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For As Long As It Lasts
Tip Toeing through the TRILLIUMS
Jennfer- sunny and lovely
05/08/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Yesterday we enjoyed a nice afternoon walk at LeMoines Point. This conservation area is near the Collins Bay Marina where we departed 3 years ago this July. Interesting how life can change in 3 years.

Trilliums are the provincial flower for Ontario and it is a crime to pick them. They are out in abundance right now, we got a jump on the annual Mother's Day Flower Walk held there. Mackenzie and Jason have been visiting so it was a nice diversion for Al and for me.

05/09/2012 | Michael and Barbara Turney
That plant with no blossoms just to your left.......isn't that...poison ivy?!!
05/10/2012 | jennifer
Nope, its the one I'm sitting on.

I actually had that thought and checked before I sat.
05/12/2012 | Sheila & Chris
What a lovely Photo!
Wishing you both the Best.
Jennfer- sunny and lovely
05/06/2012, Kingston, Ontario


Although I do not consider myself religious, I do believe the universe works in ways that protect us. The timing of me being asked to exit the United States has turned out to be Universe sent. Since late last fall Al has been having difficulty with his left eye which continuously wants to stray and gaze outwardly. It started giving him minor visual disturbance along with occasional nausea trying to focus. I sent him off to the Family Dr. who was perplexed and who sent him off for an urgent appointment at the Emergency Ophthalmology Clinic. After spending about 4 hours at that clinic, having various drops, waiting time and various ophthalmologists taking turns looking at his eye. He was sent for an urgent CT scan with enhancement. We were given instructions to return in two days for the results.

The next morning almost before we had our morning coffee we got a call from the clinic saying they needed to see him that morning. That was a huge clue something was amiss. When we arrived at the clinic, Al said to Dr. Hurst, "This can't be good news" to which Dr. Hurst replied, "I'll cut to the chase, You have a 3 cm brain tumour behind your left eye". He then said he'd give us a few moments and left us alone. A few moments was not enough time to digest that, really. Of course your minds raced to worst case scenarios. When he returned he explained he had spoken to and had referred us to a Dr. Chris Wallace a neurosurgeon on a semi emergent basis. So we will see Dr. Wallace on Tuesday May 15th and he has ordered an MRI which will take place next Sunday , Mothers day at 8 in the morning. We have heard from Dr. Wallace who looked at the CT scan and he has advised us that the tumour is benign in his opinion. WHEW YAY.

For any of our American followers this is an example of how socialized health care works in Canada under a triaged model. We are happy with the way things are moving along. Fortunately Al's eye is in excellent health, so we just wait and see where we go from here.

Thank you Universe for watching out for us.

05/06/2012 | Curious
Your doctor doesn't happen to be Dr David Hurst? Late of Peterborough? If so you are blessed with a wonderful doctor, we miss him greatly since he moved. Hope the diagnosis of benign holds true for Al and the treatment goes well for him.
05/07/2012 | jennifer
It was Jonathon Hurst, son maybe? We really liked him. He went out of his way to get us moved along in a timely fashion and spent time with us answering questions and he did not rush us.
05/07/2012 | Christie
Divine order indeed. And those of us here on the ground are ready to do whatever you both need :)
05/11/2012 | Nancy
Thank goodness you came home. All the best to you Al we will be thinking of you. I know this is very difficult for you too Jen.
05/14/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
Life can indeed change in a split second. Our thoughts are with you, hope all continues to go well !
Legends in our Own Minds
Jennifer - Cold and crisp
04/29/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Al and I were going out to a friends 50th birthday party last night. I thought it might be a picture opportunity. I like to think we have the style of the couple from "Dance Me to the End of Love" in the Frank Vetriano picture on our wall. That has been a favourite photo of mine for years.

04/24/2012, Kingston, Ontario

I finished the fingerless mitts today, buttons and all. Its still chilly here for April so the Birthday Girl should get some use out of them this spring.

04/30/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
Very pretty, love the color and the buttons !!
05/01/2012 | Christie
as the lucky recipient of these fine gloves, I have to agree. Kind of a mixed blessing that the weather STILL allows me to wear them now. Thanks Jennifer - I'll be texting in comfort and style :)
Making Good Time
Jennifer - cold
04/23/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Making good time

We've had cold, miserable weather and this morning we awoke to snow and high wind. The snow was gone by noon and we braved the weather this afternoon and went out for some errands. The weather lends itself to knitting. That's the only thing I like about bad weather days. You can knit without guilt. So I have been making good time on the gift I need to get finished. I love the colour and its such a delightful knit. Some time I actually need to make a pair to keep for myself.

04/19/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Since growing lettuce worked out so well on Close Knit, I decided to plant a crop on our balcony. I may bring the boxes in at night to warm up the earth. Although the sun is shining its still a bit cool out there. Likely nice temperature for lettuce, at least in the sun.

04/30/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
How did you grow salad on the boat ?
05/08/2012 | Al & Jennifer
The same way you see in the picture. we hung them on the back railing. Salt water couldn't kill them !!!!!

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