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13 August 2014 | West River
22 July 2014 | Rhode River
01 July 2014 | Mill Creek
13 June 2014 | West River
04 June 2014 | Chalk Point
04 June 2014 | St. Michaels & The Wye River
28 May 2014 | Chesapeake Bay
19 May 2014 | West and Rhode Rivers
12 May 2014 | Chalk Point Marine
07 May 2014 | Chalk Point Marine
04 May 2014 | West River, Chesapeake Bay
03 May 2014 | MD 258
30 April 2014 | West River, Chesapeake Bay
31 December 2013 | Washington, DC
18 November 2013 | West River
06 October 2013 | Annapolis, MD
05 October 2013 | West River
04 October 2013 | West River
29 September 2013 | West River
22 September 2013 | West River

Furlough Friday

04 October 2013 | West River
Nick / 82, 8 knots, SE
With the federal government partially closed due to a lapse in funding (legislative talk for a government shutdown), my office has started a revolving furlough schedule so we are operating with minimal staff, but no one gets too far behind and things continue to chug along - albeit a much slower, less efficient pace. I know those are phrases most people think about when they describe the federal government...

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Meredith also took the day off and after a leisurely morning of reading in bed and going to the gym, we headed out to Cordelia.

The winds were light, but enough to keep us gliding along without too much effort. We raised the main while motoring away from the docks and had the jib out soon after. By the time we were just above Galesville, where the river turns toward the Bay (the area I consider the "real" West River), Cordelia was cutting through the water at a comfortable 4 knots in about 8 knots of wind. Meredith crawled up on the catwalk to get some sun - on an unusually warm October afternoon - while I just enjoyed being on the water.

After an hour or so we tacked back into the river. The autopilot came back on (I'm furloughed, so it's illegal to work after all) as soon as we were heading straight through the float free zone. I joined Meredith up on the bow and we popped the cork on our last bottle of rose - a pretty fitting way to say goodbye to the summer.

The West River ran out before we were ready to call it a day, so we turned back toward the Bay. The wind slowly began tapering off until it wasn't even able to keep the sail from flapping over us like a sheet. We laid on the bow a little while longer before reluctantly heading back to the slip and declaring it the best sail of the season.
Vessel Name: Cordelia
Vessel Make/Model: 1985 Ericson 35 MkIII (http://ericsonyachts.tripod.com/er353.htm)
Hailing Port: Chalk Point, West River, MD
Crew: Nick & Meredith Simpson
We know a boat blog might be a tad cheesey to some, but we wanted a way to keep track of where we've been and what we've done on Cordelia. [...]
When we started looking for a new boat, we narrowed the list down to a Beneteau 351 and a Tartan 37. The Beneteau was nice and fit all the requirements – it stayed on the list. The Tartan, needing a lot of work, did not. The broker (Forbes Horton / forbesyachts.com) who showed us the Beneteau [...]
Cordelia's Photos - Main
43 Photos
Created 1 July 2014
We sailed over to St. Michaels on Friday (May 30th) and anchored in Fogg Cove before sailing to the Wye (May 31st) on Saturday. Then motored home on a windless, but sunny, Sunday.
13 Photos
Created 2 June 2014
Start of the 2014 season.
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Created 5 May 2014
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Created 31 December 2013
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Created 24 September 2013
We rafted up with friends on Ridout and Aberdeen creeks.
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Created 5 September 2013
We ended the weekend / kicked off the week on Cordelia with our friends Andrea and Adam. 06/23/13
15 Photos
Created 25 June 2013
We sailed to St. Michaels and anchored up in the Miles River with Bailey. 06/01/13-06/02/13
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Created 3 June 2013
From a bad Friday to a great Sunday.
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Created 31 May 2013
Meals, drinks and snacks.
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Created 23 April 2013
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Created 8 April 2013
Pictures of projects completed or in progress.
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Created 11 March 2013

On Board Cordelia

Who: Nick & Meredith Simpson
Port: Chalk Point, West River, MD
"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." -- The Wind in the Willows