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Bullying on the Waterway

05 May 2011 | Miami
Al & Jennifer - Hot
Bullying on the Waterway

To quote from Active Captain anchorage review:-
"There have been reports of area homeowners arguing and hassling boaters who anchor here. If you need assistance, call local police at 305-673-7901. One home at 2344 North Bay Rd (above photo) has been especially difficult with directing loud music and bright lights onto anchored boats".

Yesterday was a great day of travel, we were off the dock by 9 in Fort Lauderdale, it was sunny and hot. Mid day Al decided to drive from the fly bridge (finally) due to the depth gauge that stopped working at the lower helm. It made travel cooler and the views spectacular. We had been told of a neat little anchorage in Miami and that was our destination. We were also advised that at one end was a rather obnoxious homeowner. We entered Sunset Lake, a very tiny quaint lake, more like a cul de sac, surrounded by lovely homes , each with a pool. We selected a spot in the North end, settled in at about 2:30. We parked in front of a gorgeous home, pool, big blue and white go fast boat in front on hoists, a shiny red sea doo on a lift.

We enjoyed a beverage on the aft deck and I saw a man swimming in front of his home. So I decided the lake must be Ok for swimming. I donned a swimsuit and proceeded to jump in. The temperature was perfect and the water a pretty blue. I had an enjoyable swim, then getting me back out and on board was a fiasco, since our swim ladder had broken. Al made some foot loops on a rope to help but I didn't have the upper body strength to get up. After about a half hour with the help of the dinghy and Al I managed to get on the swim platform. Al was getting worried as he feared I would tire before he got me out. Anyway I survived, and likely won't swim off the boat until we have been able to purchase an appropriate ladder that I can manage.

I prepared chicken and dumplings for supper in the pressure cooker. It was rather tasty if I do say. Al was just finishing up the dishes just after 7 o'clock when the home owner we were parked in front of came by on his sea doo loudly calling "Captain, captain". Al stuck his head out and he "told us to move, he and his family didn't want us there." Al told him that he believed by law we could be there, and the man agreed but still insisted we pull up anchor and go to the south end so he and his family didn't have to look at us. Al assertively told him that our anchor was down, we were settled in and we would not be moving (in other words go &*&*&*& yourself). The man grumbled some things about making our life miserable, said he'd be back and said he would park his boat right next to us tomorrow with the music going. Al didn't give him the satisfaction of a response. The man proceeded to his dock, put the CD player from his go fast boat on at highest volume, for our enjoyment and blasted RAP the same song on a loop at us, if we had other cruisers there we could have had a party!!!!. As soon as the sun had set and it was sufficiently dark he shone a gazillion watt flood light directly into Close Knit. Al had already donned our solid blue window covers knowing what he would do, blocking out the light. These were all things we heard he would do. It was really all quite ridiculous but lost on us, since I am deaf in one ear, have a moderate brain injury and sleep like the dead. Also he should some day go onboard a trawler, they are built so solid & have a wonderful noise insulation. We were unphased, although I wonder why the neighbors don't complain.

With our 12 volt fans inside we could not even hear his RAP. We settled in to watch a movie and were in bed just before 11, his light still shining and music still blaring. We are sure his neighbors love him.

True to his word he was up preparing his boat to anchor beside us in the morning. I tried hard to talk Al into staying the weekend just to bug him, but he didn't want to. We had our coffee, pulled anchor and set off to a more civilized anchorage between Hibiscus and Palm Island. The posted photo is of the home we anchored in front of. We encourage all and any cruiser with tenacity to enjoy his entertainment & bug the hell out of him.

I'm sure this was some sort of psychological warfare he was trying to conduct, but I think he forgets one thing, he may do that to some people & he may get a reaction he will not bargain for.

We are already cozied in to our new non-hostile anchorage and about to enjoy a late breakfast of bacon, eggs and home fries. We are looking forward to seeing the lights of Miami City tonight, which are only a mile or two from us.

Rain is expected today so knitting is on my radar and reading is on Al's.
Vessel Name: Close Knit
Vessel Make/Model: Marine Trader Double Cabin
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario
Crew: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
About: Ex sailboat couple from S/V Ruth. Continuing our trip down south, in a little more comfort (& alot more work!)
Alistair and Jennifer are a couple who met in 2007 after Jennifer survived a stroke in early 2006 and lost her husband to cancer the same year. Al had been a life long sailor and after dating several months Al suggested a lifestyle on a boat, cruising. Jennifer had no sailing experience and was [...]
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Who: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
Port: Kingston, Ontario