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The Southern Cross Chronicles
But ne'er in all his watches,this rugged world across, Did he hear God's voice to starboard, till he sailed the Southern Cross
Manjack Cay
04/03/2015, Sea of Abaco

On Monday we decided to cast off the dock lines and head up to the northern part of The Sea of Abaco. The weather was spectacular. Clear skies and cool temperatures promised to make for a wonderful trip. Although the winds were too light for sailing, the predictions were for better sailing condition within a few days.

Our destination was a pretty anchorage located between Manjack Cay and Crab Cay. It offers protection from the winds and magnificent views of the spectacular island sunsets.

We motored north past Scotland Cay and Great Guana Cay and entered the Whale Passage into the Atlantic Ocean. One reenters the Sea of Abaco near Noname Cay and the course then leads past Green Turtle Cay and on to Manjack Cay. We dropped anchor at 3:30PM after a 6 hour trip.

On Tuesday we took the dinghy around to the north of the island to explore Nunjack Beach and take the nature trail over the Atlantic side. The beach we found there may be one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches we have seen in the Bahamas. We will be going back for more exploration in a few weeks.

Our return trip to Man O War was one of the best sailing days we have experienced. The wind stayed on our beam and we average 6.5 knots all the way home to MOW. Wow!

Please take a look at the photos from this trip in our Gallery.

02/28/2015, In The Land of No Snow

We are often asked "just what do you do all day?". Well that is a difficult question to answer but it seems that we spend most of our time working. WORK, WORK, WORK.

It's a tough job that is best left to professionals (see photo above).

We just noticed that a snowbound sailor in Jamestown, New York visited our site today. Take heart! There are still warm places somewhere in the world!

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Things Are Looking Up
02/27/2015, Bahamas

Things are beginning to look up here in the islands. Most of our boat chores have been completed and the weather is improving. It seems that the strong cold fronts that have plagued the US will slowly lose their grip on the Bahamas and will yield to the easterly tradewinds. So by Monday we will get out for an extended cruise. The only problem is deciding just what direction to go first. Oh well, life is hard!

We've posted a few new photos in the gallery if you're interested. Stay warm!!

Just Beginning
02/11/2015, Man O War Cay

We've been back in the Bahamas for about two weeks now and we have just about got SC ready for sea.

The weather has been a mixture of incredible and awful. As I write this, it is a beautiful day and the wind is beginning to drop. We have experienced strong cold fronts every 48 hours that bring strong north winds (25k to 30k gusting to 35k last night) and the temperatures have been a little on the cool side.

While this might sound like a complaint, it isn't. We are blessed to be working on our boat in a wonderful place. So far we've been invited to a cocktail party by one of the island's residents, attended the local church on Sunday and rekindled friendships with cruisers that we met here last season. All in all it's been a great start to our time here.

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