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For As Long As It Lasts
Just back from the Doctor
11/19/2010, Kingston

Just got in. everything is fine, no polyps, no sign of cancer. Just the ulcerations lower, so the plan is to take the new pills which are helping very much. Today i'm feelinfg lousy but i think i just way over did it yesterday, cooking cleaning socisalizing. spa-ing. then i didn't sleep thinking about what i still wanted/needed to do b4 i come back south yowzah. Be back in my Lover's arms Monday evening.

11/20/2010 | Ishmael
Glad to hear the good news. Don't work too much. I'm sure Al will be a happy boy Monday night. We're in Marathon now and finally out of the ICW. Yeah.
11/20/2010 | Al & Jennifer
We were wondering where you were
11/20/2010 | nancy
What a relief. I am so glad you are fine. Now it's your duty to have fun!!!
PS. what they were made from

this was what I made the hat and leg warmers from.

How ingenius eh?

Got My Mojo Back
Jennifer - Cold
11/09/2010, Via Kingston Ontario

Got My Mojo Back
My creative mojo that is. Friday was a bust, the sedation wacked me out. Saturday I laid low. Sunday I attended a workshop for making my own chemical free bath salts, lip balm and hand cream. It was fun learning new skills. Its cold here in Kingston and I wanted to knit a pair of leg warmers but I know I couldn't get them done while here. I'm already working on several UFO's (unfinished objects).So I picked up a 100% wool sweater at a thrift store and this morning I made a pair of leg warmers and a hat to match. It was the first day in a while where I have felt really terrific. Maybe because I'm relieved Friday had no surprises and perhaps the new medication is taking hold. After I was satisfied with the leg warmers and hat, I warped the loom Mackenzie left for me to use. And I've made a good start on a scarf for gift giving. I've been enjoying a Boston Legal marathon.

11/09/2010 | jennifer
Just clarifying these were not knit, I'm not that fast. I sewed them from a sweater that I bought cheap . The hat is super warm. Of course one thing leads to another and I think the Leg Warmers beg new cute ankle length boots.
11/09/2010 | sis
gees, just put them over ur long ones. too much stuff to lug. any excuse will do though. ha! ha!
11/09/2010 | Kathy
Great recycling idea and it looks great too.
11/11/2010 | Nancy
Wow those are nice, you can use them on the boat too. It gets cold in Florida in the winter. I did think, wow you are the fastest knitter in the world. I hate to say this but I have been making a hat for months. Finally finished, except for the pom pom.
11/18/2010 | donna lusk
AFer spending the better part of Saturday with you Jennifer, I think you have MEGA MOJO. You are a crafter's inspiration to the max. Love you and your craftiness. Dox
Jennifer is not the only one who can make bread!!
Al -sunny & 60's
11/07/2010, Palm Coast

Babe, your not the only one who can make artisan bread!!! Light wheat rolled with smoked dried tomatoes & pesto, brushed on the outside with olive oil & sprinkled with a touch of Romano cheese. It tasted sooooo good. Now I wonder what I could do next!!!!!!

11/07/2010 | jennifer
Learn to knit :)
11/07/2010 | Kiley
Looks awesome! Maybe mom will make some here now!
I hope you have lots of butter to put on that ;)
11/07/2010 | Al
I may have to it's getting a little to cold here...
11/07/2010 | Nancy
Good for you AL!!!
11/07/2010 | sheila
Wishing Jennifer all the best . Looks like you two are going to have to start classes " Bread making on a boat" We may catch up to you one day, still in South Carolina.
Chris & Sheila ,S/V Neverbored
11/07/2010 | Steve Dettman
Sounds like a cook book in the making. Chapter A: breads women love to make. Chapter B: breads men love to make. Chapter C: breads you love to eat.
11/09/2010 | Kathy

the breadbook idea sounds like a winner. I should have been making bread the last couple of days. The temperature certainly took a nose dive this week, although it still isn't Kingston, ON or Dowagiac, MI.
Jennifer back home from Op.
Al -sunny & warm

10:30am just received a call from Jennifer, who is back home after her colonoscope. She does have Ulcerative Colitis & they took some samples, but the good news is they found no polyps. she is scheduled to see the specialist & get the results on the 19th, & hopes to be back on Close Knit before Thanksgiving. We would like to thank everyone for their best wishes & prayers.

11/06/2010 | Mike
All the best from Halifax. Not nice to have someone poking around your nether regions, is it? Glad J seems to have come through it. And I agree with the points on canadian medical care. I have yet to get any American to give me a logical answer, founded in fact, as to what's wrong with universal medicare.
Jennifer - Cold
11/05/2010, Kingston

Wed Nov 3.
Yes I'm here in chilly Kinston and thought I would do an up date. Al who is on the boat down in sunny Florida survived dog sitting (Pete & Pokey went to California for a wedding) and he thinks Miss B is missing the boys. She's such a hussy.
I really don't follow politics much at home or the USA, But the Americans I have met while traveling south are very passionate about their politics. I gather from the internet that the democrats took a beating in yesterdays vote.. Along this journey Americans have constantly asked (badgered) me about what I thought of our health care as they fear socialized health care. I proudly admit to being liberal minded. Here is the best description I can offer of our health care taken from the blog of the Yarnharlot.
"This is a country with Universal Health Care, which means that no matter what goes wrong with me or my children, we'll be cared for by the best person for the job, not the best person we can afford. Sure, it's a triage system which means that if we're not very sick we'll have to wait, while sicker people go first, but the fact that the only thing that can move you to the front of the line is your need, not your money? "
I returned to Kingston for a specialists appt. that I had last Friday. I waited 6 weeks for that appt. This Friday, already, I get a colonoscopy. Oh yay. I'm asking people to not tell me their horror stories but I understand the preparation is worse than the procedure. I started the clean out process yesterday. Tomorrow is clear fluids, ones you can see through. My daughters aren't buying into my logic that I can see through beer and chardonnay. So I'd say socialized health care works, its all I know. And it doesn't cost me anything.
Thurs. Nov. 4
Its 6:47 pm and I'm well into clean out. Its not fun. The last bit of clean out drugs is taken at 10 this pm this evening. Sleeping last night was interrupted from the first drugs for clean out. I'm feeling lethargic but I'm unsure if its lack of food or the dreary damp cold and darkness here in K-town. I managed to attend the monthly Stroke Survivor group this morning. It was great to see every one and get caught up. Once I can sufficiently be more than 10 feet away from the toilet I'm going to watch a movie with Kiley. Julie & Julia. I have to be at HDH by 7:30Friday in the a.m. I hope I'm so clean it is a fast and uneventful procedure. You are intravenously sedated so my sister will be picking me up. I'm trying to plan what I might like to eat afterwards, if I'm not too groggy. I'm thinking something blandish but comforting. Maybe just a baked loaded potato. I shall report again.

11/04/2010 | jennifer
The movie was cute but a movie about FOODwhen you are in a "clean out" and have not eaten food in over 24 hours was a BAD choice.
11/05/2010 | Nancy
We are so lucky in Canada, like you said we are all taken care of. When I was in Panama City it was like you lived with the walking wounded. Not many people had health care coverage there, and the bills these people faced were unbelievable. My own husband who is American lost his house to pay for his medical bills. There was a lot of people sharing their medications, and self medication. Something you don't hear of in Canada. Oh sure medications are expensive here, sometimes you have to wait for things. I have found all my appointments have been very fast since I came back to Canada, lots of heart tests hope that doesn't mean I'm seriously ill. I am walking around with wires all over me right now. I had the test you are having about 6 years ago. The prep. is the worst, the test isn't so bad. I made the mistake of going to work and with no food in my stomach, had a horrible head ache, and threw up in the car on the way home.

Just think soon it will be all over, and you ca
11/05/2010 | [email protected]
After my procedure I was surprised how long it took to fill the system back up. Lots of space in there. Glad you are doing well n
11/05/2010 | Rob Watson
You're right Jen, our health care system may not be perfect but it's a damn sight better than what's happening down below. Having grown up with universal health care it's hard to understand why people are so afraid of it. It's not some monster that makes everyone into a lazy non-productive lout, it just takes care of people when they need it most without bankrupting them to survive.
11/06/2010 | Kathy
I know what you mean about being questioned about healthcare. After 15 years I've got used to answering. I can't belive the number of people convinced that they'll never be able to see a doctor again. Of course lots of politicians feed on that fear. Hope you get back to the boat for Thanksgiving, US style.

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