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Compass Rose
San Carlos
08 July 2012
Sailed 17 hrs across the Sea of Cortez and anchored a 11PM in Bahia Algodones for the night. I then Sailed then Motored to Bahia San Carlos where I got a slip for two days to prep the boat for dry storage. after two days of hot work I hauled out on Sat. the 7th for two more days of hot work. I would be finished now but it's Sunday and there a couple of things I need to wrap this up. I hope I can get the tarps I need and have this finished by noon tomorrow but it is Mexico.

Monday or Tuesday I will take the 11pm bus to Tucson. This project is alot like really hard and hot work.
10 July 2012 04:41:24Z
Are those your initials I see on WW's Google calendar?! Are you coming up here for the summer? It'll be a lot cooler! See you soon (if I guessed right)! RE: haircut.... your hair must have gotten pretty long. Pretty good self-haircut!
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