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Coba Libre Adventures to Aus
Colon, Shelter Bay Marina

Its only taken me a week to get these photos on the blog but we've made it to Panama. We decided to get an agent as they supply the lines and tyres for the transit and do all the legalities, paperwork etc. We have been measured and already have our date for the transit which is going to be on the 14th of April.
We are leaving the marina tomorrow to go up the Chagres River with our friends and then come back to the marina a few days before our transit to do some more provisioning which is daunting, I have already spent 700 dollars on food and still have a lot more things to buy ! Arrrhh .. James will be going through the canal with two other boats as they are going to come through with us as line handlers otherwise you have to pay 90 dollars per line handler. If you are interested in watching us go through there is a live web cam you can watch I will find out the details and post it as soon as I can !

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04/09/2012 | Janet Jones
Definately would love to watch the web cam good luck and have a great time. x

Having a great time with our friends David and Doreen and Graham and Pheadra from Nakesa ! I don't think it can get any better !

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04/14/2012 | Jackie
What an amazing adventure to be doing with the beautiful phaedra & Graham.......look forward to seeing you all very soon. Love to you and your families xxxxxxxxxx
04/14/2012 | Jackie
What an amazing adventure to be doing with the beautiful phaedra & Graham.......look forward to seeing you all very soon. Love to you and your families xxxxxxxxxx

Finally we have a catch from that new fishing lure we got for a christmas present from AUS ! Thanks mum and dad x

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Rio Diablo
04/07/2012, San Blas

We took our dinghy up the Rio Diablo in the San Blas hoping to see some crocodiles and monkeys, Unfortunately we didn't spot any just lots of birds and mango trees oh and the locals going to collect water !

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04/05/2012, San Blas

The evenings entertainment sitting on a deserted island in the San Blas !

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04/10/2012 | Terry
Looking good James! Good luck with the transit.
Terry & Emma
San Blas Islands

The locals of the San Blas Islands are called Kunas most of them live on there own little sand island, 1 per family they make there money by selling beaded bracelets and the traditional molas which are worn by the women, so much work goes into them, I managed to get three and all of them are beautiful.

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04/04/2012 | audrey
Ooooo hope one's for mere lol x
Our Favorite Place
04/03/2012, San Blas Islands

We are currently sitting in Shelter Bay Marina after a beautiful two weeks in i think one of our favorite spots so far the San Blas Islands.

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Western Lemon Cays
03/19/2012, San Blas Islands

Well we have made it to San Blas after two nights at sea from Santa Marta Columbia, This part of the journey was the one I wasn't looking forward to, Big seas and strong winds, We had about 41 knots and 5 meter waves, IT wasn't very fun at all, James and Martin did all the night watches, I was a bit scared to be honest I would sit in the cockpit on my own making noises as we speed down each wave !
Poor Nakesa nearly lots there dinghy , there epirb went in the sea and they lost a few pieces of safety equipment ! They didn't even get a phone call from falmouth coastguard until the next day to see if every thing was oK ? ?

We had a great experience in Columbia, We took a road trip to Cartegena for a couple of days and stayed in a lovely Hotel Casa Gloria it was such a beautiful place to visit, I would recommend it to anyone. We were going to sail there but with all the checking in and out and custom fees, we decided against it. Martin has sadly left us , he managed to get to Panama via a little motor boat in the san blas so hopefully he has made his way home ?? We hope to hear from him soon x

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03/20/2012 | Janet Jones
Hi James & Lesley just to let you know Martin is now in Maderia waiting for a plane back to Luton this evening. Cant wait to hear all about your journey when he gets home.
Take care, I hope you have an amazing time on the rest of your trip. xxxxx
03/23/2012 | Terry
Sounds like Coba Libre has been surfing! Good luck with your canal transit. I have heard you might need to re-callibrate your log for the transit! Fair winds. Terry & Emma xxx
04/02/2012 | Michael and Barbara Turney
May we assume that the noises that you were making while surfing down teh waves were:




or perhaps even


04/03/2012 | Audrey Coxon
or could the noises have been

Santa Marta
03/04/2012, Colombia

Day 2 in Santa Marta and we are having a good time, We went out for a lovely meal last night had an entree and main meal (fillet steak) for 10 pounds each including the Mojitos and Cuba Libres. We are loving the cheap food and drink because all of the ABC Islands are catered for the Cruise Ship Tourists and to be honest we are on a cruising budget, We are trying hard with our spanish its slow but hey at least we are trying..

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03/07/2012 | Peter and Audrey
What are Cuba Libres?

There are lots of food vendors on the street and the bbq's just smell amazing !

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