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S.V Condesa Del Mar
23 meter Herrishoff Schooner built in Wilmington Boat Yard California 1970 onwards. Fittout completed mid 1990's. Mark and Jenny Gaskell purchased Conmdesa November 2011 and crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2012.
Profile for S.V Condesa Del Mar

Crew: Mark & Jenny Gaskell
Hailing Port: Southport Brisbane Australia
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About: Boat and water lovers from the east coast of Queensland. Both Mark and Jenny enjoyed an upbringing holidaying on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast where the smell of the ocean is ingrained at a young age. The passion grew with each vessel large and small over the years. The true passion was unveiled in 2006 when they sailed together to the Whitsundays. With the sails set they headed out of the Gold Coast seaway and turned left.... and that is where this all began.
Having conquered the east coast of Queensland Australia the biggest challenge and adventure was crossing the Pacific ocean in 2012 just months after purchasing. Leaving La Paz Mexico in March 2012 reaching for Australian waters October 2012. We love the simplicity and beauty of being live-aboards.
Vessel Make/Model: Herreshoff Schooner 73 ft

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