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summer plans
06/14/2012, Beaufort NC

"Not all who wander are lost." JRR Tolkien

Our sweet lady will be going on the hard next week to spend the summer high and dry, hopefully safe from nasty storms during hurricane season. Her crew will spend the summer months cruising the US and Canada in cimaise' sister ship - Miss Toyota Prius lovingly known as Ms P.

Sailing posts will be 'on vacation' until late September when we expect to arrive back in Beaufort to prep for "TAKE TWO". Hope to have you visit the blog then and that you have a wonderful summer. Be sure to take some time to hug the ones you love and enjoy this beautiful planet. FAIR WINDS

cimaise and crew
Sound and science of snapping shrimp beneath cimaise


The noise starts around 8PM and then stops abruptly around 11PM. Amazing. Took me a few nights to realize it was not fiberglass termites!!

Ah..nature... like living in a popcorn pot!!..

cimaise and crew
05/06/2012 | Janet
I thought it was a mouse in the galley or something electrical
too cold to sail -so cook!!

"Darwin may have been quite correct in his theory that man descended from the apes of the forest, but surely woman rose from the frothy sea, as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot."
― Margot Datz, A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids

Working on the ship's cookbook....

So far we have found that we can make wonderful Greek yogurt on board from ship's water, nonfat dry milk and 2 teaspoons of live culture Greek style yogurt. Yumm. Once started you just have to be carefully to save the last spoonfuls for the next batch, Creamy, thick, smooth, luscious., all in a wide mouth thermos in 2 hours of rocking slowly on the counter. Add vanilla and honey for a special treat. Top on fresh strawberries...use in place of sour cream in savory recipes. Next batch I will run thru coffee filter lined strainer to make cream cheese.

Today we are rebedding the lifeline stanchions - every 15 years or so..(to keep water outa the boat! ) AND making homemade bread. Mix up a dough, sat it in the red bowl in the sun under the dodger to rise, kneaded and another hour in the pressure cooker out on the deck in the sun for the second rising. cooks on top of the range not in the oven!... The oven will take short pans, things in a cakepan high roasting pan. Rising bread would end up rising into the broiler unit in the top of the oven. So I thought to try my luck with pressure cooker/dutch oven baking. Bread is hard to come by in the islands. The local bakeries sell out and the factory bread comes old, frozen and expensive.

Ah.. the smell..maybe this will work!! It has been cooking on a very low flame with the pressure cooker lid on but not set up to pressurize. Just a big heavy pot with a tight lid. An hour with closed lid, then flip the loaf over and cook some more to brown the top.

Ready with the butter and jam...

The verdict!!! YIPPY!!!!!

cimaise and crew
04/10/2012 | Sheila & Chris
I have my butter and Jam waiting! Sounds like things are going great. never tried the pressure cooker for bread, must do it. The steps look beautiful, Wow!
Cheers for now
Ms Yanmar is BACK!!!!!

She is purring, warming up getting ready for the testing round. It was the STOP Switch...the mechanic reversed the plugs...stopping the fuel from getting to the injector pump..a quick change of plugs and click key and she started!!!
Water is coming from the new far so good..later for more


cimaise and crew
Back in Beaufort NC
03/19/2012, view from our stern

Well, we were here two weeks ago to splash cimaise, she floated..but the engine did not start. It was late on a Friday and the mechanics had - had a enough and after checking the systems did not find the problem. She turned over, but....

We needed to return to Virginia and so put off the yard for a couple of weeks to solve the problem.

So now we are back, hopefully for months...The new shed has been built, there is room to bring additional stuff home as we sort off the weight. We took almost everything off her for the winter on the hard, renting a local storage locker (heated).

Today, we get to clean and start reloading the boat. Tomorrow the mechanic team arrives to start her up. Tomorrow we will have good news I am sure, VAROOM..putt putt putt.

The plans for spring and early summer are to go SAILING, as much and as often as we can. Out to the ocean as the weather permits. March in the Atlantic requires a good weather window so we will be planning accordingly.
Then as hurricane season arrives we will store cimaise on the hard in a well protected yard up the Intracoastal waterway - - and then plan to drive out to the Pacific Ocean and back visiting family and friends ( warning warning!! we are coming your way!!)
Then back here in late September to renew the bottom paint and then splash in prep for TAKE TWO!~!!!!~~~~~

cimaise and crew
03/19/2012 | John
Got my fingers crossed. Hope all goes well with the engine. You both know you're always welcome here. Had a great time catching up and visiting. Don't forget to take your dead, gay robot for company. Love~John
Right Whales
Speed reduced to 10 knots

Right whales spotted off Beaufort-Morehead City!!
Right whales are active off SC. Speed restrictions of 10 knots apply to vessels 65 feet or greater in specific areas and times along the U.S. East Coast. It is illegal to approach right whales within 500 yards. To learn more about right whales and rules protecting them, go to:

· Right whales are the rarest of all large whale species and among the rarest of all marine mammal species.

· There are only about 300-400 right whales in the North Atlantic.

· Adult right whales are about 50 feet (15 m) long, and can weigh up to 70 tons (140,000 lbs; 63,500 kg).

· Right whales were severely depleted by commercial whaling; they have a thick layer of blubber, so they float when dead, making them an easy--and profitable--species for early whalers.

cimaise and crew
02/20/2012 | Barbara Heckman
I'd love to see them some time. How far off shore? When do they migrate through this area?
Next time you come through, give us a hail.

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