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Cloud Messenger
Vessel Name: Cloud Messenger
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft / Crealock 37
Hailing Port: San Francisco
About: David and Cheryl Schachter, Ali Baba
About: Happily married couple. He's a sailor, she and the dog are not.
Recent Blog Posts
03 May 2010 | Big Major's
David has been remiss. Apparently he is having too much fun to keep you all informed and update the blog. So if you don't mind your news second hand, here goes. After I left the boat David sailed single-handed down to Little Farmer's Cay. "Blue Blaze" and "Joyous" sailed there as well. Jason would [...]
18 April 2010
The last few days on the boat were bittersweet. I had fun hanging out with everyone in Sampson Cay. The snorkeling was enthusiastic if not real spectacular. I did see some new creatures including a Peacock Flounder. We spent one day just hanging on the beach in a thatch covered gazebo, playing volleyball, [...]
12 April 2010 | Sampson Cay
We left Cat Island and sailed to Warderick Wells, the main area for the Exuma Land and Sea Park. The park is like an underwater zoo. No one is allowed to fish there, even in the surrounding waters, so the sealife is abundant. The day we arrived Laura and I snorkeled within sight of the headquarters. [...]
05 April 2010 | Bennett's Harbour, Cat Island
Each day starts with David tuning into the Chris Parker weather forecast on the SSB but immediately after he begins his collecting and adjusting of the numerous needs for the day of bonefishing. Rods and lines and flies and infinity other paraphernalia gets gently packed up. A piece of fruit and a cheese sandwich get tucked into his pocket and he's off. Not to be seen until dinnertime. It is so great to see him return, relaxed, happy and fished out---for the day anyway. Over dinner Jason and David excitedly tell fish stories from that day's adventure. Yesterday as they walked the flats a Lemon shark started up the stream straight for David. Usually harmless, this one kept coming closer and closer to David's bare feet in the water. Just as the shark got too close David pointed his rod down into the water and shook the tip to distract the shark and hopefully lure him in another direction. The shark instantly jerked his head toward the splashing water and snapped off the tip of the rod with a slash of its razor teeth! Good thing it wasn't David's toe! But not so good that it was one of David's fly rods! Luckily he has other tips on the boat and the repair was simple. They even had extra rods in the dinghy so it barely even cut into the day's fishing time. Yesterday morning, Laura and I snorkeled the reefs North of the anchorage and although the fish population was not very big it was good because it got me looking closer at the smaller sea life and I saw amazing little things. Laura found some incredible shells. I saw a Cow Fish and a Bristle Worm. Two things to check off my list of first time fish sightings. Then in the afternoon we went ashore and walked on the road for a bit admiring the flowers and the many stonework house ruins. We stopped in at the local roadside "bar" where we chatted with the locals. They convinced us to try the "bush medicine" they have bottled. They swear they drink a little everyday for good health but one tiny, tiny sip was enough for me to know I'd rather be unhealthy! Yuck! They have a variety for woman and a variety for men. Amidst much giggling and blushing they related that the men's variety is suppose to make them extra virile. We asked if it is suppose to work like the conch pizel and they laughed and agreed. You could see them chortling and shaking their heads wondering how us silly cruisers knew about the conch's Viagra like potential. Anyway, they invited us to their Easter celebration to be held the next day in the afternoon on the beach right in front of our boats. We told them we wouldn't miss it and headed back to the boat for our own private Easter dinner. We had the last of the lobster since the season ended on April 1st. We saved the last two HUGE tails for the dinner. We ate until we could barely move. This morning, Monday, the men headed off again to tame the elusive bonefish population and Laura and I snorkeled the South side of the anchorage including the wreck inside the government dock area. Just as we were returning to the dinghy I dove down to pick up a conch. As I slowly rose toward the surface I suddenly realized there were two ENORMOUS Eagle Rays swimming right behind me! It was like being snuck up on by a baby elephant. I actually squeaked with mild terror just at the sheer size of the creature lurking directly in my wake. I caught my breath and moved calmly towards the dinghy, swimming along with my new large friends. As I reached the dinghy I was amazed to peer through the crystal water and see an entire congregation of Eagle Rays moving out of the channel and right by me. Fifteen, probably closer to twenty, Eagle Rays of varying sizes silently glided past; beautiful ghostly birds of the sea. Just then Laura arrived back at the boat, just in time to witness the quiet underwater parade of spotted giants. Well satisfied with our adventure for the day we headed back to the boat for lunch and to get ready for the beach party this afternoon. Even the guys will be returning early to join us on the sand for some local festivities.
04 April 2010 | Bennett's Harbour, Cat Island
We survived the wind driven chop that caused a rolling, bouncing anchorage at New Bight, Cat Island. So we were glad to move on to Fernandez Bay where we were more protected and the boat lay calmly in the water. This bay curves gently up to the powdery sand beach of an old established resort, Fernandez [...]
29 March 2010 | Cat Island
The weather has been completely cooperative here on Conception Island. Each morning starts with a beautiful sky, azure seas stretching as far as you can see in three directions and a silky, white sand beach sparkles in
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