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13 August 2014 | West River
22 July 2014 | Rhode River
01 July 2014 | Mill Creek
13 June 2014 | West River
04 June 2014 | Chalk Point
04 June 2014 | St. Michaels & The Wye River
28 May 2014 | Chesapeake Bay
19 May 2014 | West and Rhode Rivers
12 May 2014 | Chalk Point Marine
07 May 2014 | Chalk Point Marine
04 May 2014 | West River, Chesapeake Bay
03 May 2014 | MD 258
30 April 2014 | West River, Chesapeake Bay
31 December 2013 | Washington, DC
18 November 2013 | West River
06 October 2013 | Annapolis, MD
05 October 2013 | West River
04 October 2013 | West River
29 September 2013 | West River
22 September 2013 | West River

Sunday Funday

24 June 2013 | Chesapeake Bay
Nick / 85, Partly Cloudy, 11 knots, South
We didn't go sailing Saturday because we were visiting friends in Richmond and getting fitted for golf club - Meredith even bought a wide-brimmed visor from the pro shop. We live in a condo, have an old dog, an old boat and new golf clubs - at this rate white Velcro tennis shoes, hip replacements and early bird dinner specials don't seem too far away.

It rained most of Sunday morning heading back to DC but we were determined to get a sail in since we will be out of town this upcoming weekend and over the 4th. We scooped up our friends Adam and Andrea at their place in Old Town and booked it out to a hot, humid, overcast and not very windy Chalk Point. I had to finagle with one of the battery cables because one of the terminals had become detached. After that quick fix, we were on our way. The wind kept picking up the closer we got to the Bay until Meredith thought we should put a reef in the main since we hadn't been out on a windy day with our larger jib. On a side note, the spot we ran aground the other week - despite our charts saying we were in 11 feet of water - now has a marker.

Having friends out on the boat is always nice, but it's even nicer when they jump in to help out. Meredith made a round of drinks before assuming her favorite position on the starboard lazarette and Adam took the helm while I raised the main. This has become a rather wet job, practically requiring foul weather gear, as collected rainwater falls into the cockpit. I need to check if our cover has a hole or just needs a good coat of Scotch Gard.

The hot, humid, windless conditions at the slip were gone and we were cruising along over 6 knots on a pleasant, sunny afternoon. Once we were in the Bay, we shook out the reef and picked up a little more speed. We had a nice beam reach through the main shipping channel and almost to the Eastern Shore before gybing back. It was great being able to sit back and relax for a bit while someone else was at the helm. We even debating calling in sick on Monday so we could sail straight to St. Michaels. I'm sure the sunburns wouldn't have raised any questions.

The sail back was just as nice and we didn't crank the engine until we were at the bend in the West River just above Galesville.

Once at the dock, the ever difficult task of finding dinner began. Big Mary's was deserted. Pirate's Cove was locking up. So we stopped by Brickhouse in Shady Side per Bob and Sandy's recommendation before driving back to DC. It was a pretty great way to get ready for the week.

Vessel Name: Cordelia
Vessel Make/Model: 1985 Ericson 35 MkIII (http://ericsonyachts.tripod.com/er353.htm)
Hailing Port: Chalk Point, West River, MD
Crew: Nick & Meredith Simpson
We know a boat blog might be a tad cheesey to some, but we wanted a way to keep track of where we've been and what we've done on Cordelia. [...]
When we started looking for a new boat, we narrowed the list down to a Beneteau 351 and a Tartan 37. The Beneteau was nice and fit all the requirements – it stayed on the list. The Tartan, needing a lot of work, did not. The broker (Forbes Horton / forbesyachts.com) who showed us the Beneteau [...]
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Created 1 July 2014
We sailed over to St. Michaels on Friday (May 30th) and anchored in Fogg Cove before sailing to the Wye (May 31st) on Saturday. Then motored home on a windless, but sunny, Sunday.
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Created 2 June 2014
Start of the 2014 season.
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We rafted up with friends on Ridout and Aberdeen creeks.
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Created 5 September 2013
We ended the weekend / kicked off the week on Cordelia with our friends Andrea and Adam. 06/23/13
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Created 25 June 2013
We sailed to St. Michaels and anchored up in the Miles River with Bailey. 06/01/13-06/02/13
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From a bad Friday to a great Sunday.
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Meals, drinks and snacks.
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Pictures of projects completed or in progress.
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On Board Cordelia

Who: Nick & Meredith Simpson
Port: Chalk Point, West River, MD
"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." -- The Wind in the Willows