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Sail Away with Second Wind..
Gobble, Gobble
11/29/2006, San Diego, CA

This year, Cory thought it would be proper of us to have Thanksgiving on the boat... Knowing that it's impossible to cook a turkey on our little boat, we had to come to a compromise - Thanksgiving first, sailing second. I am not sure how many times sailing will come second for Cory. You can't separate a man from his boat!

Since my family was in from out of town, it was a special treat for them to hang out on the boat and enjoy the sunshine. In Delaware it's getting quite cold this time of year. So, it was nice for them that we got a chance to spend all afternoon out on the water.

One thing I must say is I am very glad we invested in a dodger. Although San Diego is a warm place, the protection that the windshield provides is fantastic this time of year! Also, to round out a near perfect day, we also got a chance to fly the spinnaker...and this time I brought the camera.

Most importantly though, we truly feel very blessed this Thanksgiving for many things. We are blessed with many wonderful things including our families, friends, health, youth, and spirits! Looking into 2007, we are excited about the adventure and challenges on the horizon. For those who are reading this, we wish you peace and many blessings during the holidays.

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A First....
10/29/2006, San Diego, CA

Melissa doesn't seem to like my sailing instruction. She prefers to lounge around when I'm there to operate the boat. So I decided to treat her to some professional lessons (not against her will, if you were wondering...). So today was her first lesson towards American Sailing Association certification.

Leslie has sailed around the world twice and has taught sailing for many years. The last couple of years she taught at a school specializing in teaching women to sail. She had Melissa start off with some docking practice, which went really well. I decided to stay ashore so I won't be in the way or try to inadvertently help. I also wanted to get some pictures.

The picture is of Melissa and Leslie motor sailing the boat out of the Marina and into San Diego Bay.

Once they were out in the bay they went over right of way or the boating "rules of the road". Melissa came up with a good way to remember one of the primary rules. If the wind is coming over the right side of the boat, you have the right of way. If two sailboat are on the same tack (both have the wind coming over the same side of the boat), the boat down wind has the right of way. They did some man overboard drills and practiced stopping the boat using a tactic call heaving to. Heaving to is basically setting both of your sails and your rudder in such a way that they all fight each other and cancel out each others ability to move the boat. If properly executed, a boat hove to should tend itself and make very minimal headway. They also went over tacking, jibing, and sail trim.

Melissa came back with a big smile and really enjoyed the day. She even taught me a few tricks about using the traveler and boom vang while going down wind. Those are mechanical devices that are used to fine tune the main sails shape. Leslie was a great teacher and Melissa is looking forward to their next lesson.

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How could I forget the camera?
10/25/2006, San Diego Bay

Doesn't the saying go..."a picture is worth a thousand words?"

Well, too bad I forgot the camera this weekend! As many of you know, I am the "saver" in the relationship, and Cory is the "spender." Going along with that trend, Cory found himself ordering a new "toy" for the boat, and that toy had finally arrived -- our SPINNAKER! So, at the first opportunity we had, we were out on the boat to give it a try.

Mind you, spinnakers look really cool, but I have no idea how to use one. All I know is our friends took a whole class on learning to set a spinnaker. That alone made the task sound a bit complex. I just trusted Cory knew what he was doing, and knew I would be following orders not giving them in this exercise!

When all was said and done, it was surprisingly easy to set a spinnaker. Even easier since our spinnaker has a "sock" to keep it from getting unruly when brining it up and down. Once we got it up, my thoughts were summed up in one word - BEAUTIFUL! Others seemed to think so too. We got a boat full of tourists waving and taking pictures of us as we completed getting the spinnaker set from a nearby boat. Again...too bad I forgot the camera...oh well, there's always next time.

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