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For As Long As It Lasts
Half Way There
06/27/2012, Kingston General Hospital

I just got an OR update from Suzzette the OR liaison nurse. Dr. Wallace sent word he's about 1/2 way there, and things are going well. We have not been assigned a bed as yet because there is a shortage at the moment. This means Al will be spending the night in recovery, which may not be a bad thing. I bet there is more close care there.

I'll be in touch y'all.

The hospital knitting is going well, its taken me a while to get the mojo going.

Kingston, Ontario
06/27/2012 | Mike
Keep mojo goin'. Keep spirits up. Positive thoughts beaming your way from Shelburne NS.
06/27/2012 | Nancy Boston
I hope all is well I was thinking of Al all day.

Early Start tomorrow
06/26/2012, Kingston, Ontario

We will be up at the butt crack of dawn to be at the hospital for 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. That is the time we are to be there but surgery won't commence until the paper work and final chats with the anaesthetist and neurosurgeon happen.

We just got home from the final MRI, it will be very up to date and ultra current. I will do a post as soon as I am able post surgery to keep y'all informed.

Peace out.

06/26/2012 | Pokey & Pete
OK prayer warriors. All together now, one, two three.... Cross your fingers, grab those rabbit feet, touch your fingers to your nose and spin around three times... Whatever works in your world, we're rootin' for you. 6:30 am...we're on it.
06/27/2012 | Jim
Good luck to you.
Jennifer- sunny and lovely
06/26/2012, Kingston, Ontario

We witnessed this beauty off our balcony last evening after a rain. I have never understood the science behind a rainbow, but it surely is a gift from the universe.

Another surprise last evening was a call from our friends at Palm Coast Marina wishing Al well. On our cruising journey we met so many wonderful people, some friendships stuck, others remained transient. Our Palm Coast friends have stuck and we really appreciated the call and hearing their voices.

We have had lots of calls, email, cards and words of encouragement, and I think Al is on just about every prayer list from here to the Bahamas. So with all that behind us we are confident this blip in our life will remain a temporary blip.

I will try to post tomorrow as soon as I have any news. Surgery is estimated to take anywhere between 3 to 13 hours. Apparently the longer the surgery, the better. Longer surgery = success, shorter surgery = close him up and get out of here nothing can be done. So I'm waving the positive vibes in the direction of longer, being successful in removing as much as they can with out any damage route.

Praise be to the UNIVERSE.


Kingston, Ontario
Jennifer-cooler and grey
06/25/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Our balcony is a wonderful wee oasis. This morning we awoke to new hibiscus blooms, which made me smile. We enjoyed a wonderful steak supper last night at my sisters. We are down to the wire and Al is still waiting to hear about one more MRI. We've made some calls this morning and are awaiting some news. It is our understanding that this needs to be done before he goes into surgery on Wednesday. Oh the waiting is painful.

Addendum:Cutting it close Batman, We just got the call for Al's MRI that will be tomorrow at 5:30 p.m..
So 2 more sleeps and a wakie.

Kingston, Ontario
06/25/2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way
06/26/2012 | Michael and Barbara Turney
Positive thoughts and good wishes beaming at you from Nova Scotia too.
Caribbean Pretending
Jennfer- sunny and lovely
06/22/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Caribbean Blue

Right in our own back yard. Ok so its a stretch but a girl can dream. My sister and I took the plunge today and had a swim in the pool. It was almost 80F. It still felt cool to me. Al opted not to swim , because he is staying away from anything that might put him at risk of any kind of infection. With his surgery just a few days away he didn't want to take any chances.

We are trying to keep busy to keep our minds off of the surgery. My daughter is coming for an over night visit and we will have a steak supper at my sister's on Sunday - Al's request. We are both getting anxious for next Wednestday. Five more sleeps.

Kingston, Ontario
06/22/2012 | Everyone at PCM
We're with you all the way!!
All your friends at Palm Coast Marina
Happy Father'sDay
Jennifer-hot & sunny
06/17/2012, Kingston, Ontario

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.

We enjoyed a lovely, relaxing Father's Day weekend with Al's youngest daughter Tonia. We had a great dinner out on Saturday evening at Wooden Head's. Sunday morning we went to the Farmers Market and to a brunch hosted by Kiley and Jackie. All in all a sunny and fun weekend.

We are seeing lots of activity in the pool here but we have yet to brave it. Soon though.

Ten more sleeps.

Kingston, Ontario
06/17/2012 | George and Kathy
Our thoughts are with you and our fingers are crossed.

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