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Coba Libre Adventures to Aus
Porto Santo

We made into Port Santo after 3 nights and 4 days at sea, We were all a bit tired but just so excited we made it!

We sailed all of the way which is fantastic, F5-6 sometimes F4, The seas were a bit rolly, like being on a see-saw for 4 days really, but it was great crossing, Only spotted a few ships along the way other than that not much else to see but just the big blue sea !

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We have just finished stocking up for our trip to Madiera, we are leaving at 9 a.m. in the morning and should be in Madiera in 4 days, The weather forecast is looking great, F4 -5 north west winds which is perfect and on the beam..

We have seen alot of ARC Boats but havent met many of them, most of the boats look like nobody is on them and they are all quite big as well ?

We will have our Satellite Phone on so if anyone is intersted in making an expensive phone call at £1 a minute our number is 008816 316 69100..

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Cocktail Hour
09/06/2010, Portimao

Gary, Darren and James enjoying there first cocktail on the beach..

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09/08/2010 | Bec & Stu
Gee James. It's a tough life you've got
09/10/2010 | mike eckett
well, like the picture, on the lash again. James those two will be about as much use as a chocolate teapot unless you keep them away from the booze. I hope all is going well on the voyage to madeira and you land in time for darren's birthday (another piss up i guess) happy birthday for sunday darren mum & dad. Good luck on the rest of your voyage Lesley & James will blog you again soon
09/10/2010 | lee and Donnami
Hi Darren and friends.
Brilliant photo and we hope you enjoy your voyage of adventure.
We hope)you have a Happy Birthday on Sunday...we will raise a glass for you for sure.
All our love to you Darren and best wishes to you all on your Auntie Donnami,and Uncle
09/06/2010, Portugal

A lovely sunset in Portimao.. First day of the boys holiday..

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09/04/2010, Isla De Culatra

This is a great picture of all the Fishing boats in the Harbour..

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Isla De Culatra
09/03/2010, Portugal

This is a new favourite spot, Its a small little island South East of Faro with only around 3000 residents, No roads, so no cars, Just tractors going up and down the beach with stock for the local restuarants and supermarkets..In the bars you can buy Sagres, the local Portuguese Beer for 80 euro cents.. There is a great walkway up to the beach, which was spent getting hammered by the waves we really enjoyed it !

We caught up and had another BBQ with the guys off Yacht Maximum and James new best mate Liam and last night were invited onto Yacht Alexina for some Quince tart, the fruit was picked from the River Guadiana (very yummy) , We only picked some Pomegrante which i havent tucked into yet because they aren't ripe and ready.

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James, Liam, Jack & Jeanette
09/01/2010, Portugal

Cheers !

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09/07/2010 | Audrey
Hiya James, Peter said "get your hair cut" ha ha..... I like it ha ha!x
Rio Guadiana
09/01/2010, Spain / Portugal

We are having such a great time on the River, I dont think we want to leave !

We were supporting pretty good hangovers yesterday, as we were invitied on Jeanette and Jacks boat called Maximum for a BBQ, an English Couple who live in Portugal and are on a sailing holiday with their Grandson Liam (who has taken a fond liking to James). They crossed the Atlantic 10 years ago and were giving us some great tips on what to do and were to go in the Caribbean.. Liam has just come over to show us pictures of Terrapins (Turtles) that they saw up river last night !

We took our rib up the river a few days ago and went bird watching, We were lucky enough to see kingfishers, a golden oriole which are quite rare and azure winged magpies ..

We are probably going to stay two more days on the river before leaving to go to Vilamoura where we will meet Darren and Gary on Sunday !

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09/05/2010 | Jackie
Sunday sounds frightening xx (I really wish I was there nos LOL) XX
Coba Libre on the River
08/29/2010, Portugal

Coba Libre along side the pontoon, You can see Spain its just the little town on the other side of the River..

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08/30/2010 | Audrey
Ahhhh... I really like this picture of C.L. Can't wait to be back on the boat (I promise I won't spill red wine again!!!!)
Rio Guadiana
08/28/2010, Portugal

We left Mazagon at 10 am yesterday morning with a good breeze we Sailed our way to the entrance of the River, Rio Guidana. We had to time it when the tide was flooding at 3pm, We had 2 knots of tide for most of the 15 mile journey.

There are several anchorages along the way but we decided to go to Alcoutim which is the Portuguese side of the river and it is beautiful.. On the other side of the river is Spain, Sanlucar de Guadiana, you can get a little ferry boat for 1 Euro, but just remember to put your watch back to Spanish time as it changes once in Portugal.

James is excited about the Bird Watching ( not the female type, the feathered ones! ), You can see kingfishers, red-rumped swallows , golden orioles and bee eaters, we have only seen Ducks so far..

We got borded by the Portuguese Police on the Big Black Rib yesterday with 13 Policeman/women on board, They did a search on our boat and checked our passports and made a few phone calls before letting us go, just for routine checks i suppose..

We will definately be staying for a few days to explore the little villages and just chilling out ..

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08/28/2010 | James & Lesley Laker
Sorry i have just been told off, James says bollocks, he has seen a Herring and a Gannet !

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