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Compass Rose
Getting ready to sail North
19 March 2012 | La Paz
Abbey is aboard to cruise North into the Sea of Cortez. We are pretty much stocked up and most things are fixed except the manual water pump in the galley sink decided not to work so that will require the usual disassemble and figure out whats up routine. The head is not happy with the harbor and to day I saw why. While flushing I saw a dark object going through the intake hose.. stopped flushing and it was swimming in the clear hose. The fish almost got sucked into the toilet..bad for the fish and it causes the toilet to smell like a fish market. Disconnected the hose and aimed the hose in a bucket and there he is headed back to the Harbor.

Tomorrow I get Mexican medical insurance then it's outa here.

Photo of fish in the hose :)
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