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19 September 2014 | Baltimore, MD
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25 July 2010 | Marion, MA
Food, a subject that surely will get the Taraborelli family's attention

What did we eat on our trip north? Mary had prepared and frozen two containers of her wonderful jambalaya. This makes an easy meal at sea, as it only has to be defrosted and reheated.

Barry had brought on board two cans of hearty soup (Anybody for split pea soup on a hot day? They are still deep in a locker somewhere, waiting for the next snowy winter day.), several packages of oriental food (he took them back unopened when he left us on Saturday), and a large box of Tastycakes. Now I am not a native Philadelphian. This is a delicacy that you have to be raised on to be able to enjoy (same as with soft pretzels, cheese-steak sandwiches and processed cheese). When I first came to Philadelphia in the 1980s I saw them in the stores and immediately decided that I would never eat one. I have stuck with that resolution ever since, and now that I had some time to study the "ingredients" listed on the box (what else do you do at sea when you are not on deck doing sail changes?). I did recognize a few words, such as "hydrogenated", "modified", "soy", "corn" and "peach flavor", but the rest came right out of a chemistry handbook. But his wife Barbara had made a wonderful pork loin, which made great lunch meat. Due to events that will be described later, little of it was consumed while at sea. So even today (Sunday) I enjoyed a few slices for lunch.

I had told Tom that he only needed to bring something that he really wanted. I confirmed that there was no peanut butter on board, so that's what he brought. A sensible approach.

The first dinner underway was in the southern Delaware Bay, and everybody enjoyed Mary's jambalaya with a beer or a glass of wine. Once we had rounded Cape May and came into the open Atlantic, Barry started to wonder if he should have brought Dramamine after all. When I gave him two tablets of Stugeron (a very effective anti-seasickness medication, not available in the US), he took one, and went immediately to bed. I don't remember how many hours he slept, but it was definitely past his watch time. The next morning he felt somewhat better, but kept a bucket nearby, just in case (it was not needed). I forgot how he described it, but he did not like the side effects. Mary had the same complaints when she took one on one of our trips).

Next morning, when I asked what to do for next evening's dinner, it was agreed that we would eat Mary's second container of jambalaya, which I duly took out of the freezer. Nobody felt like spending time cooking in the galley.

During the day the wind had increased a bit. It came from the southwest, and with wind waves from the southwest and a swell from the southeast CURLEW happily cork-screwed herself towards her destination. The crew did not take too well to this motion and even Tom took one Stugeron. Did he expect the same effect it had on Barry and allow him to sleep past his watch hour? I don't know, but he said it had made him feel better, without the side effects that Barry experienced.

When dinner time approached the crew firmly decided that they would rather have dry pretzels for dinner, instead of jambalaya. I heated up a portion for myself, put it in a doggy bowl, added a teaspoon of Szechuan sauce to spice it up, and washed it down with a glass or two of red wine. No hot dinner better than one at sea.
Vessel Name: Curlew
Vessel Make/Model: Cabo Rico 42 cutter
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Thierry Danz
About: Hometown: Philadelphia, PA - Members SSCA, Cruising Association (London, UK)
CURLEW is a Cabo Rico 42, built in 2003. LOA 46' 10" 14.25 m LOD 42' 6" 12.95 m Beam 12' 8" 3.85 m Draft 5' 10" 1.80 m Displ 32,000 lbs. 14,500 k Mast height 58' 17.7 m Sail area (100%) 931 ft2 86.5 m2 Sail area (total) [...]
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