Curlew's Log

19 September 2014 | Baltimore, MD
16 September 2014 | Cape May, NJ
13 September 2014 | Port Washington, NY
11 September 2014 | Port Jefferson, NY
10 September 2014 | Long Island, north fork, NY
09 September 2014 | Block Island, RI
07 September 2014 | Elizabeth Islands, MA
06 September 2014 | Onset, MA
02 September 2014 | Linekin Bay
31 August 2014 | The Carousel Marina
27 August 2014 | St George's River
26 August 2014 | Rockland
22 August 2014
21 August 2014
20 August 2014 | North Haven Island
19 August 2014 | Vinalhaven
18 August 2014 | Vinalhaven
17 August 2014 | Swans Island
16 August 2014 | Mount Desert Island

Southwest Harbor

17 August 2013
44 16.347'N:68 18.639'W
The plan was to leave on Wednesday 8/14, but when I woke up it was dense fog and rain again. I waited until noon but as it had not cleared up by then I decided to stay another day at anchor in Rockland. I had dinner at Suzuki Sushy restaurant and had the chef's assortment of sushi and sashimi. It was excellent. As good, if not better, than anything I have had in Philadelphia. Thursday dawned clear as a bell and I was underway at 0745. The wind was mainly from the west and varied between 10 and 20 knots. Main and yankee, downwind. During the trip I heard an emergency call on the VHF from the British sailing vessel "Nimway", that had hit a rock under sail somewhere at 5 knots of boat speed. After some discussion with the coastguard they reported that they were not sinking and were underway again, under power. From a subsequent conversation between them and another vessel I heard that they were not leaking, but had visible structural damage to the galley! That must have been some hit! This is the third grounding on a rock that I have seen or heard this trip in Main. At 1605 I picked up a mooring in Southwest Harbor. On Friday I went to the local West Marine store, to return the second set of binoculars that had fogged. They were both WM brand. The first pair I exchanged at the Solomons Island store earlier this year. They were about two years old but had fogged after a day in the sun. That's not supposed to happen. This pair only lasted a few months. Obviously I did not buy another pair of these. I ordered a pair of Nikons at the local Hamilton Marine store for pick up next week. Then I spent some time at the local public library where I can get internet. Verizon cellphone coverage in this part of Maine is non-existent and that's what I depend on for internet access. Today I pretended to be a sailmaker and replaced the nylon webbing on the mainsail that had chafed through. I hope it holds. And the weather stays beautiful
Vessel Name: Curlew
Vessel Make/Model: Cabo Rico 42 cutter
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Thierry Danz
About: Hometown: Philadelphia, PA - Members SSCA, Cruising Association (London, UK)
CURLEW is a Cabo Rico 42, built in 2003. LOA 46' 10" 14.25 m LOD 42' 6" 12.95 m Beam 12' 8" 3.85 m Draft 5' 10" 1.80 m Displ 32,000 lbs. 14,500 k Mast height 58' 17.7 m Sail area (100%) 931 ft2 86.5 m2 Sail area (total) [...]
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