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Just When You Thought You'd Come Up in the World.

16 June 2010 | Oriental N.C.
Jennifer - Hot & Tstorms
Just When You Thought You'd Come Up in the World.

We thought we were pretty special when we flipped Ruth for Close Knit. We have been humbled on this trip to Dowry Creek. Today we were overtaken by larger trawlers (American Tug/ Defever and some giant yacht cruisers). They were, for the most part, courteous and asked permission to overtake us at slow speed. In all cases we throttled back and cruised their wake. When we first got Close Knit I was like Wow, we are like those big fancy pants boats - NOT. I was reminded today that my MANTRA with Ruth was, and I stand by that on Close Knit. "Even though we are smaller than most boats in our category, we still get to see the same things the big boys get to see. And we just "sip" the gas". And when you pay by the foot everything is less expensive. So it seems we are still the little ones on the waterway.

We are in Oriental tonight and may stay tomorrow night because thunderstorms are called for, and after crossing the Neuse River today it was rocky so no need to be uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to being parked at Dowry Creek for a while.
Vessel Name: Close Knit
Vessel Make/Model: Marine Trader Double Cabin
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario
Crew: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
About: Ex sailboat couple from S/V Ruth. Continuing our trip down south, in a little more comfort (& alot more work!)
Alistair and Jennifer are a couple who met in 2007 after Jennifer survived a stroke in early 2006 and lost her husband to cancer the same year. Al had been a life long sailor and after dating several months Al suggested a lifestyle on a boat, cruising. Jennifer had no sailing experience and was [...]
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Who: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
Port: Kingston, Ontario