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Sail Away with Second Wind..
There's Always Time for Fun!
09/07/2008, Two Harbors, Catalina

We feel so blessed to have been able to take the time off we did this year. Most of all, it was a time for us to reflect on the things that mattered the most to us and really enjoy living life! This picture was taken of us in July in 2 Harbors, Catalina Island.

See more Catalina pictures in our album.

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Not Too Long Left...
08/15/2008, San Diego, CA go sailing on Thursday afternoons. Now that our "Mexican Adventure" is over, we can see the workweek on the horizon. We know it won't be too much longer were we can enjoy taking the boat out on a weekday afternoon.

Barbie, Tom, and Josh came out with us yesterday, and we had a great time observing the sites. Some of them included: 1) sailing close in front of the Midway (aircraft carrier now museum) and watching the tourists from above point and awe in how close we'd come 2) seeing Princess Marianna again, the mega-yacht which had parked next to us at San Francisco Island in the Sea of Cortez, and 3) watching the tugs escort various large ships into the bay

It was a nice day to be out, relaxing, and not doing much...

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Weekend at Catalina
08/02/2008, 9:30pm, moored at Two Harbors

It's been so long since I've updated the blog via our HAM radio, that I nearly forgot how! Ok, so maybe my memory is not that bad, but I can't believe I let the entire weekend slip by without updating our site with a couple little thoughts from the past few days.

We spent this weekend, Thursday thru Sunday in Two Harbors at Catalina Island. It was a last minute decision for us to make the trip, and we're glad we were able to squeeze the trip in between all the things going on back home. See, each year Beneteau, the makers of our boat, puts on a weekend event here for their Southern California owners. The event is essentially a celebration for Beneteau owners and a chance to meet new people, see the new Beneteau products, and ask questions about boat features, issues. Of course its a great way for people who are in the market for a new boat to see and experience the products. We're not in the market for a new boat, but it's always fun to see people we've met at past events and just relax at Catalina.

So, what is Catalina Island all about? Well, it's a great little island off the coast of the Los Angeles area. It takes about 4 hours from LA to get here. For us, it takes considerably longer. See, San Diego is quite a bit farther South so we allot between 12-14 hours for the trip to 2 Harbors on the North side of the island.

We left San Diego Wednesday evening about 4 or 5pm and traveled overnight to arrive here about 7am. The trip was easy, and it sure was a LOT warmer than coming up Baja. And, I was all prepared for the frigid conditions...I'd brought my scarf, wool hat, gloves, etc - all those things I DIDN'T have for the cold trip up the coast of Baja. Oh well!

We enjoyed relaxing and recovering from lack of sleep from our night watch schedule on Thursday. Friday consisted of a dingy raft-up breakfast, hiking in the late morning, lunch on the boat, dingy tour in the anchorage, and a cookout in the evening. Today was even busier with things like boating seminars, sailing, and a luau. Speaking of sailing, today we went out on the new 46ft model. She was a fast boat...ok, so we had the high performance cruising sails and also an expert racer on the boat...but still was a fantastic boat. The boat is WAY too big for me, but it was nice to see how something like that handles out on the water, and it was nice to see the other big boats and lots of owners out as well.

We'll be headed home at about 6am tomorrow morning, and we're hoping if conditions are good to be able to fly the spinnaker. We've got to do everything we can to keep up with the bigger boats! ##

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