Falklands to Barbados 2012

Vessel Name: Cutting Edge
Vessel Make/Model: Bowman 48
Hailing Port: Southampton
Crew: Carl Freeman, Betty Romo and Tim Thorogood
Originally from Australia, Carl has lived in the Falklands for over 30 years. He arrived on his and his wife Dianne's yacht in 1980 having sailed from New Zealand around the Horn. [...]
30 May 2012 | Atlantic Shores Barbados
30 May 2012 | Barbados (ashore!)
26 May 2012 | Barbados
23 May 2012 | En route to Barbados
21 May 2012 | En route to Barbados
12 May 2012 | Degrand des Cannes, Cayenne, Guyanese Francaise
12 May 2012 | Degrand des Cannes, Cayenne, Guyanese Francaise
12 May 2012 | Iles du Salut, Guyane Francaise
10 May 2012 | South Atlantic
07 May 2012 | South Atlantic
07 May 2012 | South Atlantic
01 May 2012 | South Atlantic
01 May 2012 | South Atlantic
30 April 2012 | South Atlantic
29 April 2012 | South Atlantic
28 April 2012 | South Atlantic
27 April 2012 | South Atlantic
26 April 2012 | South Atlantic
25 April 2012 | South Atlantic
23 April 2012 | South Atlantic
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30 May 2012 | Atlantic Shores Barbados

5 days to reflect

The sight of Barbados as it appeared out of the clouds was one of the best sights I can remember, not only for it's beauty, but at the thought of being on dry land very soon!

30 May 2012 | Barbados (ashore!)


Well, we're now getting settled in to our new home (31A Sunrise Street, Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados) which has included stripping Cutting Edge of most of her stores, all our personal gear which she was transporting and also many of the tools she carried.

26 May 2012 | Barbados


Dear All,

23 May 2012 | En route to Barbados

We're starting to smell the coconuts

We are now about 260 miles from Barbados.

21 May 2012 | En route to Barbados

Final leg

We are now en route to Barbados having left Isle du Salut this morning. We had some excitement as we left our mooring as the boat got stuck in reverse and speeding towards the shore only about 50 meters away. Fortunately by steering really hard over (in reverse) we managed to do a circle without hitting the shore and worked our way out of the harbour in this eccentric fashion (boat is not great to steer in reverse). Eventually we dropped anchor and investigated to find that the transmission control cable had simply sheered off. We've set off anyway as we can work the gears from the transmission housing though that involves running below, not practical for a mooring in Barbados with only two crew. Hopefully we can develop a work around in the meantime. Our other problem right now is that the wind is from the North! It's good though to be only 590 nm from our final destination and we are busy talking through our first few days in Barbados. We plan to have Cutting Edge lifted out pretty much straight away (there is no real marina). Anyway, let's see how we get on over the next couple of days, at this rate we'll be in Trinidad (due to wind direction) ......

12 May 2012 | Degrand des Cannes, Cayenne, Guyanese Francaise


We are delighted to be safely anchored in the Fleuve Mahury, French Guiana, just adjacent to the port of Degrand des Cannes, the port of Cayenne.

Becalmed again!

22 March 2012 | South Atlantic
We spent yesterday becalmed, hauling up and then taking down our MPG (sail for light winds) as there was not enough even for that. But in the night we got some excellent NE wind and were able to sail well until about mid day today, then the wind subsided. After a further futile attempt to use the MPG we have decided to start motoring again, at only 3.5 - 4kts. We need to do another 480 miles eastwards to ensure we can sail in to the trades towards St Helena with the wind on the beam (that bit will then be easy). It is slow going but in some ways the time passes quite quickly. We have a number of small projects on the go, plus cooking/eating, chatting, reading and futile sail raising/lowering - seems to eat in to the hours (plus sleeping of course, given we are all on watch at various times during the night). The very occasional passing ship provides great excitement! No idea what is going on in the world though, I think we can tune in to the BBC World Service Africa and we may do that soon. Carl has become a deviser of milestones, and we seem to have two or three each day, but the next main one is 999 miles to go!
Cutting Edge's Photos - Main
The crew hard at work, well all except Tim, but then he used to delegating!
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Created 7 March 2012
Some snaps from the trip north from Stanley to (as it turned out) Periapolis
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Created 7 March 2012
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Created 27 February 2012
Cutting Edge in the Falklands 2008 - 2011, from left to right: at anchor at Kidney Island, at anchor at Bleaker Island, sailing in Port William and at anchor at KC (Port San Carlos).
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Created 23 January 2012

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