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For As Long As It Lasts
We arrived
06/17/2010, Dowry Creek Belhaven NC

We made it into Dowry Creek Marrina at 2pm today, to be welcomed by familiar faces. This will be our home for a while over the summer. We think we have located the oil leak, it's the oil cooler, will run some checks over the weekend & then call American Diesel for the parts. The trip over the sounds were fun, I think we worried more than Close Knit did, she handled the waves in true trawler style.

06/18/2010 | Martha Warner
Whoo-Hoo!!! Sent you an e-mail!
06/18/2010 | P&P
Double the whoo-hoo! Say hello to Mary for us.
06/18/2010 | Nancy
I am glad you are safely at your destination.
Just When You Thought You'd Come Up in the World.
Jennifer - Hot & Tstorms
06/16/2010, Oriental N.C.

Just When You Thought You'd Come Up in the World.

We thought we were pretty special when we flipped Ruth for Close Knit. We have been humbled on this trip to Dowry Creek. Today we were overtaken by larger trawlers (American Tug/ Defever and some giant yacht cruisers). They were, for the most part, courteous and asked permission to overtake us at slow speed. In all cases we throttled back and cruised their wake. When we first got Close Knit I was like Wow, we are like those big fancy pants boats - NOT. I was reminded today that my MANTRA with Ruth was, and I stand by that on Close Knit. "Even though we are smaller than most boats in our category, we still get to see the same things the big boys get to see. And we just "sip" the gas". And when you pay by the foot everything is less expensive. So it seems we are still the little ones on the waterway.

We are in Oriental tonight and may stay tomorrow night because thunderstorms are called for, and after crossing the Neuse River today it was rocky so no need to be uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to being parked at Dowry Creek for a while.

06/16/2010 | Martha Warner
Visit the marine consignment store while you are in Oriental, lots of neat stuff! Have an ice cream for us at the Bean. Miss Bridget is a town dog for a few days! Town dogs are loved in Oriental.
06/16/2010 | Al & Jennifer
It's closed for 2 days!!!!!!!!! Ice cream maybe//
06/16/2010 | Vicky Worosz
Nothing wrong with being the smallest boat! We always thought we were the smallest! But, you rightly point out, we all get to enjoy the same harbors and views and sometimes, being a bit smaller means you can tuck in places the big boys can't get to. Enjoy!
06/16/2010 | Pete & Pokey
Nah! We've had the pleasure of spending time with you. You ARE pretty special. See you in the Bay.
06/16/2010 | P&P
It just occurred to me, we've met all of the above and you're ALL pretty special. Thanks. Great memories.
06/17/2010 | sis
ok store & al, thought u were staying at bellhaven, sound like ur enjoying ur trip, bridget doing fine job at helm is she ur auto piolet? tried to skype but u must have been moving. sis
Long Hot Day
06/15/2010, Swan Point Marina NC

It was a long & very hot day on the water so we pulled into Swan Point Marina where we stayed last year & called it a day. We were not sure how high Close knit is off the water, so we waited for ever to get through the first 20' bridge. At the second bridge we just missed the opening so waited. We then get a call from the bridge master telling us to come on through as he figured we would get under the bridge without him having to open it. The bridge is 20 ft, so we slowly made our way up while the bridge master stood on the railing by the bridge, & we passed under with a little room to spare. He calculated us at 16ft so now we know we do not have to wait for any other 20ft bridges. The last bridge we powered to get to it on time, only to discover there was a multicar accident on it so the bridge would not open. This one is only 12' so we dropped the hook & waited. we actually didn't have to wait that long, but after getting through we decided to call it a day

06/16/2010 | Pete & Pokey
Nice to see you on the move. We are finally heading north Friday and expect to be on the new boat by the end of next week. Herrington Harbor North in Deale, MD for July, then making our way back to Mary's. Hope to see you in the bay. P&P, B&R
Down Day...
Al - Hot
06/13/2010, Joyner Marina Carolina Beach

Lazy Day.

We had a nice lazy day today. Got up late had coffee in bed, & then had egg & bacon for breakfast. Later in the morning we went to the beach which is about a 10 min walk from the marina, only to find out that there is a bylaw during the summer of no dogs on the beach anytime!!! Jennifer remembered that there was a little beach right next to the marina, they allowed dogs but on a leash. Bridget loved the salt water even sticking her whole head under to pick up sea shells, we noticed she kept her eyes open!!! did not seem to bother her. Later Jennifer & I got out the bikes & went into town for lunch & then stopped at a store to pick up a fishing rod to replace the one I misplaced in Charleston. We were so pooped by then we took a cab back to the marina with the bikes in the back!!. Later the 2 of us went back to the real beach & played in the water. We are planning an early start tomorrow & will be stopping at Dudley's Marina just short of Morehead City. It was where we had Ruth's engine rebuilt last year. Nice place & really nice people.

06/13/2010 | Snoodle Time
How long are you planning on stopping in Bell Haven?
06/14/2010 | Al & Jennifer
Probably about 6-7 weeks. We will be visiting friends by car back in Sc for the 4th of July week. Why you thinking of coming down?
06/14/2010 | Snoodle Time
Yeah if there is time after we get back from our trip and you are around.
06/14/2010 | Al & Jennifer
You know we will be heading up to Hampton & the east shore of the Chesapeake for the rest of the summer!!
Old problem areas behind us!!
06/12/2010, Carolina Beach NC

Even 1st mate Miss Bridget took a turn at the helm. Only problem was she wanted to head for the green stuff!!!!
If anyone has not noticed, we have added back the link to our realtime position reporting. It works through Spot & Google & tracks our position every 20 minutes.
Another great day on the waterway.Very hot and sunny. We saw three dolphin and Al saw a huge sea turtle. Many sports boats were out today, causing mild grief. Unlike heading south in the cold of December, some dredging has been done in some problem areas so we breezed through places like Cape Fear, Lockwoods Folly and Shalotte Inlet. We pulled into Joyner Marina, at the top of Snows Cut. Its on Carolina Beach which is a 10 minute walk away. We put in a long day today and Al's neck is sore and given the wild weekend warriors on the waterway we have decided to stay until Monday morning and maybe take Bridget to the beach tomorow. We missed Oriental on the way down so after consulting with the captain, I would like a little time there before we get to Belhaven. This should still get us to Dowry Creek by mid week, easily. Man time flies.

On the move north.
06/11/2010, Barefoot landing Myrtle Beach SC

We were up early this morning & escaped the Georgetown Triangle at 7:30 & arrived at Barefoot Landing at 1:47pm. It was a much different trip than the one we made southbound last December in Ruth. The trip was uneventfull & really pretty, only spoiled by few hot rodders who did not want to slow down.
Jennifer took over the helm a few times & said it felt daunting to be driving her house, but she did good & she needs her own stool (Bob & Jane style). We would like to thank a few people who made our stay enjoyable, Bill & Karen, Rick & Cinda for driving us around & entertaining us, & Stephen Aurther for our memorable trip to the shrimp festival & his kind hospitality (especially for the dinner at the Grill)

06/11/2010 | Martha Warner
Wow! You can make popcorn while you helm the boat from the comfort of the great indoors! I'm jealous now. Let us know when you reach the Pungo. We'll drive on over to meet you and give you a proper NC welcome, if I can figure out what that is...
06/11/2010 | Al & Jennifer
Unfortunately we only have a small 1000w inverter soon to be upgraded to a 3000w so we can only run the fridge freezer at the moment. We have to have priorities like keeping the beer cold & the frozen stuff frozen (ice cubes) :-)))) Hope to see you soon. Tomorrow a lo0ng day to Wrightville Beach..
06/12/2010 | Martha Warner
So basicly the microwave is just a big tease... it still LOOKS good!

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