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Coba Libre Adventures to Aus
Back in Lanzarote
10/30/2010, Canary Islands

We arrived back in Lanzarote and were so excited to get back onto the boat ! It was lovely seeing Elaine, we just wish the circumstances were a bit different, she should have been visting us !! We hope you get better and recover really quickly its your turn to visit us next time xxx

As soon as we got back, we went to visit our mates on Libertine, Terry and Emma, we had a great night with them and a beautiful meal thanks guys ! The next day a little bit hungover, we had to get the boat polished, lucky enough Terry came to help James as i wasnt allowed to help because my polishing standards aren't quite up to scratch , so i was told !! But i wasnt complaining either instead going for swims in the pool and just slowly unpacking ..

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Some Pictures From This Year
10/27/2010, Sailing

Coba Libre Cruising..

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10/30/2010 | Chris
So what was the best speed you obtained under the cruising chute?
10/30/2010 | Lesley
We have had around 8 / 8.5 knots with the Cruising Chute that was sailing across from Menorca to Mallorjca !!
11/01/2010 | jackie walsh
Can't wait to see it with an Aussie Flag Laker - Dec 21st will be the 'take over'date.
Love to you both xxx
11/03/2010 | Audrey and Peter
Yep.... We're with Jackie.... Aussie flag it is!! (can you fly both?)
11/03/2010 | Chris Rawson
NO.............................. do not go spoling a superb boat like a Hallberg with an Aussie flag :-)
11/04/2010 | Audrey
Hello Chris Rawson, we have n't met but I'm Lesley's Mum and she always does as she's told, so an Aussie flag it will be ha ha!! (Not sure about James though ha ha!!)
11/05/2010 | Chris Rawson
Maybe it is the Mum influence but I have NEVER EVER known Lesley to do as she is told! :-) James on the other hand is the little boy that dare not say boo :-)
11/05/2010 | Audrey
Ha Ha Chris.... you obviously know Lesley nearly as good as me. ....... Not sure I beleive you about James though!
Some Pictures from This Year

Tied to the Rocks !

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Some Pictures from This Year
10/26/2010, River Guadiana

James and his mates..

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Some Pictures from This Year
10/26/2010, This Year

Coba Libre at sea !

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Part 2

Once a week, select a major household appliance, take it apart and put it
back together. Count the parts left over.
Have a fluorescent lamp installed under your coffee table and lie under it to read books.
Raise the doorsteps and lower the top sills on your front and back doors so that you trip over the threshold or hit your head on the sill everytime you pass through.
Decommission your central heating boiler and heat the house with a hot airdryer. When you turn in for the night, remove all your clothes and put them in aplastic bin full of water. When you get up in the morning, retrieve your wet clothes and get dressed!!
Do not forget Battery management. No matter how many amp/hours or how big your inverter is you still need to prioritise use. There are two ways of looking at this.

HIS:Fridge = Cold Beer
Nav systems = Need to make sure we get to next re-vitaling location.
Laptop = Check weather on internet (note might have to set off any way despite weather as beer stocks were low, see Nav systems above)
Hair drier = That is what the wind does.

HERS: Hair drier = I hate having frizzy bad hair days
Laptop = I want to Skype my friends
Nav systems= What does this red button do?
Fridge = "Why do we need a fridge? you promised me that we would be living the dream and eating out in the best marina restaurants around the world

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What it's like to be a Sailor
10/03/2010, Lanzarote

This is an email that was sent to us from our sailing friends on Yacht Andromeda, It is soo funny, Im going to put one on a week until it runs out ..

Try this out at home..

Sleep on a shelf in a broom cupboard. Replace the cupboard door with a curtain. Then: Two hours after you go to sleep, have your better half/skipper/partner whip open the curtain and shine a torch in your eyes and shout , " You're on",OR set your alarm clock to go off at random times during the night: when it does, jump off the shelf and get dressed as fast as you can, run into the garden and shower under the garden hose, OR wake up at 2 am and have a peanut butter sandwich on stale bread.

Renovate your bathroom. Build a wall across the middle of the bath and move the shower head down to chest level. When you take a shower, shut off the water when you've got the shower gel into a good lather. Dispense with your dustbin. Place all non edible household waste in smallplastic bags, and store them in the other half of the bath.Throw anyedible waste out of the window. Bring indoors some form of petrol engine(a lawn mower will be fine), start it and leave it running while trying to hold a conversation.

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10/04/2010 | Audrey and Peter
Love it!! and love the photos they are excellent.
More Cactus
10/03/2010, Lanzarote


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A Pool for the Spanish King
10/03/2010, Volcanic Tubes

This picture was taken in the Volcanic Tubes, everyone was tempted to get in for a swim but it's only for the use of the Spanish King, so we were told, he hasn't even been in it ? What the ?

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10/04/2010 | Terry
Looks sooooo inviting. I would have dived in naked! The King would understand ;-)
Volcanic Vines
10/03/2010, Lanzarote

The landscape of Lanzarote is so different to anywhere I have ever been, large black lava plains and volcanic cones and craters.. We saw a lot of vines growing on the island and they do produce wine but haven't tasted it yet.. I'm sure we will..

There is also a restaurant that everyone has been talking about on Islote De Hilario, they drop meat and roast it over of the small vent holes of the volcano, I don't think we are going to get there but it's a recommendation to anyone still to visit the island..

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