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Cisnecito Around the World

Who: Julie and Chris Mays
Port: Newport, RI
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Destination U.S.
Julie Mays
01/17/2008, Ensenada, Mexico

It's hard to believe that our next port of call is the United States. For three years now, there has always been that allure about the next port - a big unknown. We read about it and have pre-conceived notions of what it will be like, but getting there and discovering things has been one of the most fun parts for me.

Arriving back to the United States has a whole different appeal. I look forward to dealing with American authorities, who of course are strict, but at least we know what the procedure will be and the law is applied evenly, no matter who you happen to get or their mood that day. But beaucracy aside, after sailing into foreign countries for three years, there is just something so comforting about coming back into the US. It's home. We know what to expect, where to go and know how to get things done efficiently.

So, it's with very mixed emotions that I leave Mexico this morning. I've been looking forward to this day for quite some time, but now that it's come, I'm more than sad to see it come to an end. Fortunately, I suspect that our lives will never be too boring, comfortable or ordinary, and before long, probably just as our lives are getting to be "normal", something will come along to change that.

Largest Flag in The World?
Chris Mays
01/17/2008, Ensenada Mexico

We are just about to leave for San Diego. Thought I would throw up this picture of what is hailed the largest flag in the world. At least the largest Mexican flag in the world.

What I Would Not Do for A Heater
Chris Mays
01/17/2008, Ensenada, Mexico

We awoke this morning to low 50 degree cabin temps. I think a diesel heater is in our future. If anyone has experience with these, like which brands are good installation tips etc., please post a comment.

Last night, Julie and I went out to dinner at Manzanilla restaurant in Ensenada. It was very hip place with a fun locals only crowd on this evening.

The long haired hipster owner was worried about us as the menus are only in Spanish but we managed. Julie had fish soup and I had Arrachera Sonora (flank steak). Both were superb. Also the Temparanillo red wine was very nice.

We had some left over pesos burning a whole in our pocket so we decided to use them rather than convert them into currently the least loved currency in the world... US dollars. I am not sure if the restaraunt was totally stoked to get $50 USD with of pesos in coins but oh well money is money.

This morning we were planning to leave but the winds between here and San Diego are currently gusting between 30 to 40 knots from the NE. The angle is good for us but wind strength is more than we like to voluntarily endure. Since we have no pressing commitments we decided to delay our departure a few hours when it is supposed to abate.

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