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Falklands to Barbados 2012
Becalmed again!
22 March 2012 | South Atlantic
We spent yesterday becalmed, hauling up and then taking down our MPG (sail for light winds) as there was not enough even for that. But in the night we got some excellent NE wind and were able to sail well until about mid day today, then the wind subsided. After a further futile attempt to use the MPG we have decided to start motoring again, at only 3.5 - 4kts. We need to do another 480 miles eastwards to ensure we can sail in to the trades towards St Helena with the wind on the beam (that bit will then be easy). It is slow going but in some ways the time passes quite quickly. We have a number of small projects on the go, plus cooking/eating, chatting, reading and futile sail raising/lowering - seems to eat in to the hours (plus sleeping of course, given we are all on watch at various times during the night). The very occasional passing ship provides great excitement! No idea what is going on in the world though, I think we can tune in to the BBC World Service Africa and we may do that soon. Carl has become a deviser of milestones, and we seem to have two or three each day, but the next main one is 999 miles to go!
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