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27 March 2017
13 March 2017
08 January 2017 | Ortega river marina
25 September 2016 | Mull Island
01 May 2016
28 February 2016 | Galapagos
18 January 2016 | Near the equator!
18 September 2015 | Halifax, Nova Scotia
08 September 2015 | Newfoundland
23 August 2015 | Bar Harbor, ME
22 August 2015 | Newfoundland
24 July 2015 | Cuttingsville, VT
29 April 2015 | Key west
20 March 2015 | Coral Gables, FL
26 January 2015 | Underwater
19 January 2015 | South Beach
04 January 2015 | Currently in Fort Lauderdale
02 October 2014 | Washington DC
22 September 2014 | Oriental, NC

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

27 March 2017
Took a trip to Corkscrew with my high school friend from Exeter High and her daughter from Sarasota. What a day we had! Enjoy the photos!

Wedding bliss

27 March 2017
A roaring twenties theme for a beautiful bride and groom! Our niece, Sarah married Steve Guida at a quiet setting in Fort Lauderdale.

Lake Okachobee

13 March 2017
We were on our way through Lake Okeechobie and anchored for the night just off the waterway in a canal twenty yards from shore. Put out a stern anchor to keep from swinging and settled in for dinner. Two huge alligators swam close by, guess Walt will wait to clean the prop. As we are eating dinner, loud screeching sounds came from the underbrush on shore. Two raccoons were having a fight, an adult and a juvenile. The fight when on and on. Finally one of the alligators heard the noise and started its approach, stealthily coming within ten or so feet of the fight. The poor littler raccoon was taking a beating. Then the alligator made its move, like a torpedo rocketing toward the ruckus. Thought for sure they were both goners, but the ruckus continued minutes later in the mangrove tree that overhung the shore. The alligator had swum off. Minutes later the younger raccoon falls from the tree and the adult follows it down to the shore and the little guy is getting tossed around with abandon. The adult was on top clawing away. We are totally losing our appetite especially when the little guy breaks away and starts backing away into the water and just a few yards from the jaws of the gator which had made another stealth approach. The little guy turns around and sees the gator, (we can't watch) as the gator makes his move and the little guy disappears and the gator we believe has caught his dinner. Minutes later the ruckus on shore begins again, the little guy is back fighting with the adult, who must by now think this kid is invincible. The adult eventually is worn out and backs away, an amazing day for the underdog to live another day in this wilderness of Lake Okeechobie. Apparently raccoons are very good swimmers and have an innate sense of when to dodge an alligators chops. Raccoons can swim for miles between the Florida islands and can hold their breath for hours.

How to? Fixing up the ship!

08 January 2017 | Ortega river marina
Freezing today 1/8/2017, but overwise pleasantly balmy
Started out on the hard, in the boat yard adding a bow thruster. Cutting a hole in the hull takes great courage and a reputable company, one of the few jobs Walt declined to do. After launching, we didn't go far to continue our refurbishing of the Wisp. Landed at the Ortega River marina in Jacksonville where we have our car and easy access to loads of amenities. From painting the decks to adding solar panels, we are about finished with the makeover inside and out. Some sewing projects and creative ways to use those old sails are in the picture gallery.

Wales, Scotland and England

25 September 2016 | Mull Island
Honoree/cool and damp
Kilts, waterfalls, castles, flowers, ships, narrow roads and greenery all come to mind when reflecting on our drive through the UK. Stupendous scenery along cliff studded roads lined with lochs (lakes) are memories not soon forgotten. I am also in lamb shank, stew and chop heaven. Sheep are everywhere.

Forestry appears to be a huge industry with forests of spruce on most hillsides. We have marveled at how clean the landscape appears. Recycling is working, people are conscientious of their litter. So refreshing after spending a bit of time in South America where trash is abundant.

Apparently we have been lucky with the weather, only one day of rain that has kept us in and wishing for a fireplace. Enjoy the photos!

Mancora, Peru

01 May 2016
Honoree/beautiful weather
Living in Peru for six weeks has immersed us in the culture of the country. We marvel at the way they get things done with few electric tools. Most structures here in the resort town of Mancora on the northern coast are built of bamboo, palm fronds, slats of wood, and brick and mortar. Most concrete is mixed by hand, boards are cut with a hand saw, boats are rowed, and workers earn $10 for an eleven hour day. Let the pictures tell the story of life here in Peru.
Vessel Name: Will-O-The-Wisp
Vessel Make/Model: 1970 Banjer Motor Sailor Ketch rig
Hailing Port: Carthage North Carolina
Crew: Honoree & Walt Cooper
About: Just a couple of free spirits seeing the world!
Extra: We will continue until it isn't fun any longer.....
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Birds and alligators and more birds!
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Lots of memories
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Created 27 March 2017
The wildlife and waterway through south Florida
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Created 13 March 2017
Bow thruster, sail bags, upholstering the settee, curtains, replacing teak, just an overall facelift to our 1970 Banjer Motorsailer.
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The sights of Wales, Scotland and England
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Created 25 September 2016
Living in a small resort town of Los Posidas just south of Mancora. It's beautiful beaches, fine resorts and restaurants attract the well to do Peruvians from Lima.
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Diving, snorkeling, hiking, site seeing !
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Botanical garden and teleferico
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Put it on the bucket list!
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Photos taken by Walt with his upgraded Canon 70D
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Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
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Diving the Vandenberg wreck and touring the city.
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Fairchild Botanical Garden, Coral Gables, FL
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Snorkeling and diving in Bonaire.
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Oh Miami!
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Holidays along the intercoastal!
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Washington DC
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Family, grandkids, remodeling, and on the hard!
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Painting, and creating
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Rendering assistance in an emergency
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All the creatures of the sea we have seen in Roatan.
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Diving in West End during Easter
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Fire in the hold
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Southern France canal trip with friends
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Created 19 November 2011
Arriving in Cannes, Monaco, and the villages of Grasse & Capris. Taking the 747 and not Will-O-the-Wisp[
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Created 24 September 2011
Visibility 75 to 100; water temp 84; corals and creatures the best.
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Created 7 June 2011
Leaving Panama headed to Honduras
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Zip lining, Boquete, and hiking in Bocas Del Toro
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Eating out!!!
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40th Exeter High School Reunion
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What a nice hike..
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Peru Trek with our friends Scott & Heather
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Our Boat!
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