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For As Long As It Lasts
Happy Valentines Day Y'all
02/14/2013, Kingston

Last year I was delivered coffee in bed and two cards. So far this morning I have delivered Al coffee, a card and a heart shaped box of turtles. The sun is shining and if the weather holds I will take us off the compound for a lunch date. Al's first time being out this time around. Have a great day every one.

Kingston, Ontario
02/14/2013 | Steven dettman
I hope both of you are able to get out and about, even if for a little bit and enjoy a wonderful Valentines day.
02/14/2013 | Jason Kelly
Thanks and likewise to you too. Happy cuspids day too! I hope you have had a lovely wonderful Valentines day with your hunny. Thinking and missing you from Ottawa. Jason
02/17/2013 | Darlene
What a fantastic VD card that is.. Enjoy your week and keep warm.
White Out
02/09/2013, Kingston

I got Al home by 1 p.m. yesterday. Due to near white out conditions and very bad road conditions we came home by cab. Al is very glad to be home and settled it. At times from out 9th floor apartment you could not see a thing. It was kind of cool actually. The pharmacy stopped their delivery service yesterday due to road conditions so I took a cab to and fro to get the new prescriptions.
Home physiotherapy will start on Monday and today the home care nurse will come in to check on us and check Al's catheter. I had asked for and have been given more home services and nursing care this time around to hopefully prevent another septic situation.

We are to hear this week from Urology as to what the next steps are. There is a bit of a discrepancy on how long Al needs the warfarin for the lung clots and when surgery can safely be done. Internal medicine says 6 months, Urology may think 4 months. I'm not the doctor but my logic tells me that surgery and eliminating further sepsis trumps the chances of a bleed. Al's sepsis on Jan 2nd had him near death. Again, I am no doctor and have no idea of what percentage of risk there is of a bleed with his prostate surgery. I guess time will tell.

In the short term we will revel in this window of good health and enjoy the good days.

02/09/2013 | s/v Zepher
Glad to hear you're home safely. I know how much you like to knit and enjoy whimsical items so when I came across this website I thought of you. Check out Flutterby Patch. It's a gal from England who knits the cutest little dolls and offers patterns free. It might be fun.
Best to you both.
PRESERVING ... My Sanity
02/06/2013, Kingston

We have had a cold snap here. I have missed being south and the warmth.

I've been feeling desperate for an activity with the flavor of summer. I have always enjoyed the summer rituals of canning.
A sale on fresh beans and asparagus prompted me to do a bit of preserving yesterday. It felt like a bit of summer in my kitchen and I loved the hint of vinegar and pickling spices wafting about.

I'm hoping these will be nice in a Caesar or on a charcuterie tray.

02/06/2013 | Nancy
Your asparagus looks wonderful, what a great idea. You are a great inspiration for me to try something like pickeling. I bought some Maple Syrup this morning, I've been craving pancakes, after looking at your posting. Oh I also checked out your boat link. It works just fine. I hope Al gets home soon.
New Week
02/05/2013, Kingston

We are into a new week. Al is doing very well with his reconditioning. It is possible he may come home Friday, at the very least he will get a weekend pass and we can do a trial run of him at home. It will be nice to cook a meal and eat together.

For those interested I will try to link to the Yachtworld ad. "Try" being the operative word here. Hopefully you can see Close Knit here.

P,S. I did a check of this and it worked for me. I surprise myself sometimes. Brilliant.

Kingston, Ontario
Pancakes for One
Jennifer - snow

I awoke this morning to snow. The forecast is continued intermittent snow throughout the day. I was craving pancakes. Most recipes make at least a dozen. I scaled a recipe for me and sat and had myself a pancake breakfast. Its so hard cooking for one. That is why many of my evening meals have been Cheezies/Cheetos. Not exactly balanced but portioned just right and scant clean up.

Al is doing well but as was expected would happen, a UTI surfaced yesterday. His mood plummeted over 4 hours and his face appeared flushed. With a heaviness I called his nurse and told her my suspicions, that were not scientifically based. She did his vitals which showed he did not have a fever. I told her that was typical of how Al had been presenting with infections and she agreed a urine sample was indicated. This revealed significant white cells that warranted treatment. So here we go again. We are in a horrible Catch 22. He needs surgery to hopefully eliminate the recurrent UTI's, but he cannot have sugery until a sufficient course of warfarin has reduced the size if his, what I am now told are his "bilateral" lung clots. After the weekend I will discuss with his physician options for hopefully speeding this process up.

Therapies do not happen on the weekend so I will go down and take Al walking and get him to do some of his excercises in some appropriate and meaningful form, providing he is feeling well.

Happy Ground Hog Day.

02/02/2013 | S/V Zephyr
Hang in there dear girl. You're doing a great job and are greatly admired!!
02/04/2013 | anonymous
Looking for pics of your boat on Yachtworld and don't see the listing.
02/04/2013 | Al & Jennifer Holden
For anonymous¤cy=USD&access=Public&listing_id=22824&url
02/05/2013 | anonymous
Thx. Plugged that into my browser and came up empty. Maybe I can find it under broker name?
01/31/2013, Kingston

Al has transitioned nicely to SMOL. I peeked in on his therapy this morning and he was being a superstar, doing work in the parallel bars, knee bends, leg swings, then for a walk about and ending with doing stairs. He is getting two 45 min. blocks of physio a day and an hour of occupational therapy. Communication is to start tomorrow. He thinks he can trade communication for more time with the physiotherapist. In reality that would be far too tiring for him. I told him communication is physio for his brain. That seemed to make sense. He is feeling so much better it is incredible. It makes me feel he was suffering from a low grade infection for much longer than anyone knew. He is more engaged and eager to move than he has been since his surgery. Because of our weather I just got Bridget in for a visit this afternoon. They were both thrilled to see each other.

His Dr. is planning another shoulder injection on Tuesday to help with his ongoing shoulder pain.

02/01/2013 | Nancy
Oh, that is a nice picture of Al and Bridget. I am glad to hear Al is feeling better.
02/01/2013 | Jim
Good news!

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