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For As Long As It Lasts
The HEAT is on......
Jennifer - blue skyies but chilly
11/11/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

This morning we awoke to chilliness so Al put some heat on in the aft cabin. Bridget's teeth were chattering so Al put her in bed with us and it was hard to coax her out to go check her morning p-mail.

I'm almost finished Al's fisherman hat. Today I should be able to wrap it up just in time for this cold front. We get a rental car at noon today. We have a flurry of things to do for my sisters arrival on Monday. It is veterans day here in USA and it is Remembrance Day in Canada. Take a moment to give thanks to all who served to make us FREE.

11/10/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

Judi arrived today from New York. I welcome this new crew member. Al is not fond of her but I think she's a great addition and I look forward to her displaying my future knitwear. Today she is modelling the latest knit hat.

The boys arrived back from fishing empty handed, I guess they caught some small weird species,but nothing worthy of keeping; so we are going out for supper. Judi will mind Miss B while we are out.

Gone Fishin'
11/10/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

Pete (MV/PRIM) invited Al out on little PRIM to go fishing this morning. Al was thrilled since he has been wanting to go fishing, like forever. They cast off just after 9 and I hope they bring back dinner.

Dispute Resolution
Jennifer - Hot and Sunny
11/09/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

This is not really how Al and I solve our differences. If I wanted to be the winner of a dispute with Al I'd challenge him to Scrabble not arm wrestling. I just thought this a nice photo of us at GRILLS in Cape Canaveral the night before we left.

We are enjoying being back at Palm Coast among friends. Al is doing lots of Jobs like installing his new back-up camera. Figuring out the new dinghy davit system. Also installing a new through hull transducer, so funny I say all this stuff like I'm some kind of boating genius.

My sister arrives on Monday and we are pretty excited to have her. She will be here over her birthday so I'm planning her a nice seafood dinner. The weather continues to be pretty sweet here. We are having wind but beautiful blue skies every day. Life IS good.

11/09/2011 | Tonia
Cute picture!
Christmas Arrived Early
11/05/2011, Palm Coast Marina

After we settled ourselves in our slip we made our way to the office to retrieve the packages that awaited us. Some things were for me some for Alistair. Mine of course were all knitting related and I cannot reveal them here as some are gifts being taken back to Canada. One was the recently published book by the Yarnharlot that I was anxious to start reading. When Al opened one of his packages he realized he had ordered the wrong davit orientation. So this means a trip to USPS and Money being in limbo somewhere until the order has been replaced. I was smug to remind Alistair that nothing I have ever ordered that was knitting related has ever had to be returned. Knitting is just like that, things go into your stash (if you can find room for them....and I do) to await the lovely thing that you will turn them into. Al recently showed me how to use our Paypal account for on-line purchases. I guess he felt after almost 6 years I could be set loose. I promised not to order doubles of anything any more, seriouslyI promise.

Sorta HOME Again
Jennifer-Sunny but very windy and cool-ish
11/05/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

As I sit here typing this post I am glad we forged ahead yesterday, putting in a long day to get to Palm Coast. This morning the wind is fierce out there, it would be a bumpy day on the ICW. We splashed from Cape Marina early on Thursday and made great time. We anchored out in Mosquito Lagoon on Thursday night and it was so nice being on the hook again. We rocked gently in the waves, saw a nice sunset and had a lovely supper. We are happy to be back amongst our friends here in Palm Coast. A week on Monday my sister will be here we are getting very excited about her visit and our wee trip North


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