09/11/2011, Dock Eye Eye (II)

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." --Bertha Calloway
A quiet peaceful morning, with our friend the 2011 offspring of Mr. + Mrs Ollie Osprey - Junior. Junior is the survivor, we think after the nest got whacked by a huge barge while he was still an egg, notice the lean. The osprey family usually has 2-3 chicks that survive fledging. Junior spends his morning chirping ( a loud chirp) hoping his ma will bring him a nice fresh fishy for breakfast...not!! Junior gives up by lunch and goes off to catch his own. The empty nest syndrome in reverse. Tough love works!!

If you get a chance catch Steven Spielberg's TV special on the 9/11 memorial. Another remarkable piece of work by a film-making genius.

cimaise and crew

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