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For As Long As It Lasts
The JUDI (s)
12/03/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

The Judi(s)

I have no self control - clearly. I really enjoy Judi, she is multi-faceted. In her first photo she is looking quite glamorous in her knitted attire, sometimes she just gets a blank look, next she morphs into her French debonair look, finally she tries to pass herself off as a Polish immigrant. Easily she could compete for the next BOND girl.

Tonight is parade night. About 20 of us will board PRIM to partake in the annual Palm Coast Boat Parade. Thanks Pete and Pokey. I was up early to get the pulled pork in the crock pot, a second crock pot is full of vegetarian chilli. Next I will make the ceasar salad dressing and voila, supper is well on its way for the gang post boat parade. Cathy has been assisting me in the chopping, pealing and preparing. Alistair left at 8a.m. with Tim to make a run to West Marine (he's still finishing the new head install) for marine pipe. So Cathy and I have been cooking to the sound of The Dixie Chicks and having a blast sans men. Hard to believe we are near the end of Cathy's 3 week + visit.

Content Content Content.
Al & Jennifer - Warmer than Jacksonville.
12/02/2011, Palm Coast Marina

Al gently commented that my blog content has been heavy in knitting content. So I'll focus today on strictly boating. We just finished a week cruise with my sister on board. Short shake down cruises are great for:
1. A change of scenery.
2. Finding out the most recent quirks that are going to wreck havoc on your bank account.
3. Great for giving Al practice docking in new situations.

What we discovered and learned from this trip:
1: We need a new aft head, which Al ordered by phone. Towards the end of our week our toilet gave up the ghost so it left us impinging on Cathy to use her head. Of course the cost for a repair kit is about the same as a new head, guess which route we took?
2. Al is gaining confidence getting into and out of slips, and he had a chance to dock against fierce current at Jacksonville Landing.
3. We need to have maintenance done on the Honda generator. It was giving us a bit of trouble at anchor when we wanted/needed it for some additional heat.
4. Sun glare from the water, early in the morning was a problem. Need to find a solution to the problem.
5. On this trip one morning we woke to seeing our breath inside. We were reminded how freakin cold we were 2 years ago on RUTH heading south, and were grateful for making the switch to Close Knit (sorry had to use the knit word).
6, CK can & did on a couple of occasions hit 12MPH (over the ground) only doing 1500RPM. This of course was greatly helped by the strong fast current on the St John's river.
7. We may have a problem with an unbalanced prop shaft as anything over 1600 rpm seems to induce a vibration. This may stem from when we had the transmission replaced back in Marathon. We had babied the engine & transmission all the way back to Palm coast from Marathon, & only on this trip did we open her up. We know the prop is good & clean & the zinc nut is good, so a call has been put into our wonderful mechanic Al to come & check it out.
8. We love our new fridge it is working out wonderful and is miserly in its energy consumption.
The photo is of CK at Jacksonville Landing from the bridge. We eventually were joined by another trawler that night. Every hour on the hour the giant Christmas tree and its lights danced to Christmas music. We were surprised we were not tossed about by the current or the continuous trips of the water taxi. It was a very fun stop over and we had an excellent dinner out at Benny's Steak and Seafood. We'd highly recommend it.
We will try to update our Picassa photo album this weekend, as we have a ton of pictures to get off the camera.

Me in Wool
12/01/2011, Jacksonville, Fl

Here I am in Jacksonville Harbour sporting my new hand knit angora hat, I'm also wearing a cozy sweater that is home made and was a gift to me while I was still an inpatient in Rehabilitation in '06.

Finished Objects
Jennifer - Sunny and cool
12/01/2011, Palm Coast Marina Fl

Judi with an "i" is modelling 2 finished objects I made while on our mini trip to Jacksonville. The Pink Angora hat is from fibre I got seduced by at A Stitch In Time in Jacksonville. It was a quick little knit and is as cozy as can be. The scarf/shawl is one I had started earlier this year and I could never find the right green to do the ruffle to finish it. I spied this spring green at Knit Witz in Jacksonville. I love the "POP" of colour the green gives it. Thanks JudI.

At Jacksonville Landing
Al - Sunny
11/29/2011, Jacksonville Landing

Tied up at Jacksonville Landing with 3 other boats. Rail bridge opened early for us, Many Thanks Bridge Master. Going for walk about.

12/01/2011 | Kathy
I haven't seen Sage for several days. I saw her the first few days we were here but not since the weekend. The harbor is filling up some what. It's more than half full now. There are about 7 or 8 boats coming in everyday. Occassionally one or two leave. Normally the mooring field is full by mid-January. Enjoy your trip south.
Lettuce - Stay Safe
Jennifer - windy and a storm is brewing
11/28/2011, Ortega Landing, Florida

We were ready to bust from Ortega landing this morning with a plan to go to Jacksonville Landing and tie up for the night. From the time we had our first cup of coffee until just about departure time the wind came up fast and furious. After consultation with the weather on line. Al felt we would be best staying put for one more day. The wind is to reach upwards of 45 mph and as of this writing its getting very black out side and a thunderstorm is looming.

We plan to post our findings about this marina on Active Captain and Cruisers net once we depart. After reading some of the reviews from those sources, I am wondering if the moderators don't pick the more sugar coated reports for publication. We'll see, since our experience here has not been as glowing as the reports I've read thus far.

What I will report is this:


Its very clean and modern, has a pool and hot tub, it is gated. The cruisers lounge is lovely. Publix and select Department stores are a 10 minute walk. AND there is a West Marine in the same shopping area, which for the second time ever blows my theory that West Marine's mandate is to position themselves as far away from a marina as is possible. There are some nice restaurants near by. Oh yes there is free laundry.


I guess depending on what your needs are, we are not finding it particularly transient friendly here. They advertise 1.75/ft with a supposed discount if you are an MTOA member or looper, but the rate sticks at 1.75/ft, so I'm not seeing a discount. And there is a $15 charge for a pump out. You are only allowed stern to your slip. There is rarely anyone in the office. The dock hand we have met most is Bruce and he is top notch. The marina Manager, Kris lacks in customer service skills, in my opinion. We seemed to have gotten off to a bad start with him from the get go. We arrived in near torrential rain, and despite frequent hailing on our VHF there was no answer. When we arrived we picked the first easiest place to get into. Al went to the office and found out we needed to move the boat , twice, because the weather was getting nastier by the minute we were allowed to go in bow first, because we "would only be around a week". But its a hard and fast rule that you must be stern in.

As we are on the lookout for the ideal Marina to keep CK from say April to October, on paper this Marina looked like it had most of the amenities on our wish list as per Active Captain. The kicker is, they don't "really" want live aboards, although there are live aboards here but they are not referred to as such. The biggest problem is this marina WILL NOT LET YOU RECEIVE MAIL OR PACKAGES HERE. This is a HUGE draw back for us. The solution is to get a box at the local UPS but we are told you must take a year contract.

We get the impression that they like you best here if you just park your boat and come to take it out for a run occasionally. We will keep looking for a more perfect fit for our needs, although we haven't totally excluded this place as a possibility.

In anticipation of the impending storm we brought the lettuce crops in. They have just recovered from the pounding rain we came in on last Tuesday afternoon.

11/28/2011 | sv Vixen
Jen and Al: Check out Sadler's marina down the street from Ortega Landing. Not alot of amenies (pool, lounge), but a safe place to leave CK in the summer. Great people own the marina and love liveaboards. Call if you want more info. P&P have our numbers.

Terri and Larry
Jacksonville, FL
11/29/2011 | Al & Jennifer Holden
We found it while here. A couple next to us had good things to say about it.
11/29/2011 | donna
I swear Jennifer that your crops grow as fast as you knit. That lettuce looks mighty fine.

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