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Compass Rose
Santa Rosalia
93 high and 73 at night
02 June 2012
I anchored in Sweet Pea cove on the way here and the water was really clear. I then sailed to Santa Rosalia and anchored in the harbor. The water in the Harbor is brown and smelly but that is the only down side unless you count the Carnival that just set up on the breakwater. they play really really loud Mexican Rapp and Disco till 3am. did I mention loud? BTW This is not a tourist town I usually don't see another Gringo when I am walking around. The Marina is the way it's is supposed to be. Old funky docks with the office (Palapa of Knowledge) being run by the inmates and everything is on the honor system (Cold beer in the frig etc.).

I have been here 3 days and provisioned and watered up so I will sail back to Sweet Pea Cove and swim in that clear water and wait out the carnival before returning in a few days. I am never sure about these things but I will probably hang around this general area for a while before heading north to the Bay of L.A.
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