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Back on line!!
the coke is cold the rum is right
11/26/2012, Sopers Hole BVI

First week in BVI

I meant to post sooner, but arrival night we were exhausted, Steve and I abandoned ship leaving her mighty crew and head to Sebastian's on the Beach in Little Apple Bay, a very nice hotel/restaurant. They are ON the beach. The beach front rooms are a little costly - less than lost places here in high season, but the garden view rooms are great. $100 a night for a large room, comfortable king bed, a/c, private bath (no TV) and a great breakfast with homemade pastries, unending coffee and a large omelet for $10. I used American Express Travel to book and there was no pain at all!
Tuesday, Bill and Keith jumped ship to begin their island adventure - (both are musicians and found gigs for themselves at Cane Garden Bay). We will catch up with them before they leave in December. The good captain Mike headed to the ferry to St. Thomas Wednesday morning, trying to be home for turkey day. More about the Capt and crew as Steve works on his posts. He plans to do a series about the trip, he kept a journal as soon as we relax a little.
Wednesday night the sky lights up with a bang and voila' no electricity. A pole has fallen down down due the the tons of rain we have been having. Did I mention the rain, almost non stop for 5 days, no wind hot and humid like being in Virginia. Sun is back now, along with lovely constant wind!!!
Wednesday afternoon we started to inventory the problems suffered during the scenic cruise and set a plan of action. The first was the report that the wind generator may not be charging - but alas it is and was the reading of a poorly printed page of directions that confused the crew. Next was that the bilge pump was not working. Also - not true.
For you non boaters, the bilge pump is the o my god we is sinking pump. The one we have installed pumps 3500 gallons an hour. The bilge - the lowest part of the boat - is very shallow on cimaise, only a foot deep at its deepest. Some boats have very deep bilges. This large pump is automatic and will turn on when the switch is under water. This is about 8 inches when the boat is standing up. HOWEVER, when the boat is heeled, all the water in the bilge ( WHICH BY THE WAY SHOULD BE ZERO) rolls over to the side of the boat keeping the level below the switch and self priming pump requirements. This pump will run, but only when the floors get wet. This is the EMERGENCY pump and if it turns on it will be an emergency. She has already saved cimaise once when the refrigerator failed at Solomon's MD and was pumping sea water into the boat while we went shopping. It maintained the water at floor board level for quite a while until we got back and shut down the refrig.
Any less water you hand pump, we have 4 ready to go. Only takes a minute, plus this is a DRY BOAT!!!%^@&*$*@&*&@*%&*
Dry boat dry boat dry boat HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
Problem 3 - water in the bilge forward of engine compartment - turns out was FRESH water - from starboard tank cleanout leaving on port tack and a cracked foot pump at the galley sink, a half cup per push into the bilge. Tank now fixed - hatch rebidded - will need port tack to test later. Foot pump - not so much, turns out the spare pump (old) also is cracked. We will be heading to Roadtown to seek new pump later this week. Until then we are ron pressurized water.

Problem 4 Start to clean out v- berth and discover many gallon of sea water have managed to splash to starboard soaking all my clothes, all the linens and my mattress. Dripping wet. The lower lockers ( starboard only) have 4 inches of water in them and have coated everything in them with saltwater. Mostly all vacuum bagged, but have to be all washed off. We knew the windlass ( the machine that pulls up the 300 ft of chain and 80 lb anchor) leaked a little in Take One - when a wave would hit it. So we place a bucket under it and assumed we would dump it as we went along. WRONG. Also there was the assumption of relatively decent weather at sea. WRONG. So after much wave action ( which Steve will write about) there was nearly 5 gallons of water flying around the cabin - only on Mitch's side..Steve's side - DRY ! It was too rough to empty anything forward of the mast. So 2 days of emptying, cleaning with fresh water ( thank god we have a water maker) and then sending out 50 pounds of dripping laundry to be done ashore and returned. We regained the v Berth for sleeping, but it took another 4 days of blowing air on the wetness to dry everything out. ( We did have rum and coke every night before collapsing into sleep!)
Problem 5 - The mid ship bilge ( the fresh water leak - 20 + gallons) was pumped out at ship, but everything was filthy, the water having washed under the cabinets which has not seen daylight for 30 years, and now is clean because everything ended up in the bilge covering all the bagged items stored them. Lots of washing and repacking.
Now we are down to repairing the odds and ends. We still need to work on the fluxgate compass, wash the boat to remove salt, polish up the rusting stainless. But now we have slowed down to an island pace.
The wifi got fixed today ( Thanksgiving is not a British holiday but no one works so no repair to wifi till now. Power went back on Saturday. Everyone have generators down here.)

Mike sent a link for photos and trip info -
Back to the deck, I think I hear my rum calling!! Mitch

cimaise and crew
11/28/2012 | John
I've never seen Steve so content looking. Almost like he's having a religeous experience. Great pic. Love you guys.
at Sopers Hole BVI !!!

and so, after being on airplanes since 3 am eastern Monday till now (2PM eastern)..I get out of the taxi, and look in the harbor to see CIMAISE CRUISING IN PICKING UP HER MOORING flying her Q flag. It will be an hour or so before they get the dinghy pumped up and do customs. Meanwhile I am having a cheeseburger in paradise!!!!! More later....can not cry till steve gets here!! love - Mitch PS I WON THE RACE BY 30 Seconds!

cimaise and crew
11/20/2012 | John
11/25/2012 | Sheila & Chris
We have been following! You have done it, congratulations. We look forward to see you in the Islands. We will haul out again this spring in Trinidad , moving forward next fall . Cheers for now! All the Best ! Chris & Sheila
80 miles off
11/18/2012, BVI tomorrow!!

Last planned call this trip to Colorado from cimaise... great weather...80 miles off...sailing east to line up better ...have to shed some hours to arrive in daylight tomorrow. (ONLY FOOLS SAIL AFTER DARK IN THE CARIBBEAN - no lit marks, usually no marks at all, coral heads lurking waiting to eat your boat. Want to come in with the sun on your back and someone at the bow watching for coral) Arrival at Sopers Hole West End Tortola for breakfast!

woo who!!!!!!!! got my boarding passes....they traveled 1500 miles, I will have traveled more than twice that - all worth it!!!

Offshore to BVI
11/18/2012 | Sheila & Chris
Fabulous! Great News!!!!!!
ETA Monday AM
11/17/2012, Sopers Hole West End Torola BVI

Stormy last night, scattered showers today. Still on course for a 10 day cruise, arrival planned for Monday AM.

Getting excited about seeing and hugging my salty cap't - Mike too. The clocks seems to have slowed to a crawl.

Sent information to cimaise regarding where to find hot showers once in port.

Thinking they will find the painkillers on their own!!

cimaise and crew
Salty Dog
Friday Check in
11/16/2012, from Capt Mike



Capt. Mike

Offshore to BVI
Denver BVI plans
dreams come true!!fingers crossed!

slept late....nearly noon eastern time..was really exhausted. I have tickets to BVI leaving Denver late Sunday (midnite) and arriving down there in time for dinner Monday, 3 planes-Miami, San Juan- Puerto Rico and then Tortola BVI. Steve thinks they should be there Sunday- Monday. Although if they arrive Sunday they are trapped on the boat until customs opens monday 8am. I found a little hotel nearby that is not too expensive that I will book for a night in case they are late. The Jolly Roger --of course matties....if they are there it will give Steve a bed and shower at the least. I am sure the boat will take days to clean up and set to rights. Salt water gets into everything and makes it sticky, needs to be washed. The Jolly Roger has an annual Thanksgiving free dinner - pot luck for cruisers - so we will be set for turkey and I have cranberry sauce on board.

I think it will take the rest of the week just to realize we are together and finally in the islands on OUR BOAT!. Think the cost of a mooring during that time will be cheap therapy. Then we will move to anchoring out.

Going to spend the day finishing up with disconnecting our stateside lives, turning off phones, netflix, forwarding stuff, repacking the car for its trip to Montana and visiting with my wonderful son John. Am still nervous, but watching the SPot and hearing Steve's voice everyday helps. This time next week, gooble gooble with rum punch!!!

Early phone in from cimaise..all is well, actually flat seas and motoring. Arrival plans starting. Steve said he was going to take photos. Will post when I get them. Sent email today via sat phone..waiting to see if they got it. They are getting their weather updates over the sat phone. Best idea we ever not leave home without one!!!

Offshore to BVI
11/15/2012 | john
I think the last time I can remember you sleeping to noon was 1967 lol

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