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Adventures of Will-O-The-Wisp
A Good Traveler Has No Fixed Plans and Is Not Intent Upon Arriving! (tao)
Honoree/North winds
04/22/2012, French Harbor, Roatan

Moved to the eastern side of Roatan to be more protected from the north west winds that are predicted, plus all our fellow cruisers have left the mooring field due to the politics of the marine park. The diving on the east side of Roatan is even more amazing. A different reef on the windward side; a steeper wall and different species!!! Seahorses!!! A resident dive instructor friend, Joyce from the s/v Lady H, has been our guide for the last few dives to show us the seahorses. They are like looking for a needle in a haystack. If it weren't for Joyce, not sure we would have found them.

To view all the pictures, click on the photo gallery in the upper right corner of the blog site.

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Easter Egg Hunt
Honoree/Summer is here
04/11/2012, West End, Roatan

Turning 60, oh what a thrill! Still playing like a kid, decorating Easter eggs, running, hiking and diving. Slamming my big toe in a van seat slowed me down a tad, still swollen and probably fractured. Not able to run, but diving and swimming is okay.

The Roatan Mayor asked all the sail boats to leave a couple of weeks ago, but we have remained along with Windancer, our friends from the beginning of our cruising careers. We remain steadfast as do about ten other boats. New ones come as others leave. The mooring balls have been taken away as the boats leave but the lines remain and are easy to pick up just below the surface. Oh the politics of some of these places we visit.

Enjoy the pictures of the fish, the diving is some of the best in the world. A hammer head shark was spotted the other day; we are still looking for it.

Had fun making the Easter eggs with guests, Marilyn and Andy and then placing them on the ocean floor for the fish to enjoy or some unsuspecting diver.

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Diving in Roatan, Honduras
Honoree / Sunny and perfect
03/24/2012, Bay Islands , West End Marine Park

Diving and hiking here is amazing. Looking forward to sharing the experience with friends from Toronto arriving in a couple of days.

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Fire in the hold
01/19/2012, Abells Haul out in Guatemala

Left Tortugal Marina to haul the Wisp out for a bottom paint job. When the owner learned of our 17 ton weight, he was reluctant to move us through the muddy yard and opted to wait to put us near the haul out area. With that location also comes all the activity going on at the ramp. There is a research vessel being scrapped. They are literally cutting her up into pieces, hauling her away a section at a time. Once the inside, topsides, and whatever else side is accessible to cut, they will move the hull to the tracks to pull her up out of the water and cut her up some more. The entire process should take about a month they guess. Although, they had a little set back today as a spark from the blow torch set something on fire below deck. The same thing happened the day before but was quickly extinguished. Today the problem seemed to be growing out of hand as the Wisp sits precariously close. Actually feet away; note the picture, that's our anchor on the bow in the forefront. Walt was betting they would soon tie the tug boat up to her and haul her away to the middle of the river to let it burn. But as everyone pitched in to form a bucket brigade and then the generator hooked up to pump water direct from the river the fire was eventually extinguished. Just a little scary!!! Mentioned your name Artie a time or two wondering about all that safety stuff that was missing.

Walt celebrated his 60th birthday with a night on the town. Had a nice dinner with all the cruisers at Tortugal and then stayed the night in the jungle bungalow surrounded with the sounds of birds and frogs.

Enjoy the photos!!!

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01/15/2012, Guatemala

Left Tortugal marina by bus to head to the pyramids of Guatemala built by the Mayans 2000 years ago. The main event of the bus ride was a traffic stop for a few minutes while we passed a cow that had fallen out of a truck and was injured, sitting in the middle of the road. Apparently the crate the cow was in slid from the truck and smashed to smitherines. They had cleared everything from the road except the cow by the time we passed.

The pyramids are located in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of a jungle filled with spider and howler monkeys.

Pictures replace a thousand words, so view the album and decide for yourselves where you want to be when the Mayan calendar ends in December.
The calendar is based on a 26000 year eliptical cycle around Pleiades. How did they know this?????? Our visit raised more questions than answers. Apparently on December 21 there is an alignment of planets and stars creating great cosmic energies. Beam me up Scottie!!!

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Canal Du Midi
Indian Summer
11/19/2011, Castlenaudry to Beziers

We six captained our own barge boat going 100 miles and 100 locks from west to east one way, stopping for fresh croissants every morning and hammering in a peg along the canal wherever we liked at night. The weather was perfect, the scenery spectacular and the camradere irreplaceable. Enjoy the photos!!

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