27 May 2017 | 28 56' N 49 15' W
25 May 2017 | 28 D 22 M N, 44 D 01 M W
24 May 2017 | 28 D 14 M N, 40 D 16 M W
22 May 2017 | 27 D 52 M N, 33 D 26M
22 May 2017 | 27 D 52 M N, 33 D 26M
20 May 2017 | 26 21' N, 24 55' W
18 May 2017 | 120 miles south of Santa Cruz Island, Canaries
18 May 2017 | 120 miles south of Santa Cruz Island, Canaries
16 May 2017 | Lanzarote Canary Islands
16 May 2017 | Lanzarote Canary Islands
16 May 2017 | Lanzarote Marina Canary Islands
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24 February 2011
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15 February 2011
13 February 2011

Ten Days At Sea

27 May 2017 | 28 56' N 49 15' W
Villella spirit by in little flotillas, their glassine sails taking them effortlessly eastward. We plod on to the west motoring with 6 knots true wind on the beam, apparent well forward. The sea is calm, but the swell, lifting us as gently as one lifts a bed sheet, has returned. Flat matts of yellow Sargasso weed are more frequent now, some entangled with fishing line and bits of plastic. A Coke bottle, opaque with algae floats just below the surface. How is it that this holy place has become humanity's watery garbage dump?

Long and incoherent thoughts roll one into the other without purpose or resolve. It is a meditation. Looking out on this big circle of blue, takes me to places of the heart. Places I rarely venture. Sometimes the beauty envelopes me completely, and I am breathless. This day after day existence at sea is never monotonous, rather, a luxurious mind rest.

I bake Banana nut bread for breakfast which fills the cabin with a sweet warm scent. Our little band of sea voyagers, except for wishing for more wind, are content. (Although, I must confess, that after eating our last avocado, I did have a little cry.) Our crew are always engaged in interesting conversations, gentle jests, humorous observations, wit and general comradery. Sometimes we are noisy, bantering away all at once. Then we retreat, each to our into our own books, drawings -Kent-Harris is designing a boat-journals or simply to nap.

There is always something to do to keep the boat running. Fuel filters, and water filters, need changing, the engine is checked hourly and the Whisper Gen gets attention. We have had a strange coolant leak, and seawater came up into the engine room sink spilling into the pantry, each needed mopping up. Ever sensitive to wind shifts, we make lots of little adjustments to the sails, which keep us moving toward the goal. General housekeeping, cleaning heads, washing the floors, doing the laundry and of course keeping delicious meals coming despite conditions means each day is full. Navigating and logging-in is an ongoing ritual.

Canasta has replaced the cocktail hour. Tim beats us soundly each night, but we keep coming back for more. The wind is coming 'round. We adjust the sails and look out on a milky sunset.

735 miles to go, ETA Thursday afternoon. - SC

"Fire Drill"

25 May 2017 | 28 D 22 M N, 44 D 01 M W

Half Way!

24 May 2017 | 28 D 14 M N, 40 D 16 M W
A front went through yesterday afternoon. The wind shifted from SSW at 15 to 17 knots to ENE at 12 to 14. Now we are sailing very comfortably averaging about 8 knots boat speed at 280 magnetic. About 20 degrees south of rhumb line to stay south of light winds over the next few days. Even so we expect to be motor sailing within the next 24 hours to keep up speed as the wind lightens and comes around to East and on the stern. Wind from behind is good but light wind from behind means you go slow.

We have been sailing 7 days and just passed the half way mark! ETA is Thursday or Friday June 1 or 2.

Photo of cockpit instruments mounted on mizzen mast (DTD Distance To Destination, WPTBRG Waypoint (Bermuda) Bearing, COG Course Over Ground, AWS Apparent Wind Speed, TWS True Wind Speed, AWA Apparent Wind Angle, TWA True Wind Angle)

Two days ago there was a strange Sulphur like smell that we could not identify even after checking everywhere. We found out yesterday when we tried starting the engine. The start battery had an internal short, boiled off its electrolyte making the stink, and was not able to start the engine. And of course we need the engine for motoring in light wind and to keep the batteries charged. We have backups for all of critical systems. In this case we have a power cable from the house battery bank in the center of the boat 20 feet back to the engine battery with a switch to connect the two. So when we needed the engine to motor for a few hours during the wind transition we connected the house bank and were off.

We've had time to make minor boat repairs, always something to improve, shower on the aft deck, eat well, do some reading, listen to audio books, contemplate. . . and of course keep the boat sailing efficiently. Wish sailing was like this all the time. . .

Sally-Christine has done wonders with all meals. She gets tonight off as Kent-Harris is preparing a favorite, nachos, for dinner. RR

Sunrise Sunset - Day5

22 May 2017 | 27 D 52 M N, 33 D 26M
It is all about sunrises and sunsets at sea. Each one marks our course with their own imprint, giving us new perspectives and above all, appreciation. A sense of completion comes over me when morning light emerges-we got safely through another night!

Sea change is visceral for me. My chest notices barometric variation, my skin feels the chill air. A surge of a swell changes balance, realigns muscles and attitude. Clouds tell their own story. Atmospheric smoke signals sending warnings of what is to come. Despite dark squalls and distant rain to the west, the sun frees herself from dawn's enclosure and blinds the surface. It looks like another nice day.

Tomato and onion scramble and hearty multi-grain toast for breakfast. Our fresh produce is holding nicely. I rearrange the ice box drawers insulating my fragile greens from the freezer wall. We are eating well.

A clean boat is a healthy boat in my mind and calm seas motivate boat chores. I fresh water rinse every feature in the cockpit and together Kent-Harris and I wipe down the salt encrusted stainless rails. I squeegee all the windows, clean the floors and counter tops and Randy vacuums and oh how I love a man with a vacuum.

The wind has lightened and our boat speed has dropped to 7.5 knots. I put out the fishing line, hopeful but not expectant. The water temperature is 73 the depth reads 5000 ft. Vallella, tiny sail jellies float by like little crystal boats on the sea. Kent-Harris plays his fiddle. We are starting to feel at ease in our water life.

Staring out on this vast and empty surface gives one's mind s break. Sometimes no thoughts come, just an awe-struck appreciation of beauty. I am so grateful to be out here with my lover, my child and our close friend and I feel the guidance and protection of the ones who have gone before.

Kent-Harris and I stand at the bow and watch the sunset. Trade wind clouds scatter across the horizon in little puffs. Waiting for the sun's final descent we pause to take photos. It is gone and in a breath, a brilliant green flame ignites. A green flash extraordinaire. SC

Motoring Time

22 May 2017 | 27 D 52 M N, 33 D 26M
The wind dropped below 7 knots as predicted and we slowed down to almost 5 knots so we started the engine at 0400 Monday morning and have been motor sailing at 8 to 9 knots all day. Time to charge the batteries and do a load of wash. The seas are almost flat with a long low swell. Very comfortable.

We made 162 miles the last 24 hours well below our average of 200, light winds. We have 1700 miles to go. The wind is predicted to be lighter than we'd like for the next several days. We will be very comfortable but we will stay below our average 200 m/day unless we decide to motor more. We had about 370 gallons of diesel when we left. That's a lot for a cruising boat. Enough to motor when we need to.

Sally-Christine got the fishing line out and rigged yesterday. No fish have been lucky enough to find the lure and our galley though. With the exception of a lone tern that flew by we have seen no birds since leaving the Canaries. SC and KH witnessed a spectacular green flash last night! They really do exist but the conditions need to be just right. Usually sun setting over water with a clear sky. And of course one has to be looking at the right time. RR

Sally-Christine's Slice

21 May 2017
Vessel Name: Convergence
Vessel Make/Model: Wylie 65
Hailing Port: Santa Cruz, California
Crew: Sally-Christine Rodgers, Kent-Harris Repass, Randy Repass
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