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For As Long As It Lasts
Finally moved the boat
06/01/2010, Hazard Marine Georgetown

We had a small break in the weather & we managed to bust out of Belle Isle, did a perfect reverse out of the slip & made it to Hazard with all systems ok. We are currently tied up on the main dock, waiting for lunch to be over & for the other boat in the lift to be chocked up. Then its our turn. We made contact with fellow Canadians Janice & Harley (s/v Blue Blazes), who we met way back last year in Elizabeth City. They are anchored out here, waiting to hear from the transport company, as they are going to truck the boat home, doing the ICW again? No thanks. We should be meeting up with them this afternoon. I have to say it was exciting to be back moving on the water, even if only for a short time, I was a little nervous as it was the first time we have moved the boat, Jennifer says my hands was shaking on the steering wheel!!

Jennifer's version

Bill and Karen had wanted to see us off but when we got the weather break Al wanted to bust then and there. I asked what my job was and I was to "fend off". So with pole in hand I took my position in the stern. Al put her in reverse and as I saw the opposing dock inching closer I suddenly became aware of how much boat we now owned. I feared I would never be able to fend Close Knit off if Al didn't turn or go forward soon. I started to say out loud, Go forward, go forward, not sure if it was more for Al or me. Close Knit started to inch forward and we cleared all pilings with ease. I did a mental checklist of my previous sailboat jobs. I pulled up the fenders, which are much larger than on Ruth I then headed towards the bow to see how Al was doing. His hands were indeed shaking on the steering wheel, but he was doing a fabulous job. The ride was smooth and it was so nice to be inside standing near each other, the feeling confirmed this was the way I wanted to travel from here on. As we entered the Georgetown harbor we passed one more alligator, just for fun I guess. I was becoming anxious for our first docking experience. Al told me to throw the spring line first "so the dock hand could use it to stop us" (WTF). I then remembered just in time to put out the fenders. It turned out the docking was so smooth it could easily have been done with just the bow line. Al was a born natural. This tiny shake down cruise has me excited to take off for greater places. So fun and comfortable being "trawler trash".

06/02/2010 | Pete
Piece of cake. You look good there, Al.
Very serious, but good.
06/03/2010 | Nancy
Oh isn't it great to be on the move again. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. How does the dog like traveling in the boat? Enjoy your trip.
Moving Tomorrow
Al - Hot
05/31/2010, Georgetown

Well tomorrow we move the boat up the river to Hazard Marine in Georgetown, to have all the thru hulls & seacocks replaced. It's only a 10-15minute ride but it will be the first time we have moved since we bought her. We are taking her straight into the travel lift, so no tricky dock manovers. They say it will take about 2 hours per thruhull allowing for ony backing plates that may have to be redone, & then Jennifer & I will replace a few of the hoses. We finnished installing the anchor windlass & foot switches & the remote switches at the helm, it did not work at first, but with Bill's help (s/v Blue Moon) we tracked it down to a dead battery, all the reading were giving us 13+volts, that should have been the clue, turned out what we were seeing at the windlass & switches was the battery charger!!!!!!!!!. Today I tried starting the generator!!!! Well I had been warned it did not work & should be scraped, smoke came pouring out of the engine room, smelt like burning wire. Anyway we are safe no fire just opened everthing up & ran the fans. Will check how much the yard will charge to remove it as they have the crane equipment, to reach in through the door & lift it out. If we need a generator we do have our trusty Honda generator. We hope to be on our way up north to Dowery Creek by Friday or Sturday, it will be fun to be on the water again

05/31/2010 | Kathy Payne-Davis
Jennifer- We decided to stop in Brunswick GA this year rather than head back to Washington NC. we were running late and have to get back to w*rk. Funny, it's 7 hours from our house to Washington and 7 to Brunswick! I'm still felting clogs and loving it. But haven't tried a mobius yet...
s/v Seeker
Well it had to happen!!!
Al - Hot
05/24/2010, Belle Isle Marina

Pete & Pokey, the flamingo still lives & squeeks.....Well it had to happen! After all the boat is from 1977. We have a leak, below the water line but it's under control. It is something we were going to fix later during the summer, but we now have to have the boat hauled pronto. All the thru hulls & sea cocks are original 1977, all but one (the engine) are stuck in the open position. We are going to be hauled here in Georgetown next week, & all the thru hulls & sea cocks are going to be replaced. We were thinking of doing it ourselves but they are in such bad condition that we figure it would be faster to have the professionals do it fast & right! All the new parts are ordered, & hopefully the anchor stuff & wash down stuff will also arrive this week, as we plan on doing a little anchoring out to save money, we do have a generator, so what the engine during the day can't do, the generator will, such as air conditioning :-) We intend to take it easy this week & relax by the pool, even if they are calling for T storms this week. Miss B & I are so happy to have Jennifer back home. We are hoping to get to Dowry Creek 2nd week/mid June, something we are looking forward too.

05/24/2010 | sis
bridget and pink are sooooooooo cute together luv it
05/24/2010 | Pokey & Pete
We're amazed. Red would have had that squeaker out in a hearbeat. We know - he tried! We'll shoot you an email - we'll stop at Mary's on the way up. P&P
05/28/2010 | Kathy and George
Sorry to hear about your water problems but at least it was something you were not totally surprised by. Glad Jennifer made her round trip safe and sound. Enjoy the pool and tell Mary hello for us when you get there. Cute pooch. Kooper-doodles running on three legs at the moment. Hope he's up to the trip back to the boat in September.
Another goal achieved
05/23/2010, Georgetown

Another goal achieved

Since the Saturday Farmers Market opened in April in Georgetown I've wanted to go. I miss going to the Kingston Farmers Market which is outstanding. Back home all the baby lettuces/ garlic scapes, Herbs, and rhubarb are starting to be sold. On Saturdays here at the marina the courtesy car is used almost continuously by fisher(men)people, dragging in and out their sport fishing boats so the courtesy car is deemed unavailable to the likes of someone like me just wanting fresh vegetables from the Farmers Market. So although I am not in the best cycling condition, I decided I would satisfy my Farmers Market urge and ride my fold up bike the 7 miles into Georgetown and see what their wares were. Yes folks 7 miles in, 7 miles back for a total of 14 miles and I did it. Al was not in support of this and tried to discourage me but it didn't work. It took me 1 hour to get to G-town and 1 hour 15 minutes to get home. Admittedly I was very weary on the trip back and was dotted with blood from horse fly bites. I wasn't confident enough to ride one handed to swat them off so I elected to endure the bites. I was rather exhilarated on the way in, of course it was early and my energy seemed good. My brain flooded with memories of great rides long past. I had forgotten how much you get to see on a bike, the sounds and the smells. As I got closer to G-town I was full of adrenaline knowing I had made it at least one way. I found what I thought was a safe place to lock up the wheels. I then walked to the Kudzo bakery for some fuel (raison oatmeal cookies, yum), then went to their mercantile shop to get a small green colander I had seen on a previous trip and I picked up a red skinny scraper. Of course I couldn't visit town and not visit the yarn shop. I inquired about some needle felting tools and triangle loom information but it is a town of no weavers I was told. No worries, lots of life ahead to explore that fibre art. Then I made the ½ mile walk to the end of Front St. to the Farmers Market. Much smaller than at home but there was a selection of fresh veggies. The closest to fresh baby lettuce I saw was mustard greens and the vendor didn't think they were for salad? (Guess that's a Google project.) After browsing the stalls and calculating the space in my back pack. I settled on 6 small red potatoes and a bunch of beets. I needed to save room for milk. I was wishing I had brought the larger back pack, but in the end I was glad I hadn't put more weight on my shoulders. I walked the ½ mile back to center town, I stood at the intersection of Front and the yarn store and had a mild panic when I realized the difficult part of my trip had ascended upon me....."Where had I locked my bike?" It's at moments like this I get gently reminded why I am not capable of returning to work.
I was pretty sure I left it water side and in shade, so I started to look down every walkway towards the water boardwalk. On the 2nd entrance I found it. Luckily Al had bungeed the lock key to my wrist so locating the key was easy for me. I geared up and off I took, it was noon and very hot so I faded but I kept plugging along. I was glad to see the gates of Belle Isle.
Dinner Sat night was tuna and fresh beet greens and key lime pie. We walked up to see some of the weighing in from the fishing tournament. It had been a successful day for the fisher people, and for me.

05/23/2010 | Vicky Worosz
Well done Jen! I was holding my breath reading your post - hoping you made it back OK! Phew - sounds like a trip. We are almost in Norfolk, so we missed you. Did get to meet Pete & Pokey which was a joy!
05/26/2010 | Nancy
Good for you Jennifer! Get a basket for the front of your bike, you would be surprised how much valuable stuff you can put there. Also I use to put stuff on the handle bars, wrap the handles of the bag a few times so the bags don't hit your knees. I also had a small basket on the back of my bike, and I tied things down with bungee cords.
Storage Storage Storage
Jennifer- Hot Thank Goodness!!
05/21/2010, Georgetown

Storage, Storage, Storage
Al had been very busy while I was away. He cleaned and sorted out the "guy" stuff from the vee berth and tucked the boy toys into the two new 150 litre, Igloo containers now on the back deck. He has been following the renovations of The Beach House, a trawler of our vintage and found on their blog that they had discovered EXTRA storage space behind the two small drawers in the vee berth. My eyes lit up when Al showed me. He went to work and added a floor behind the drawers and because they were small he took the drawers apart and just glued the fronts back on. This freed up even more space. Again these pictures will be posted to Picasa. I busied myself with claiming and organizing one whole side for my knitting supplies.(Captain's note I graciously gave it up) I had several, bags that you suck the air out of. So I filled the bags with my stash, sucked out the air and smugly tucked my craft in its new home. In an effort to be more organized I left out only what I need for two projects that are on the go and have made a list of what's next that I want to do. I arranged my fibres in a fashion according to upcoming projects so hopefully the things I need will be easy to get at. There is still a wee bit more room for additional fibre, which is good since I am addicted to accumulating unusual and most colourful fibres. The attached photo is of my felting wools.
Al worked on teak, installed our dinghy carrying device, and installed a place for our stereo, rewired electronics and various other improvements.
Tonight we are having free whitefish we were given and I've already made a key lime pie for dessert. I've done some knitting this morning and finished the most bizarre but good book/memoir called "The Glass Castle" It was hard to believe it was a memoir and that a family can be so dysfunctional in the most adventurous sort of way.
Tomorrow will be a hive of activity around here with a fishing tournament & a wedding. Someone has moved in a very large outdoor grill up in the parking lot. I'm secretly hoping there is some sort of fish fry/cookout that we might hook on to. Anyway I'm settling back into the groove here at Belle Isle and it feels good.

Back in the USA
Jennifer- Hot Thank Goodness!!
05/21/2010, Georgetown

Back in the USA.

I arrived in Myrtle Beach at 11:30 am yesterday, May 19th. My luggage did not. About 14 of us did not get our luggage but it did get delivered to me here at the marina just after 8 last night so all is good. My visit back to Frontenac St. (Notice I did not say "home") was fantastic. I enjoyed a few days with my youngest daughter in Ottawa and she kept me busy visiting cool knitting shops in Ottawa. We did a road trip through Perth, Ontario to Janie H. Knits, The best fibre store I've been to so far. The owner and assistant were knowledgeable and friendly and her range of fibres, textures and colours made me want to bury my head in the bins and just inhale. It will be a place to return to time and again. A highlight for me was, after much begging, pleading and convincing, Mackenzie let me drive her new standard car. I was not sure I could remember or if physically I could do it since it's been about 10 years since i drove a standard and certainly hadn't tried post stroke. I sat for a second, positioned myself, got my feet in place and perfectly pulled away from the curb as smoothly as if I had just driven yesterday AND that was with it parked on a upward hill. I drove through Perth negotiating construction, stop lights and back onto highway 15 without lurching or hopping once. Mackenzie was totally impressed but after about 10 miles she couldn't take it anymore so I graciously let her have her car back. But it was a total thrill to know I could remember and use my left side well enough to manage clutch, brake, and gears. WOW.
I spent the bulk of my time with my eldest daughter on F-St. The weather was coolish so I didn't get my gardening fix. But I got to connect with many friends and family. I hosted a party on the 14th for my girlfriends and therapists called "you've come a long way baby" who helped in putting me back together, it was a great success. Al and I are now officially known as "TRAWLER TRASH". I will get Al to post pics on Picasa of my visit home. I didn't take as many photos as I had planned. There are a few of my sibs and I on Mother's day. We are all officially GREY. There are some pics of the fabulous ice cream cake made by Vee. It was homemade ice cream, vanilla/pepper on top and strawberry on the bottom, garnished with strawberries. It was decadent. I think Vee is the homemade ice cream queen as she made lavender ice cream too, very unique. There are pics of the key lime pie I made, those little key limes are a bugger to squeeze but it was worth the effort. I got in a haircut, some personal services and the doctor and dentist. So I'm good to go for a while.
It feels great to be back HOME again. Al and Miss B were both happy to see me. I'm ready to get on with the next leg of this life.

05/21/2010 | Snoodle Time
Way to go Jennifer. I don't think there is a lot you can't do, if you put your mind to it. I know you can kick up your heels too. Way to go girl!!!!!

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