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01 May 2016
28 February 2016 | Galapagos
18 January 2016 | Near the equator!
18 September 2015 | Halifax, Nova Scotia
08 September 2015 | Newfoundland
23 August 2015 | Bar Harbor, ME
22 August 2015 | Newfoundland
24 July 2015 | Cuttingsville, VT
29 April 2015 | Key west
20 March 2015 | Coral Gables, FL
26 January 2015 | Underwater
19 January 2015 | South Beach
04 January 2015 | Currently in Fort Lauderdale
02 October 2014 | Washington DC
22 September 2014 | Oriental, NC
19 October 2013 | Mule Pond Road, Cameron
01 August 2013 | ICW
23 June 2013 | Isla Mujeras, Mexico
26 May 2013 | Isla Mujeras
05 January 2013 | Tortugal Marina, Rio Dulce

Mancora, Peru

01 May 2016
Honoree/beautiful weather
Living in Peru for six weeks has immersed us in the culture of the country. We marvel at the way they get things done with few electric tools. Most structures here in the resort town of Mancora on the northern coast are built of bamboo, palm fronds, slats of wood, and brick and mortar. Most concrete is mixed by hand, boards are cut with a hand saw, boats are rowed, and workers earn $10 for an eleven hour day. Let the pictures tell the story of life here in Peru.

The Galápagos Islands

28 February 2016 | Galapagos
I think Walt best described the diving by saying it is the Caribbean on steroids. In the Caribbean to see four long-snouted butterfly fish together was a sight. Today we saw hundreds in a group swim. What a thrill to see fish in such abundance. Literally a wall of cubera snappers were still against the outgoing current. Diving with a sea lion zooming by like a torpedo at 75 feet, another first. Yet the best was a school of hammerheads swimming overhead almost within touching distance. White tipped sharks and Galapagos sharks both very common. Off north Seymour Island the current was fun as well as the second dive around Isla Mosquera. Lots of diving sights close to Santa Cruz Island, so no need to take a large live aboard excursion for a week. We are taking our time, a break between diving days to explore the islands. Swimming with baby sea lions has been a highlight, as well as seeing the abundance of tropical fish. Thousands of razor surgeonfish, and thousands of blue and gold snappers are a sight to see holding a position against the current. Enjoy the photos!

Quito, Ecuador

18 January 2016 | Near the equator!
Honoree/4 seasons in a day in Quito
Spending some time in Ecuador, months in fact. Flew into Quito where we will live for the first month....our new way of traveling and exploring. Rented a condo that turned out to be quite lovely, just never know what you are getting when ordering on the Internet, but the reviews were all positive and we will certainly give another positive one. We are located a block from the trolley, a .25 ride will get you just about anywhere you want to go. In the other direction we can walk to the supermarket where Dorado is $4 a lb. so life is good and inexpensive.

Learned from our condo host and owner that she has to relinquish the use of her car one day a week to help cut down on the traffic problems in the city. Wondering how that would go over in the USA.

Spent Walt's birthday at the botanical garden where he photographed orchids and roses and was treated to seeing a long tailed hummingbird, but not quick enough to get the shot.

Enjoy the pictures in the gallery.

Calling all gardeners

18 September 2015 | Halifax, Nova Scotia
The Public Gardens in Halifax is a must see, especially the display of Dahlias. The Victorian garden was established in 1867 with traditional carpet beds, a Titantic replica on the pond, and currently two Toulouse geese. The entrance is graced with an imported gate from Scotland in 1890 with the words, E Mari Merces, wealth from the sea.


08 September 2015 | Newfoundland
Still gorgeous in September
The puffins come to the rocky cliffs of Newfoundland to mate and breed. They build nests in the grassy tops of ledges, making the entry small so they are somewhat protected from their predators.
Feeding on small fish in the sea, their food source is close by. The puffin will live most of the year in the water following the migrating fish.

Bar Harbor, ME

23 August 2015 | Bar Harbor, ME
Sunny and warm
Camped at Acadia National Park at the Seaside Camp ground. Biked the carriage trails, 55 miles of pristine trails for biking, running or horseback riding. Met up with good friends, John and Brenda who came in on their sailboat, Willow. How many places in the world have we intercepted each other? I think we counted over ten, from France to Venezuela. Looking forward to many more interceptions.
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Vessel Name: Will-O-The-Wisp
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Hailing Port: Carthage North Carolina
Crew: Honoree & Walt Cooper
About: Just a couple of free spirits seeing the world!
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