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Sail Away with Second Wind..
80 in January?
01/13/2009, San Diego, CA

Yes, that's right 80 degrees right here in San Diego.....and no we didn't escape to Mexico and not tell anyone. We wish, but no..

So life seems all too boring these days, so there's no exciting adventures to report on like.."our car broke down" or "we towed a boat without an engine into a marina and then got reported to the port captain" or "we saw 40 whales today"... nada.

So, in absence of anything exciting to talk about, I can say we're considering getting a mooring for our boat in San Diego instead of keeping it at dock. We have the solar panels to keep the batteries float charged, etc. PLUS, we miss being at anchor and the mooring wll be the closest thing while Cory dreams about the next boat.

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There's Always Time for Fun!
09/07/2008, Two Harbors, Catalina

We feel so blessed to have been able to take the time off we did this year. Most of all, it was a time for us to reflect on the things that mattered the most to us and really enjoy living life! This picture was taken of us in July in 2 Harbors, Catalina Island.

See more Catalina pictures in our album.

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Not Too Long Left...
08/15/2008, San Diego, CA go sailing on Thursday afternoons. Now that our "Mexican Adventure" is over, we can see the workweek on the horizon. We know it won't be too much longer were we can enjoy taking the boat out on a weekday afternoon.

Barbie, Tom, and Josh came out with us yesterday, and we had a great time observing the sites. Some of them included: 1) sailing close in front of the Midway (aircraft carrier now museum) and watching the tourists from above point and awe in how close we'd come 2) seeing Princess Marianna again, the mega-yacht which had parked next to us at San Francisco Island in the Sea of Cortez, and 3) watching the tugs escort various large ships into the bay

It was a nice day to be out, relaxing, and not doing much...

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