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Coba Libre Adventures to Aus

The Girls

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Sightseeing Aruba

This is in the National Park at some ruins.. James, Martin and David !

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I can't stop taking pictures of Iguanas.

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And more lizards ! These pictures have been taken with Martin's new camera its pretty amazing.

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David, Martin and James

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Strike a Pose !

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Friends !

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Waiting for the wind
02/23/2012, Aruba

A little bit of action happening in aruba yesterday, we were sitting having lunch when all of a sudden police tape starts appearing everywhere all around us, some guys tried robbing the casino and as they were coming out they were busted and shot dead by the police. people were everywhere....

We have met a lovely French couple David and Doreen who are sailing around the world on a fifty ft catamaran, we had drinks with the,last nit and had a great time,Doreen kindly took me to the supermarket today in her hire car which was fantastic thanks guys! We may be leaving on Sunday depending on the weather forecast,more boats are in the anchorage now so we are talking to boats and seeing what there plans are..

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02/24/2012 | Michael and Barbara Turney
That is excitement. Were you there when the shots were fired? I assume that the perps fired on the police, otherwise killing them for robbing a casino would seem a tad extreme.
02/26/2012 | Audrey and Peter
Keep your head's down and get out of there!!!

We are sitting in Aruba at the moment. We were going to stop in curaƧao but after reading our old 2008 cruising guide of the Caribbean which says you have to go to the main town to check in, we called customs on the radio and were told that we had to turn around and go back to spanache town and anchor and catch a taxi to customs. We were put off because it was blowing 25 knots and we didn't want to bash into it, so we carried on sailing and found a secluded anchorage on the north west coast for the night, we didn't get off the boat just put our q flag up. It's a shame because it looked really nice !

We are now in the main town oranjestad sitting on anchor , not very impressed so far but we haven't really had much time to look around, lots of casinos and tourists from cruise ships. We have met a few boats going through the Pacific, we are going for drinks tonight on a 50 ft catamaran which is nice!

will blog again tommorow !

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02/26/2012 | Bec Lustmann
Hi Les and James.... At your mum's at the moment. Will try to follow your progress through the Panama Canal. Lots of Love Bec, Greg and Kids xxxxxx

I swallowed a bucket of salt water to get this shot !

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