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For As Long As It Lasts
Yes we are in the water

In case anyone wonders here is Close Knit back in the water where she belongs..

Back in the water
06/10/2010, Hazard Marine Georgtown Sc

Back In The Water.


At 10:30 Wednesday morning we were back in the water, new antifoul & all thru hulls are dry!!! We had to back out from the lift.... Although we made it out & to the dock, without hitting anything, I obviously need to practice backing up in this boat. Just when I got used to Ruth, I now have to relearn again. One good thing is that if you have to stop, the engine & big ass propeller will stop you quick. Bob I need some tuition!!!! All that is left to do today is hook up the heads, connect the deck wash hose to the thru hull & install the invertor for the fridge.

Every thing is hooked up, but we need to put a new 3/4" hose on the head intakes as the old one iareto soft & are colapsing. We were suppose to be leaving today, but if they let us stay we will fix the head problem & just have a quiet down day to study the cruising guide, although we have done this route before but from the other direction.


Indeed it is great to be back in the water. We had Bill & Karen for one last supper of fresh shrimp. Bridget has made a new friend on the dock Gizmo, a 4 lb yorkie. I was able to attend Tuesdays Stitch n' Bitch at the local yarn store. I met some nice ladies and had help with my Etrelac project and was taught how to make some adorable sheep. Since we may stay here today I may sneak in one more wee trip to the yarn store. I'm such an addict :).

06/10/2010 | Snoodle Time
Good for you too. Looks like CK is coming together nicely. When you get up this way again, it would be nice to see you both again. We are planning on doing a 10 day trip up to Annapolis this month. Leavingon the 16th and back the weekend after. Dickerson does their annual randezvous over fathers day weekend and then we will go on to Annapolis and then make our way back home. I'm looking forward to being on the water and have never been that far north on the bay.
06/11/2010 | Al & Jennifer
Steve Looking forward to hooking up with you again. I'm getting the itch to go sailing on a nice big boat again
Blowing this way & that way like the wind!
Al - Very Hot & humid
06/06/2010, Hazard Marine Georgetown

Just like the wind, we have decided to change the summer direction of Close knit, once again. After a discusion re the pros & cons, we are going to head north hopefully on Wednesday/Thursday & head to Dowery Creek, but instead of spending the whole summer there, we will stop for a few weeks & then head up to the Chesapeake Bay, & explore the east coast of the bay. It was somewhere we wanted to tour last year but did not have enough time. So we have to get busy finishing all the little things that need to be done for our trip. Hopefully we will meet up with Pete & Pokey in West river, & Steve & Anna in hampton. Got to go to WORK!!!!


Even on the hard we are having fun here. We have been able to re-connect with Blue Blazes, Janice & Harley, fellow canadians from Midland, Ont. We went to kareoke (sp) night at Buzz's Roost which was a hoot. Had we known tho, the same nigfht at The Big Tuna they were having a draw for two fire arms (only in America). So we are still gunless. We have found most Americans travel with some sort of weapon. Few Canadians do, the Americans will give a good argument as to why its necessary. Today I'm being asked to sand. I've been lazy in this heat and happy to be in the cool and knitting. But I better pull my weight. I think I'm relieved that the decision has turned north again. I think our trip from Eliz City to Charleston was wraught (sp) with problems of one thing or another but that doesn't mean we will experience the same issues going back up. Maybe this time we can explore Swansboro in a different way, looking for adventure, not a mechanic and dropping big bucks. I am inticed by the thought of hooking up again with Snoodletime and Prim. Thats the hardest part of this nomadic life. You meet the best people, then you move on, but around the next bend are the next fun people. When we bust from here we will really miss Bill & Karen from Island Moon, they are residents of Georgetown and have been kind in making sure we are being taken care of. They are planning to travel on Island Moon so hopefully buddying with them will be in our future. Miss Bridget doesn't seem to mind being on the hard. We hoist her up and down the ladder for outside breaks. The other night we walked her to the tennis courts where we could confine her and she chased a tennis ball for over an hour. She had a blast and was pooped. She is proving to be a perfect boat dog,her personality is calm, she rarely barks and she is great company. Ok my boss is reminding me I should sand while its cool. Work now, play later I guess.

06/06/2010 | Susan Payette
We finally launched our trawler on Tuesday after what seemed a very long winter with lots of work still to do. So yes, work now, play later... but playing is very important and part of the plan!
06/06/2010 | Pete & Pokey
That is a hoot. And you will love cruising in the Bay. We're headed north next week to pick up the new Prim and thought we'd join you at Mary's in August. 'Guess we'll see you on the Eastern Shore and THEN head for Dowry Creek. Tennis courts! What a great idea for these little escape artists. Blackie, Red, grab your rackets!
On the hard - No comments Cathy!!
Al - Very Hot & humid
06/04/2010, Hazard Marine Georgetown

Well we are in the boat yard, plugged into electric & have the ac running full time. The thru hulls & sea cocks we originally ordered were to big so we went back to bronze everthing. The yard have installed the forward V head & the overboard discharge & generator thru hulls & sea cocks but we have to reorder the rear ones, will be installed Tuesday. In the mean time we will finish the teak & anti foul the hull & do a bunch of other stuff!! We have been bouncing around like a tennis ball as to whether we go north or south. We have decided we are going south & find a nice secure marina where we can have the boat hauled if need be for a hurricane, & while we return to Canada for a visit. St John's River (Green Cove Springs) has been recomended, if anyone else has any suggestions we would welcome them. We will also look into the possiblity of doing a short term lease on a car & do some Florida sightseeing. We are looking forward to getting going. Will post pictures of the boat in the next few days.

Finally moved the boat
06/01/2010, Hazard Marine Georgetown

We had a small break in the weather & we managed to bust out of Belle Isle, did a perfect reverse out of the slip & made it to Hazard with all systems ok. We are currently tied up on the main dock, waiting for lunch to be over & for the other boat in the lift to be chocked up. Then its our turn. We made contact with fellow Canadians Janice & Harley (s/v Blue Blazes), who we met way back last year in Elizabeth City. They are anchored out here, waiting to hear from the transport company, as they are going to truck the boat home, doing the ICW again? No thanks. We should be meeting up with them this afternoon. I have to say it was exciting to be back moving on the water, even if only for a short time, I was a little nervous as it was the first time we have moved the boat, Jennifer says my hands was shaking on the steering wheel!!

Jennifer's version

Bill and Karen had wanted to see us off but when we got the weather break Al wanted to bust then and there. I asked what my job was and I was to "fend off". So with pole in hand I took my position in the stern. Al put her in reverse and as I saw the opposing dock inching closer I suddenly became aware of how much boat we now owned. I feared I would never be able to fend Close Knit off if Al didn't turn or go forward soon. I started to say out loud, Go forward, go forward, not sure if it was more for Al or me. Close Knit started to inch forward and we cleared all pilings with ease. I did a mental checklist of my previous sailboat jobs. I pulled up the fenders, which are much larger than on Ruth I then headed towards the bow to see how Al was doing. His hands were indeed shaking on the steering wheel, but he was doing a fabulous job. The ride was smooth and it was so nice to be inside standing near each other, the feeling confirmed this was the way I wanted to travel from here on. As we entered the Georgetown harbor we passed one more alligator, just for fun I guess. I was becoming anxious for our first docking experience. Al told me to throw the spring line first "so the dock hand could use it to stop us" (WTF). I then remembered just in time to put out the fenders. It turned out the docking was so smooth it could easily have been done with just the bow line. Al was a born natural. This tiny shake down cruise has me excited to take off for greater places. So fun and comfortable being "trawler trash".

06/02/2010 | Pete
Piece of cake. You look good there, Al.
Very serious, but good.
06/03/2010 | Nancy
Oh isn't it great to be on the move again. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. How does the dog like traveling in the boat? Enjoy your trip.
Moving Tomorrow
Al - Hot
05/31/2010, Georgetown

Well tomorrow we move the boat up the river to Hazard Marine in Georgetown, to have all the thru hulls & seacocks replaced. It's only a 10-15minute ride but it will be the first time we have moved since we bought her. We are taking her straight into the travel lift, so no tricky dock manovers. They say it will take about 2 hours per thruhull allowing for ony backing plates that may have to be redone, & then Jennifer & I will replace a few of the hoses. We finnished installing the anchor windlass & foot switches & the remote switches at the helm, it did not work at first, but with Bill's help (s/v Blue Moon) we tracked it down to a dead battery, all the reading were giving us 13+volts, that should have been the clue, turned out what we were seeing at the windlass & switches was the battery charger!!!!!!!!!. Today I tried starting the generator!!!! Well I had been warned it did not work & should be scraped, smoke came pouring out of the engine room, smelt like burning wire. Anyway we are safe no fire just opened everthing up & ran the fans. Will check how much the yard will charge to remove it as they have the crane equipment, to reach in through the door & lift it out. If we need a generator we do have our trusty Honda generator. We hope to be on our way up north to Dowery Creek by Friday or Sturday, it will be fun to be on the water again

05/31/2010 | Kathy Payne-Davis
Jennifer- We decided to stop in Brunswick GA this year rather than head back to Washington NC. we were running late and have to get back to w*rk. Funny, it's 7 hours from our house to Washington and 7 to Brunswick! I'm still felting clogs and loving it. But haven't tried a mobius yet...
s/v Seeker

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