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13 August 2014 | West River
22 July 2014 | Rhode River
01 July 2014 | Mill Creek
13 June 2014 | West River
04 June 2014 | Chalk Point
04 June 2014 | St. Michaels & The Wye River
28 May 2014 | Chesapeake Bay
19 May 2014 | West and Rhode Rivers
12 May 2014 | Chalk Point Marine
07 May 2014 | Chalk Point Marine
04 May 2014 | West River, Chesapeake Bay
03 May 2014 | MD 258
30 April 2014 | West River, Chesapeake Bay
31 December 2013 | Washington, DC
18 November 2013 | West River
06 October 2013 | Annapolis, MD
05 October 2013 | West River
04 October 2013 | West River
29 September 2013 | West River
22 September 2013 | West River

Swabbing the Deck

05 October 2013 | West River
Nick / 83, 2 knots, Variable
I woke up at the crack of dawn to take Meredith to the airport and the thought briefly crossed my mind of heading straight out to the boat. But our king size, pillow top beats the v-berth any day of the week. So back to bed I went. After waking up at much more civilized hour I headed back out to Cordelia. I enjoyed sailing solo so much the other weekend that I was looking forward to spending the day on the Bay.

I caught up to a Catalina pulling out of Hartge to heckle them over the LSU pendants flying from their rigging. With a 3:30 kickoff, they didn't have much time to sail.

The weather was just as nice as Friday - but the wind was pretty much non-existent. If I sailed all day long I might have made it to the Bay, but the two hours I spent slowly plodding along didn't get me much past the mouth of the Rhode River. There weren't a lot of boats out and the LSU fans motored all the way to the Bay, raised, then lowered their sails and motored back. I followed suit shortly after.

Cordelia needed a good scrubbing and the total lack of wind made for perfect conditions to stop by the fuel dock. I added 10 gallons - just in case - scrubbed the deck on my hands and knees, then headed to West Marine to buy a new fairlead for the furler. The block on the old one snapped so the furler was jamming. West Marine, of course, didn't have the exact right part but found something that might fit the bill.

Boat cleaned, furler "fixed," and the fuel tank a little closer to being topped off, there was nothing left to do except throw some ice in the cooler and switch on the refrigeration so everything would be ready for sailing on Sunday with some coworkers.

With that, I was ready to watch Ole Miss play (and lose to) Auburn.
Vessel Name: Cordelia
Vessel Make/Model: 1985 Ericson 35 MkIII (http://ericsonyachts.tripod.com/er353.htm)
Hailing Port: Chalk Point, West River, MD
Crew: Nick & Meredith Simpson
We know a boat blog might be a tad cheesey to some, but we wanted a way to keep track of where we've been and what we've done on Cordelia. [...]
When we started looking for a new boat, we narrowed the list down to a Beneteau 351 and a Tartan 37. The Beneteau was nice and fit all the requirements – it stayed on the list. The Tartan, needing a lot of work, did not. The broker (Forbes Horton / forbesyachts.com) who showed us the Beneteau [...]
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43 Photos
Created 1 July 2014
We sailed over to St. Michaels on Friday (May 30th) and anchored in Fogg Cove before sailing to the Wye (May 31st) on Saturday. Then motored home on a windless, but sunny, Sunday.
13 Photos
Created 2 June 2014
Start of the 2014 season.
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Created 5 May 2014
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Created 31 December 2013
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Created 24 September 2013
We rafted up with friends on Ridout and Aberdeen creeks.
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Created 5 September 2013
We ended the weekend / kicked off the week on Cordelia with our friends Andrea and Adam. 06/23/13
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Created 25 June 2013
We sailed to St. Michaels and anchored up in the Miles River with Bailey. 06/01/13-06/02/13
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Created 3 June 2013
From a bad Friday to a great Sunday.
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Created 31 May 2013
Meals, drinks and snacks.
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Created 23 April 2013
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Created 8 April 2013
Pictures of projects completed or in progress.
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Created 11 March 2013

On Board Cordelia

Who: Nick & Meredith Simpson
Port: Chalk Point, West River, MD
"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." -- The Wind in the Willows