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Compass Rose
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29 July 2012
Finished with the boat 2pm Monday July 9th. I spent a few hrs in Mikes pool drinking beer then around 5 decided I would head for the USA. I rode the white buss into Guymas then at 11:30 I jumped on the most excellent delux bus to tucson. I had to wake from a nice snooze for the Army check point then slept the rest of the way to the U.S. The bus arrieved in tuscon around nine. A cab ride to the airport where there was only one Alaska flight a day.. Good news it was to Seattle:) There I found that the discount code didn't work at the counter so I called Greg who was solo sailing in Elliott Bay. He got on line and activated my ticket. There was even a seat available for me so it was off to Seattle.

I am now enjoying hanging out with friends and working at Windworks. I plan on heading back towards Mexico the end of Sept.

Dave Stahnke
02 August 2012 00:47:31Z
Welcome home! Hope to see you Sunday when we go out on Peace
Celestial wrote on
04 August 2012 17:31:05Z
Well, we left 8/1 so too bad you didn't call us right away! We were 10 weeks in Seattle but now back in Kewalo Basin. I hear you'll have a great weekend. My bones are finally warming up being back in HI! I added pictures in case you get a chance to check them out. Now that we're back on the boat, I can focus on 'boat stories and pics'.
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