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Falklands to Barbados 2012
Fog, fog and more fog.
01 March 2012 | South Atlantic
Apparently the warmer temperatures we've been experiencing comes with a price - fog. For the past day we've been experiencing a lot of foggy patches, varying right from a light mist to the pea soup variety. Occasionally the fog has lifted to reveal beautiful clear skies, only to wander back into our path a few miles later. The winds have continued to be variable and light, so motorsailing has been the order of the day.

Sailing on a boat so much larger and complex than I'm (Betty) accustomed to is proving an interesting experience. On the downside, from a sailing perspective, everything is much heavier and the forces are much greater, so care has to be exercised to avoid damage to the gear or injury to self. On the upside, what a luxury to be able to take a proper warm water shower!
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