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Coba Libre Adventures to Aus
McLobster is Back !
06/01/2011, Canada

James and I had a day of sightseeing around Hallifax yesterday as we had a day off, We had a lovely lunch down on the pier at the pub and most of the day was trying to hunt around to try and find an IPAD ! After we walked around all day and getting a taxi to a large super centre to find one - but if your a computer geek and have one you will know it is worth it ! We were driving back on the bus when i had a big laugh as there must be an overload of Lobsters Look at the Sign ! "McLobster Burger is Back !"
I need to try one !

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Stunning Waters of Bermuda

This was the colour of the water all over the island it was soo lovely !

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James Catch

Another Mahi Mahi on passage to Bermuda from Antigua, its nearly as tall as James..

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Birds !

Frigit Bird Colony in Barbuda

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Beetroot and Cous Cous Salad

Fresh Beetroot and Cous Cous Salad, Yum !

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06/06/2011 | Michael and Barbara Turney
This looks tasty and very pleasing to the eye as well! Do you have a recipe or two that we can put in the recipe-only version of the Son of a Sea Cook that I am working on? The plan is to feature recipes that we have collected and concocted on our travels plus ones that we have been given by friends (with the credit given in the text of course...)
Nova Scotia
05/30/2011, Canada

Well I have decided to make time and start writing the blog again, I have been quite slack with it but I have been working hard, Also including a three week trip to see my Nanna and Family in Australia.

I flew back from Sydney to join the boat in Bermuda which was absolutely beautiful, I only had a quick taste for the Island before leaving to sail to Nova Scotia Canada but it was amazing the clearest water i have seen in my life !

We had a 6 day sail with light winds and motoring most of the time, It was quite non-eventful which is good in a way ! We caught a lovely tuna which i cooked three different ways, We had sashimi then i did seared tuna with soba noodle salad and a soy, garlic and ginger sauce it was all yummy and can't wait to catch some more fish..

We are staying at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron and it is lovely, we had a lovely lobster dinner last night, Nova Scotia is thriving with lobsters and i have been told that i will be sick of it before we leave i doubt that very much, Im posting some pictures from the last few months from Bermuda and Antigua hope you enjoy and start following us again !!

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BBQ Lunch on the Beach


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Back on Land

It is our second week working and things are going well, We have been off sailing for the past week to Carriacou and Petite Martinique such beautiful islands.. We had a lovely picnic on sandy island it was very windy but who can complain when this is your office for the afternoon !

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03/15/2011 | Audrey and Peter
Oh Wow what a great picture x
03/16/2011 | Jack
I can't cook but would be happy to trade places xx

Well I have been very slack with updating the blog of late and that is because James and I have started working on another yacht its only been 1 week so we are working hard to impress (hopefully) ! We are spending the next month sailing around Grenada and also have the Oyster Regatta to look forward to, then off to Antigua, Bahamas, Nova Scotia then down the East Coast of America thats to start us off for this year ! We spent the weekend on Anchor at Hog Island looking forward to the Sunday Afternoon session and beach BBQ, unfortunately we were a little late for that we didn't find out until around 5 /6 o'clock that there wasn't any food left !!! We are off sailing today so don't know when we are going to be online again but will have an update and some pictures soon !!

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03/10/2011 | Audrey and Peter
Hurry up - more pictures please... we miss you xx

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