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03/02/2012, IN A SLIP at Town Creek

The blog starts again..but tomorrow..we have had a long day..disappointing in as much as the newly repaired engine failed to start. It ran on the bench, but now it will not fire. The mechanics will return.

However, tonight we sleep in our bunk on our soft and moving water bed.

good night

Beaufort 2011-12
03/02/2012 | Brother Phil
And night-night to you guys, also... ?);@&#%^*£€¥ engine!.....
The blog is on vacation

"Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made. " Robert N. Rose

The yard wants to wait till March to splash so it will be warm enough for proper sea trials out on the ocean. So we are heading north away from 65 degree temps to upstate NY to begin our early spring/(late winter) visit to family. We will head south from there stopping in NYC, Maryland and Virginia towards the end of the month. Cimaise will stand on the ground and be happier that her crew are not breathing moist air in her. The condensation is much less than in Maryland last winter, but is still there. I will be happier with a bathroom closer than down a 12 foot ladder and a 50 yard hike.

We have completed the winter list and have to wait till spring for the spring list - how clarifying it that!!?? The spring list includes repairing the cockpit paint, I did not prime it correctly and it has flaked. Interlux does not like being painted over easy-epoxy. I will need to sand down to the original Awlgrip primer and then reprime and recoat. The engine work has damaged it it is good to repaint. But it needs to be 75 degrees. March will work.

So this will be my last entry for a while. I will be back on line towards the end of Feb. Check in then. Have a good early Spring! Fair Winds..Mitch

Beaufort 2011-12
02/15/2012 | Sheila & Chris
Hello from the Bahamas,
sorry for not keeping in touch, sounds like you are going to have a good trip north. We are enjoying our sailing time and the warmth. We head to the Turks and Caicos in a few days then onto the DR. Take care of each other. All the best
It is here!!!
The exhaust is complete

MS. Yanmar is COMPLETE!! Next a splash and then sea being added to gallery engine rebuild file as it happens..

Beaufort 2011-12
A working fireplace!
not that we need it at 70 degrees

but it one of the last items on the to do list..starting it up and checking it out. The LP alarm system has been re-installed and is now functioning. We had bad sensors.

See photos for other projects completed..still missing the engine adaptor!!!**%$#%^&(*&%%^!!!!!

Today 50 mph winds and tropical rains - tomorrow the boat gets scrubbed and the stainless polished..yes I am going stir crazy!! It is to the James for my glass of Snowday.

Beaufort 2011-12
Waiting on the reducing elbow
Study guide for HAM license

Living in a boat yard, suspended in the air and not the water is strange. They are working on moving the draw bridge into Beaufort- to north of Town Creek. It will be a tall bridge over the ICW, changing Beaufort's traffic pattern for the better. But, the exit ramp to Beaufort is going to pass this marina, actually right next to it on the current roadway. We awake each morning at 6 to beep beep beep of backing huge machines and the occasional thump followed by the boat vibrating. The boat stands are on a concrete slab which seems to mirror every earth shaking movement from the construction site. A gentle - but sometimes unsettling- shimmy. I cannot wait to be floating. Up and down the 12 ft ladder all day, and the 100 yard trip to the head is great exercise, and the weather is amazing...but.......
So we have nearly finished every little job inside. It is not quite right weather yet for exterior we have started on our plans to keep the ole noggins working.
Step One - Study for our HAM radio licenses. As you can see by the graphic how much fun this can be! You have to take 2 tests to get a general license to operate/broadcast the radio on worldwide ham bands. There are lots of study guides on line and they test in New Bern every month.
Step Two - we have the software to lay out courses with weather overlays. So starting this AM we are going to plan a practice trip to Bermuda- laying out the course using the current Gulfstream and weather info - planning for the weather window to leave, and then tracking our pretend trip in real time, moving the ship icon forward based on real time weather and stream conditions. This will entertain us and also test our knowledge. It will be interesting to compute all the variables. How often do we need to run the engine, how much fuel to carry, what is our original ETA and how do the winds, weather and waves change it..etc...
After we are splashed, if the weather holds out, it has been nice enough for ocean day sails. Cannot wait!
back to the books... hoping UPS brings our part TODAY!

Beaufort 2011-12
01/26/2012 | John
Seem like alot of work you guys. Shiver my timbers! (and if you've ever had your timber shivered you know how painful that can be. Yuck!Yuck!) Can't wait for you guys to get out on the bounding main. Love 'ya~John
Mixing Elbow

The new elbow is in, almost- waiting on a special order fitting. The new mixing Elbow - from Yanmar - is supposed to fit THIS engine, but it changes the exhaust down to two inches from 3. It has an adjustable neck to raise the elbow in the engine compartment. We are awaiting a part that turns it back in 3 inches so it fits the hose runs we just completed. Steve ( marina owner) has talked to Yanmar and evidently, as long as there is no back pressure, this will work. Once installed and we are back in the water, the engine will start up and then they will take a pressure reading. If there is back pressure we will have to re-think the mixing elbow and have to do something ( custom?) with the existing fitting. The reason for the new fitting is to raise the exhaust water levels to the proper height above the water lift. The old elbow did not do this. Here is hoping we are on the right track.

Getting to be time for the Royal James, a brew and sandwich. more fotos in gallery

Beaufort 2011-12

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