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For As Long As It Lasts
Christmas Arrived Early
11/05/2011, Palm Coast Marina

After we settled ourselves in our slip we made our way to the office to retrieve the packages that awaited us. Some things were for me some for Alistair. Mine of course were all knitting related and I cannot reveal them here as some are gifts being taken back to Canada. One was the recently published book by the Yarnharlot that I was anxious to start reading. When Al opened one of his packages he realized he had ordered the wrong davit orientation. So this means a trip to USPS and Money being in limbo somewhere until the order has been replaced. I was smug to remind Alistair that nothing I have ever ordered that was knitting related has ever had to be returned. Knitting is just like that, things go into your stash (if you can find room for them....and I do) to await the lovely thing that you will turn them into. Al recently showed me how to use our Paypal account for on-line purchases. I guess he felt after almost 6 years I could be set loose. I promised not to order doubles of anything any more, seriouslyI promise.

Sorta HOME Again
Jennifer-Sunny but very windy and cool-ish
11/05/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

As I sit here typing this post I am glad we forged ahead yesterday, putting in a long day to get to Palm Coast. This morning the wind is fierce out there, it would be a bumpy day on the ICW. We splashed from Cape Marina early on Thursday and made great time. We anchored out in Mosquito Lagoon on Thursday night and it was so nice being on the hook again. We rocked gently in the waves, saw a nice sunset and had a lovely supper. We are happy to be back amongst our friends here in Palm Coast. A week on Monday my sister will be here we are getting very excited about her visit and our wee trip North

False Alarm
Jennifer - Wet
10/31/2011, Cape Marina Cape Canaveral, FL

Last week when we felt Al's catfish barb had come out, it was a false alarm. What came out appeared to be necrotic tissue & broken down barb material.
He had 2 days of relief, but then the pain & swelling came back. All the current work on the boat was aggravating it. This morning Al was picking at the spot at the end of his finger, when he noticed a little white thing, thinking it was just skin from picking, he started to pull it!!!!! After a big yelp the photo explains it all. It looks nasty... Hopefully this puts a real end to this long saga..

10/31/2011 | christie
holy cow!!! you could be a magician Al, hiding things that size in your hand ;)
10/31/2011 | Pete
I picture you biting down on a belaying pin, growling "AARRRRH!", like any good pirate. Jen, kiss his boo boo, and tell him to quit fooling around and finish the bottom paint.
11/02/2011 | Snoodle Time
Pete.... I think you have put the perspective back. No drama there.!!!!!
Al & Jennifer
10/29/2011, Cape Marina Cape Canaveral

Due to limited internet in the yard this is a quick update. We are trying to dodge the rain, but have managed to anti foul 2/3rds of the hull. We removed the swim platform & re epoxyed the screw holes, remove the old dinghy davit system & reinstalled the platform, with bigger screws & bolts. We are scheduled to be put back in the water 8am Wednesday, & hope to be in Palm Coast by late Friday or early Satuurday., Then get CK ready for Cathy's visit. Pics to follow. This evening we went to a seafood place on the water & watched the Monarch cruise ship leave right infront of us, 1/2 hour later the Carnival ship, & then the disney cruise ship. BIG BOATS!!!!! They were about 500 ft from us.!!!!

Who needs RAID
Jennifer - Hot & sunny
10/25/2011, Harbortown Marina, Merritt Island

We have organic pest control.

10/26/2011 | Tonia
How did you manage to catch one? They're so fast!
10/30/2011 | Pete
Must have some pretty small bugs.
Jennifer - Hot & sunny
10/25/2011, Harbortown Marina, Merritt Island

The wabbits are finished, and hungry apparently. I think they are rather adorable and they were a fairly fast knit. I'm knitting some miscellaneous things for Christmas gift giving.

As I photographed the wabbits I became aware of just how close I was to the alligator, sure glad the wabbits and I did not become its breakfast.

On a totally different note, the catfish barb Al got July 23rd in Vero Beach, just this morning made its way out of his finger, Its only exciting for us because it has been a source of pain and aggravation to him since it happened. His finger has swollen and then settled down several times during the past weeks. It was totally gross and not picture worthy but I'm glad its out. And I'm glad he didn't have to have his finger amputated.

10/25/2011 | c taul
thats a long time for it to fester before comming out. maybe it will feel much better now!!!!! soak finger in salt water solution to be sure no infection lingers.
10/25/2011 | Tonia
Aw man, I missed the infamous barb coming out! And the alligators... geez I think another trip is in order! :)
10/25/2011 | Al & Jennifer Holden
you missed the tiny lizzard too, in your bed room....just kidding she was on the deck. You are welcome any time.
10/26/2011 | Nancy
Oh I hope Al feels ok. That is some alligator!! Love your bunny slippers. Keep safe from that hurricane.
Love Nancy

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