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For As Long As It Lasts
04/24/2012, Kingston, Ontario

I finished the fingerless mitts today, buttons and all. Its still chilly here for April so the Birthday Girl should get some use out of them this spring.

04/30/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
Very pretty, love the color and the buttons !!
05/01/2012 | Christie
as the lucky recipient of these fine gloves, I have to agree. Kind of a mixed blessing that the weather STILL allows me to wear them now. Thanks Jennifer - I'll be texting in comfort and style :)
Making Good Time
Jennifer - cold
04/23/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Making good time

We've had cold, miserable weather and this morning we awoke to snow and high wind. The snow was gone by noon and we braved the weather this afternoon and went out for some errands. The weather lends itself to knitting. That's the only thing I like about bad weather days. You can knit without guilt. So I have been making good time on the gift I need to get finished. I love the colour and its such a delightful knit. Some time I actually need to make a pair to keep for myself.

04/19/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Since growing lettuce worked out so well on Close Knit, I decided to plant a crop on our balcony. I may bring the boxes in at night to warm up the earth. Although the sun is shining its still a bit cool out there. Likely nice temperature for lettuce, at least in the sun.

04/30/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
How did you grow salad on the boat ?
05/08/2012 | Al & Jennifer
The same way you see in the picture. we hung them on the back railing. Salt water couldn't kill them !!!!!
False Starts
Jennifer - foggy and gray.
04/15/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Its foggy and grey here today. I made a list of 5 things to do today. I've done 2. One was to put up the new shelf in the utility/pantry room and I have organized it with our staples and organized my spices. It looks great in there.

The second accomplishment is I have banana date muffins in the oven.

The third thing on my list is starting a birthday gift for a lively, spirited friend who turns 50 this month. I know what I am making, I've had two false starts because after I was out of the gates; the first attempt, I wasn't happy with the colour and the second false start, although I personally am in love with the colour, the yarn weight just wasn't doing it for me. So I'm hoping three's the charm. I'll cast on in the hot pink which is more of a DK weight and try to bust a move since this gift has to be out the door in just under 2 weeks, EEEK.

The good thing is Al is in charge of dinner tonight so the rest of the day is mine. It appears it is going to be a pasta dish with mussels and some sinful cream sauce.

The last two things on my list will wait for another day.

04/13/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Ravelry 101

So Wednesday evening I left Al alone while I went to a knitting class. It was called Ravelry 101. Ravelry would be akin to an Active Captain for knitters. The program itself is very diverse and the class was amazing. In Ravelry you can manage your stash, needles and projects. So this morning I spent some time entering some yarns and needles, it even includes a spot for notes and where you have Stashed this new purchase. It occurred to me that Active Captain should have this feature, maybe it does? How many times had Al needed a tool and has no idea where it is stored. The user needs to be diligent in entering all new purchases and related items. WOW, knitting and cruising really do have so much in COMMON.

Last night I bussed to my LYS (local yarn store) for their knit night. It was a busy, lively group. At times it was too loud for me to concentrate on my lace socks. I hope in time to identify some compatible comrades to branch off into a more intimate group for chat, inspiration and help.

My sister and hubby are coming foir supper, she has requested Cuban Picadillo, something we were introduced to in the Florida Keys.

04/14/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
Recipe sounds delish - how did it turn out ?? Love the fingerless mits - sounds like you're settling well to your land life ?? Alex.
All the Rage
Jennifer - Cold and sunny
04/08/2012, Kingston, Ontario

All the Rage

I made these fingerless mitts and they were given as a gift last night to our new Dr. Prue-little. Courtney Prue is my next door neighbors daughter who has just graduated from veterinary school. She is off to Australia for a year to do an internship. It will be fall there when she arrives so she can examine the critters and still keep warm. Whats hard to see is the little silver kitten button at the wrist.

Fingerless mitts are all the rage with the young folk. I think its because the fingers are free to text. Everywhere you look fingers are flying over cell phones, I draw the line though when my guests bring them to the dinner table, seriously.

04/17/2012 | Dox
Hey these look like my Turkish bed slippers. I love them. And I can see the kitten. Too cute for a vet!! I'll have to hire you to do some for Tom in the fall so that his camera ready hands will be warm.

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