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Cisnecito Around the World

Who: Julie and Chris Mays
Port: Newport, RI
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08/03/2010, Newport Beach, CA

I made this brush storage container out of a bucket and wire to keep my brushes bristles suspended in diesel. Seems to work pretty good and my brushes seem to like it.

Slowly but surely I have been varnishing Cisnecito's interior. I actually enjoy it in small doses. Laying on a perfect stretch of shine is very satisfying. Probably because it is one of those things that takes a lot of practice to get good at it.

Boat Envy
07/31/2010, Mahattan Beach, CA

When I am on the internet and no one is looking this is what I look at, Class 40s. I just love these things. There are some great you tube videos as well.

Boat Projects
07/28/2010, Newport Beach, CA

Above is the Plastimo netting we added for Palmer. We are officially a "baby boat" now, which is an endearing term for all the cruisers with young children. Amazingly many people manage to sail around the world with their kids on board home schooling them during the cruise.

I also managed some other nagging projects last winter. I had the windlass rebuilt. Fortunately, just in time it would seem, as the motor had a partial short in it. I can just imagine trying haul 300' of 3/8" chain manually. The manual override takes in about 1" per 12" stroke of the handle. It would literally take 3 hours to get the anchor up assuming we had the stamina. I guess we would have found the endurance to get it done if the wind had changed an put us on a lee shore somewhere.

Unfortunately, Italian made windlasses (Lofrans) do not use standard motors so I had to buy their overpriced replacement for $1,250. It never failed during our cruise so maybe I should not complain.

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