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Falklands to Barbados 2012
Another wonderful day!
10 May 2012 | South Atlantic
The sun has continued to shine and the wind is light and favourable. We have covered 234 miles over the past 24 hours which has started to make us feel so close to French Guiana that we can taste the French wine, cheese and bread already!

Our mind also turned to courtesy search of the right one amongst our varied selection of flags it soon became obvious that we were missing one for French Guiana. Being resourceful I have made a tri-colour from a white shirt and two document wallets, one red one blue neatly stuck together with electrical tape and sail repair tape, with a final touch of stitches around the edge to make sure it stays together long enough for our visit!

We have had a wonderful display from the dolphins who seem as excited about our arrival as we are, they have continued to show off for quite a while this afternoon, which has kept me entertained whilst stitching.

Tim has also been resourceful in detecting why our aqua gen. has broken, a switch is now drying out in a dish whilst he tries to work out how to patch it together, probably a document wallet and white shirt won't work on this occasion..

We hope to be at our waypoint tomorrow afternoon, before slowly sailing up the coast to catch the tide to enter the port the following morning.
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