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Falklands to Barbados 2012
High speed sailing!
17 March 2012 | South Atlantic
We're presently speeding along at 7 - 8kts on a beam reach: all you can hear is the sound of water swishing along the hull and the occasional surf flying, Cutting Edge sways gently from side to side. We still have St Helena on the nose. Fortunately the rain has gone though there are still some menacing looking clouds around. We have not seen any other vessel for several days and feel we have the sea to ourselves. It would be quite nice to build a house out here in the wildnerness, on the other hand not having anyone else maybe for several hundred miles does feel a bit lonely. All is well other than the engine batteries, which we have concluded have been overcharged by the battery charger: we shall get some new ones in St Helena and avoid using the battery charger on them. We are looking forward to the half way point on this leg (Uruguay - St Helena) which will be at 1,440 miles 'distance made good' which we shall achieve on Monday. We are looking for whales but have found only the flying fish landing on the deck and the occasional bird.
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