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For As Long As It Lasts
Catching Up
Jennifer cool and drizzle
06/04/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Week at a Glance

We are patiently waiting to hear of Al's Surgery date. We had hoped to hear last week but hopefully this week we will hear. His surgeon is on vacation until the end of this week.

I continue to keep busy knitting, doing short rides on the bike and last Thursday spent a nice day with my eldest daughter, having breakfast out at Pan Chancho, browsing the downtown Farmers Market and coming home here and we made fresh spring rolls. Yesterday a friend and I went to the new Sunday Farmers Market in my neighborhood, its having a trial this season and I hope it is a success so I go every Sunday to support it. One vendor sells fresh greens with edible flowers and pea shoots which are so yummy.

I brought my old (circa 1978) Kenmore sewing machine home from Kiley's so I hope to get a few projects done. I want to make a selection of cloth napkins and I've ordered a vintage 1972 Simplicity pattern for a halter top. So I'm hoping to fabricate a few of those and be ready for our next heat wave.

We have organized a wee View & Chew for this Friday night for a small group of friends who have not yet seen our new digs. So I'll be busy this week planning and making my finger foods for that.

Al and I have become fans of Downton Abbey and that has been our evening entertainment. Once it is over Al wants to start a marathon of his new favourite show.....Top Gear.

New Wheels
Jennifer-hotter & humid
05/29/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Nope not a car, but it will get me around. My dear life long friends Sue and Jim offered me this bike and I accepted. I picked it up yesterday. My former Rock Hopper was a mans frame and I no longer felt competent on it. On this one Sue lowered the seat and so now I can safely, plant both feet on the ground while sitting. A feature that makes me feel safer. I don't get a good leg extension with the seat that low , but the ability to reach the ground trumps a comfortable cadence, in my opinion. Sue rode home along with me. It was just the right distance (2.6 km) to get re-acquainted with a new bike and city streets. We identified some routes that can get me to the house on Frontenac St. (for gardening) that are less busy and where I would feel safer riding. I will pick up in the next few days a lock and basket. I will also pick up a big bike hook so that we can hang it in our storage room and not have it in the guest room. I'm excited to have this mode of transportation, it will give me more freedom to check on the garden when I want and be quick. It will give me more flexibility when Al has his hospital stay. I look forward to the exercise also.

Kingston, Ontario
05/29/2012 | Nancy
Hey Jen, I ride a bike too. No car, but buses and trains are handy. We don't have to buy gas, no car insurance and you get exercise for free! I had a nice little folding bike in Florida, it was the best. Lots on control, although it kind of made me feel like I was in the circus because it was tiny. With a backpack and a basket you can carry a lot of stuff.
Making Light
05/25/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Last night I beat Al at Backgammon, which is a rarity. Of course he is blaming it on his brain tumour. Although we are both anxious about his pending surgery, he seems to be coping with humour, today making reference to something being a "no brainer". We were out doing errands today and we picked up a house coat and PJ's for his hospital induced vacation. Funnily, the man checking us out said "hospital stay"? When I asked him if it was obvious he replied, "the colour coordinating gave it away".

Bridget remains relaxed, balancing out our stress.

Kingston, Ontario
And I thought sailing was a peaceful pastime

Check out this clip...Who knew sailing was so much fun...

FO and Boat Cards
Jennifer, Sunny and Warm
05/23/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Finished Object (FO)

I finished this Ruffle scarf last evening. What does this have to do with boating you say. Well last night I held a wee knit night at our place. One of the guests was from Mystic Bond, a Canadian boat we met when we were anchored in a remote bay in south west Florida earlier this year. The boat was registered in Nova Scotia but its occupants actually live in Gananoque a 20 mile drive from Kingston.

So five knitters gathered and we chatted and it was a lovely evening.

Cruisers exchange boating cards with contact info and home port info. In keeping in that vein Al helped me produce a knitting card for me, which I gave out last evening. I wished I had had the cards last Saturday at the Kingston Farmers market. I struck up a conversation with a new vendor selling seafood, from the eastern provinces. He noticed my knitting button on my jean jacket that reads "If Knitting were exercise, you could bounce a quarter off my arse". We entered into a dialogue about how knitting rules his wife's life and how she hosts stitch n' bitch nights and I asked him if she was on Ravelry, to which I got a blank look. Had I had my knitters card then I would have given it to him so she could contact me. Knitters, like cruisers, are pretty tight knit (punn intended).

Kingston, Ontario
Down Memory Lane
Jennfer- sunny and lovely
05/21/2012, Kingston, Ontario

May 2-4 Weekend

We are celebrating a long weekend here in Kingston. Our weekend started off with a nice supper with friends on Friday night. Saturday we drove with my sister and husband out to Sharbot Lake to the grand opening of Seed to Sausage. It was quite a hit with a great variety of eclectic foods.

Yesterday I spent the day with Daughter No. 1 at Frontenac Street weeding the front flower bed and planting the back garden. We scored some bedding plants at the new Sunday Farmers Market in the neighborhood. In the afternoon my sister picked Al up and then me and we drove to Sydenham to the Open House at the home we were raised in. Its for sale and so we were curious to see it again. It was a trip down memory lane. It was the only home I ever lived in before I got married. Our parents bought it in 1956 for about 4 grand. Our dad sold it after our mother passed away in 2004 for $116,000, today the asking price is $234,900. The cosmetics that have been done are pleasant. I was surprised I didn't feel more nostalgic. It desperately needs a new roof. My sister and I were both wishing we had brought a knife to harvest some of the abundant rhubarb still growing behind the garage.

Today we are pretty much loafing around here in the apartment. It is a hot day out there. Knitting is on my radar.

Kingston, Ontario
05/25/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
wow, from 4 grand to over $230K.. Dave and I have been remarking the same thing as we go on our evening walks.. the cost of houses.. well, in general, the "cost of everything"...

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