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For As Long As It Lasts
Happy Father'sDay
Jennifer-hot & sunny
06/17/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.

We enjoyed a lovely, relaxing Father's Day weekend with Al's youngest daughter Tonia. We had a great dinner out on Saturday evening at Wooden Head's. Sunday morning we went to the Farmers Market and to a brunch hosted by Kiley and Jackie. All in all a sunny and fun weekend.

We are seeing lots of activity in the pool here but we have yet to brave it. Soon though.

Ten more sleeps.

Kingston, Ontario
06/17/2012 | George and Kathy
Our thoughts are with you and our fingers are crossed.
Date Night
Jennifer- sunny and lovely
06/14/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Date Night

Last night Alistair and I went on a date. We ate at Montanas (rib night) then went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was just what we needed, just the right amount of cuteness with a good life story. Maggie Smith's best line from the movie resonates in my head. "Oh I don't plan that far ahead, I don't even buy green bananas". I'm not sure why but the movie made me think of our time(s) at Palm Coast Marina. I think because we all referred to it as an "assisted living" marina.

The weather has been nice here. Yesterday had a coolness to it that made me have a pang for the boat. As I walked back up Princess Street I felt the sun on my face and with the breeze on my cheeks, for a moment I stood at an intersection, closed my eyes and in that instant I felt like I was on the boat drifting at anchor. For reasons I can't explain it was the first time I was really missing life on the water.

Al and I are down to counting sleeps and a winkie, as our friend Mike on Nelleke calls them. Two weeks today, his surgery will be over. It's a good thing too because Al is now experiencing occasional stabbing pains in his head behind his left eye and has a constant feeling of something being in his eye and it weeps quite a bit. The stabbing pain issue is a new occurrence, which I find worrisome and I monitor.

Al's youngest daughter Tonia will arrive tomorrow night for Fathers Day weekend. We are looking forward to her visit and the diversion.

Next Tuesday Al will head to Hotel Dieu Hospital for his pre-op appointment and which we are told involves blood work and meeting his anaesthetist. He still has to have the extended MRI with the multiple views that are put into 3D for surgery. Since his surgery could take anywhere from 3-13 hours, I'm trying to find just the right knitting project to keep me entertained. It has to be interesting enough to make it fun but not so complicated that I have to be glued to a pattern. So the search continues.

Kingston, Ontario
06/14/2012 | Mike
Two sleeps and a wakie, dear lady. Two sleeps and a wakie!

Those of us out here are also counting the days and crossing our fingers. Give Al a hug from Barb and yourself one from me....what the heck....give him one from me too.
06/14/2012 | Al
OOOOOOOOOH a hug from Mike. Makes me tingle all over :-)
Labour Day
Jennifer-hot and sunny
06/11/2012, Kingston, Ontario

No its not September. Yesterday we were invited to my sisters for dinner. She had also invited her young neighbor couple, Mike and Megan. Megan was hugely pregnant and 2 days over due for their second child. She had been in mild labour most of the day. As dinner time approached it was evident things were progressing. As the rest of us sat and enjoyed our meal, Megan walked off the contractions grabbing a bite when she could. Just before we left around 9 the mid wife and arrived to check on the progress and I spoke to my sister this morning and their new baby daughter arrived just after midnight with a successful home delivery. Now their little son Sawyer is a big brother.

I had just finished this Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surprise jacket and have already cast on booties to match. Buttons yet to be chosen.

Wool in summer you say? What keeps the cold out, keeps the heat out, just ask the sheep.

Kingston, Ontario
06/11/2012 | Sheila & Chris
That is just beautiful! My granddaughter is due July
4th, so excited. Our first grandchild . We fly home from Trinidad on July6th. Have a great summer !
Loooonnnng Live the Queen
Jennfer- sunny and lovely
06/06/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Diamond Jubilee

We have been following the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. She was just 26 when she had to take over from her father. Not many of us would want to work until we are 86. Retire already, Liz.

I hope at 86 I have the stamina she has shown over the past several days. She is, I'd say, a bit over her ideal body weight but still has a regal beauty about her. Poor Prince Phillip is recuperating in hospital from a kidney infection. Likely as a result of standing for hours in the cold drizzle of the boat parade on the Thames.

In other unrelated news, we heard on Canada A.M. this morning Cheryl Crow has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. It apparently doesn't need attention, but geez, is no one immune?

Kingston, Ontario
06/06/2012 | Tonia
I am hoping she will be my soon-to-be grandmother in law.. once I meet Prince Harry ;)
Surgery Date
06/04/2012, Kingston, Ontario

We have Al's surgery date. We got the call late today that Al's surgery will take place on Wednesday June 27. He will be seeing the anesthetis for a consultation before surgery and he will have one more lengthy MRI. We are relieved to have the date so we can somewhat plan our summer. We were told his hospital stay, barring any complications would be three days. Full recovery will take about 6 weeks. So our summer will be one of staying quiet and laying low.

Onward and upward.

Kingston, Ontario
06/04/2012 | Pete & Pokey
Not enough room on that wall for all the fingers that will be crossed for you. Good luck my friend. We're rooting' for ya.
06/04/2012 | Pete
PS: enjoy the anesthetics!
06/04/2012 | Andrew Ray
Hey Al ..... best of luck. Six years ago I had surgery on the same date (actually, June 28th but who is counting?). Taking the summer to recover did not sound like much fun beforehand, but it actually turned out nice. Long, warm quiet evenings became very important to me.

Anyway, I am glad to hear things are progressing for you. Fingers crossed ...
06/08/2012 | Nancy
We'll be thinking of you Al. We hope all goes well, so you can relax and enjoy your summer in beautiful Kingston. You'll just be a little late for sailing in the south this year, but you'll get there.
06/13/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
Will be keeping you in our thoughts.
Catching Up
Jennifer cool and drizzle
06/04/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Week at a Glance

We are patiently waiting to hear of Al's Surgery date. We had hoped to hear last week but hopefully this week we will hear. His surgeon is on vacation until the end of this week.

I continue to keep busy knitting, doing short rides on the bike and last Thursday spent a nice day with my eldest daughter, having breakfast out at Pan Chancho, browsing the downtown Farmers Market and coming home here and we made fresh spring rolls. Yesterday a friend and I went to the new Sunday Farmers Market in my neighborhood, its having a trial this season and I hope it is a success so I go every Sunday to support it. One vendor sells fresh greens with edible flowers and pea shoots which are so yummy.

I brought my old (circa 1978) Kenmore sewing machine home from Kiley's so I hope to get a few projects done. I want to make a selection of cloth napkins and I've ordered a vintage 1972 Simplicity pattern for a halter top. So I'm hoping to fabricate a few of those and be ready for our next heat wave.

We have organized a wee View & Chew for this Friday night for a small group of friends who have not yet seen our new digs. So I'll be busy this week planning and making my finger foods for that.

Al and I have become fans of Downton Abbey and that has been our evening entertainment. Once it is over Al wants to start a marathon of his new favourite show.....Top Gear.


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