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We have an engine!!
03/20/2012, AND IT PEES !!

"There's no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue, there's no joy in merely doing things which any one can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when you reach a destination that you never thought you'd make" - unknown

Ms. Yanmar ran for about 20 minutes and then scarily started to overheat...Steve shut her down...He said that the coolant needed burping. He is being so good about not touching the engine and voiding the he went to get JJ. Yep that was it..a little indigestion..tap-tap on on her back and BURP! Started right back up and ran for the hour no further problems.

We spent the day starting to reload the boat from the land locker. Sailing gear first since we have a date and time for the sea trial - Thursday high tide..Bringing back the safety gear, sails, etc so we can head out to the Atlantic as needed. How exciting!!

We have a new sailboat at the dock, a fellow arrived with damage after sailing up from the Bahamas. He was headed to Cape May NJ 60 miles offshore, but hit bad weather and was taking on water. He headed in with all his pumps running and his grab bag ready to abandon ship. Kinda scary. His furler headsail broke free at mast top and his anchor got loose and was smashing holes in the boat. He was taking in water from somewhere aft too. He made it in and has been repairing stuff, will need to go on the hard to fix the bow damage. Only goes to show ya..March is still a tricky time in the North Atlantic.

From my calendar - March 12, 1888 - The Great Blizzard of 1888 struck the US east coast: at least 138 vessels were blown ashore, sunk, or damaged north of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

March 18, 1781 The sloop Saratoga of the Continental Navy was lost with all hands in a gale off the Bahamas.

Back to work....what fun !!

Beaufort 2011-12
Ms Yanmar is BACK!!!!!

She is purring, warming up getting ready for the testing round. It was the STOP Switch...the mechanic reversed the plugs...stopping the fuel from getting to the injector pump..a quick change of plugs and click key and she started!!!
Water is coming from the new far so good..later for more


cimaise and crew
Back in Beaufort NC
03/19/2012, view from our stern

Well, we were here two weeks ago to splash cimaise, she floated..but the engine did not start. It was late on a Friday and the mechanics had - had a enough and after checking the systems did not find the problem. She turned over, but....

We needed to return to Virginia and so put off the yard for a couple of weeks to solve the problem.

So now we are back, hopefully for months...The new shed has been built, there is room to bring additional stuff home as we sort off the weight. We took almost everything off her for the winter on the hard, renting a local storage locker (heated).

Today, we get to clean and start reloading the boat. Tomorrow the mechanic team arrives to start her up. Tomorrow we will have good news I am sure, VAROOM..putt putt putt.

The plans for spring and early summer are to go SAILING, as much and as often as we can. Out to the ocean as the weather permits. March in the Atlantic requires a good weather window so we will be planning accordingly.
Then as hurricane season arrives we will store cimaise on the hard in a well protected yard up the Intracoastal waterway - - and then plan to drive out to the Pacific Ocean and back visiting family and friends ( warning warning!! we are coming your way!!)
Then back here in late September to renew the bottom paint and then splash in prep for TAKE TWO!~!!!!~~~~~

cimaise and crew
03/19/2012 | John
Got my fingers crossed. Hope all goes well with the engine. You both know you're always welcome here. Had a great time catching up and visiting. Don't forget to take your dead, gay robot for company. Love~John
03/02/2012, IN A SLIP at Town Creek

The blog starts again..but tomorrow..we have had a long day..disappointing in as much as the newly repaired engine failed to start. It ran on the bench, but now it will not fire. The mechanics will return.

However, tonight we sleep in our bunk on our soft and moving water bed.

good night

Beaufort 2011-12
03/02/2012 | Brother Phil
And night-night to you guys, also... ?);@&#%^*£€¥ engine!.....
The blog is on vacation

"Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made. " Robert N. Rose

The yard wants to wait till March to splash so it will be warm enough for proper sea trials out on the ocean. So we are heading north away from 65 degree temps to upstate NY to begin our early spring/(late winter) visit to family. We will head south from there stopping in NYC, Maryland and Virginia towards the end of the month. Cimaise will stand on the ground and be happier that her crew are not breathing moist air in her. The condensation is much less than in Maryland last winter, but is still there. I will be happier with a bathroom closer than down a 12 foot ladder and a 50 yard hike.

We have completed the winter list and have to wait till spring for the spring list - how clarifying it that!!?? The spring list includes repairing the cockpit paint, I did not prime it correctly and it has flaked. Interlux does not like being painted over easy-epoxy. I will need to sand down to the original Awlgrip primer and then reprime and recoat. The engine work has damaged it it is good to repaint. But it needs to be 75 degrees. March will work.

So this will be my last entry for a while. I will be back on line towards the end of Feb. Check in then. Have a good early Spring! Fair Winds..Mitch

Beaufort 2011-12
02/15/2012 | Sheila & Chris
Hello from the Bahamas,
sorry for not keeping in touch, sounds like you are going to have a good trip north. We are enjoying our sailing time and the warmth. We head to the Turks and Caicos in a few days then onto the DR. Take care of each other. All the best
It is here!!!
The exhaust is complete

MS. Yanmar is COMPLETE!! Next a splash and then sea being added to gallery engine rebuild file as it happens..

Beaufort 2011-12

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